Benavidez stops Andrade in six

Bring on Canelo!

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Photo: Emily Harney

In a clash between undefeated super middleweights, WBC interim champion David “El Monstruo” Benavidez (28-0, 24 KOs) stopped two-division champion Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade (32-1, 19 KOs) in six rounds on Saturday night at the Michelob ULTRA Arena at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

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Photo: Emily Harney

The quicker Andrade had success swarming Benavidez with rapid-fire punches. Benavidez, however, dropped Andrade hard in round four and continued to batter Andrade in rounds five and six. The bout was stopped after round six.

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  • Canelo will never fight Benavidez after this. Never. Holy damn, what a beatdown. And Andrade fought hard, he didn’t dog it like Ergashev.

    • Andrade started out boxing well but had no power in his arsenal to keep Benavidez off him. Benavidez’s gritty stalking and non-stop style simply forced Andrade to submit going backwards until it was over.

      If Canelo fights Benavidez, I am sure the red tape in the contracts will be full of rematch clauses, what-ifs, etc. just in case Canelo is beaten.

      • Yes sir. I’m not too sure that Canelo will take the fight without serious handicapping s. Number one being his favorite: rehydration clause. Canelo will try to keep David bone dry. I had mentioned earlier in the week about Andrade needing respect early in order to avoid the tide coming in, but he didn’t. I thought that Andrade would have done better, especially off angle-counters.

    • I think Elon Musk is launching a last minute rocket today. Rumor has it that Canelo wants to see what Neptune looks like.

    • Could we get some girls with really shapely legs from time to time and I don’t mean fat!!!

      • All y’all sound like idiots seriously when has Canelo ever handicapped a fight? Never. The man is not scared of David Benavidez and they will fight in 2024 most likely by September and Canelo will win mark my words. Canelo has never ducked or avoided fights in his career and he wont start now. The man will fight anyone worth fighting. He has fought some of the best in the sport. Benavidez is not the biggest or the strongest Canelo has faced inside the ring. Beating Andrade proved nothing as Andrade is a terrible fighter ass juice. 35 years old 15+years in the sport and never not once fought a top opponent until David and quit on his stool. A lot of people tried to tell al these idiots that Andrade was a shit fighter and this fight proved it. David Benavidez didn’t do anything remarkable whatsoever he was flat footed and stationary against a weak opponent with a souped up persona. Canelo can beat Benavidez.

        • You sure you ain’t canelo? You on canelos nuts like flies on shhhh. Andrade is not or will ever be ass juice. He was an Olympian, a champ twice, avoided by many, yes he got beat by a very good fighter. Who in my estimation will beat canelo hands down, but like I said before don’t hold your breath because it ain’t happening anytime soon.

        • 100% Correct Sr. I do NOT believe Canelo is scared of anyone but you have to be smart and know when the right time to fight is so you can get the most money out of that particular fight. Most commentators in here are ignorant or they’re Canelo haters. I, myself, live both Canelo & Benavides but i don’t think David has fought the quality opposition that Canelo has fought. I truly believe Canelo will beat up David.

          • I don’t think he is scared at all. I just think as you say smart about it. To fight benavidez is at best a 50/50 fight for him. Canelo has a chin most definitely, but at this stage in his career he cannot or will not want any chance of another loss. It will effect his legacy especially from a big puncher like benavidez. Add that benavidez has a chance to knock him out a lot more likely than most. So, when you say he has to be smart like what? Wait him out like he did Golovkin? Tell him fight me now or it ain’t happening like kovelev? Remember canelo will control the negotiations and benevidez will have to give up probably a lot to fight him. I ain’t holding my breathe.

  • David, was too big, strong for Andrade, last 2 rounds the fight could have been stopped.
    Courage effort by Andrade

  • Myself and Chris Mannix know nothing about boxing. That was an awesome display by Benavidez.

      • He’d better take his ten fights and go sit-down before he actually gets FED to the Monster.

      • Mirella will go for his but will get overwhelmed as the fight progresses. I think he will be a better test for Benavides than the one who is full of boo-boos right now

      • Who has he fought? This fight would never happen. Not enough exposure for what was his name?

  • It’s time for Canelo vs. Benavidez. Let’s see what decision Canelo has for the boxing world in 2024.

    Get ready TEXAS because a boxing fire will occur during September/2024.

  • Hopefully it is Canelo next but if not, maybe Benavidez vs Charlo?
    Still think Canelo beats Benavidez but it will be fun for the first 8 rounds or so until Canelo pulls away.

    • I have no doubt that Canelo will beat Benavidez. David just fought a shit fighter. Andrade for 15+ years the man never fought a champion let alone a top fighter until now and got exposed for the fraud he was. Andrade is ass juice. I can’t wait for the Canelo fight so the world can see Benavidez loose.

      • Young, hungry fighter. Canelo has to fight him now. If he thinks it will be as easy as you do, the fight will be made tomorrow. Here’s hoping.

      • Shitty fighter????
        One thing is lose a fight and another thing is being shitty fighter

        That shitty fighter was unbeatable in 2 weigh division and he was also untouchable

        Andrade is still a great fighter

      • Douglas…in fairness…Benavidez beat an excellent fighter in Andrade…. He earned respect…THINK ABOUT THIS….Benavidez did it the old school way… actually took the risk.of not only losing but…of losing millions dollars…where others did not for 15 not.,a young fighter that he is…took the risk…work hard …stayed focused…and did it the right way…Benavidez earned this…against an excellent avoided undefeated fighter….Job well done….very professional….NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS IN THE FUTURE…ON THAT NIGHT BENVIDEZ WON ….HE ACHIEVED… AGAINST ALL OBSTACLES…Congrats…. Thanks for being a credit to this wonderful gladiator sport…,THE Plus factor is Not only did He do it the right way…He did it with his family…..AMAZING..won me as a fan

        • Demetrius Andrade was a shit fighter. A lot of people tried to you that. This fight proved it. Andrade was 35 years old and never fought a top opponent in his entire career and when he finally does he quits on his stool. He was unmatched because he didn’t have the skill to survive. Canelo could have knocked his ass out. Respect for beating a terrible fighter lmfao.

    • How can Canelo pull away when he burns out after the 9th round, especially under pressure? He will behave just like he did against Bivol, but he will be in big trouble because Benavides has ice in his veins and the punches will be coming in at a higher rate.

      • Fairy tale tell me how does Canelo gas out in the late round when majority of his knockouts come i nthe late rounds lmfao. People started that lie when he gassed out against Bivol a fight that Bivol won by only 2 rounds and a fight that Canelo wasn’t even at 100% in. The man had surgery after that fight and Bivol refuse to give him a rematch. Did he gas out against Jermell Charlo? No he was at full speed from start to finish and was again at 100%. Charlo got dominated.

        • I guess Canelo gassed out against Caleb Plant when he knocked him out in the 11th round lmao. Billy Joe Saunders quit on his stool in round 8. He knocked Liam Smith out in the 9th round. John Ryder survived a 12 round decision loss but he suffered great;y the man was dominated and his face was destroyed. He was painful to look at. The man looked as if he needed medical attention. Now that Canelo is at 100% again w eshall see how much Benavidez can handle.

  • Waooooo I never thought Benavides could ko Andrade

    I think canelo is in trouble now

    It was cool to see Benavides huging tyson

    Because Tyson respect Mexican boxing

    But we Mexicans have a bigger respect for the legendary iron man Mike Tyson

    Now I want Benavides vs canelo for a classic war

    • Wasn’t it you that said Benavidez was Equatorian becouse he had funny hair and did not look Mexican? Yep it was you. I guess now he is Mexican enough….Can’t have it both ways.

      • Yea it was me and I’m not talking here about nationalities I’m talking about boxing

      • Lol!!! There was a fighter back in the days name Jose Mantequilla Nápoles who was from Cuba fighting out of Mexico. He was loved by the Mexican media. Win after win, it was ” Mexico’s som wins again…” until he lost. Then it was “Cuban loses belt. What next?” Your comment reminded me of that story.

        • Naaaaaa but Nápoles blood was Cuban he was considered Mexican by love because he emigrate to Mexico but this is about blood and race and Benavides has Mexican blood and Mexican boxing genes

      • I said for me Benavides is not full Mexican but since his daddy is Mexican , they brought the Mexican flag to the ring and they call him Mexican monster , they I call him a Mexican

        You silly lol

        • Carlos, who cares if he is Mexican or from Ecuador or what. He fought his fight and won convincingly. That’s all that matters. Remember Carlos, we are humans first, brother and you know that’s what I say all the time. We were entertained this time not falling asleep ala Shakur or last canelo fight. I get it be proud of your heritage, but don’t forget we are all the same blood even though some do not want to admit it.

  • It is very hard for Canelo to avoid Benavidez. He knows he can’t, because that will be a big stain on his boxing legacy.

  • Impressive. He just walked him down. I don’t want to hear any more excuses. David has done his part, Saul. Now, you make this happen, Ginger bags. It’s all in you. Fight a true Mexican Warrior.

    • I’m looking forward to the Ecuadorian vs. Mexican matchup! I still think Canelo is too strong for Benavidez.

    • In fairness JT…this was not easy..and Benavidez did not just walk Andrade down…I was actually shocked initially cause Benavidez was taking a step back… getting pushed around at times…But eventually…Benavidez excellent display of power and inside punches…enabled Benavidez to gain control..but this was no cake walk dude Benavidez earned this…the hard way

  • I predicted 7 rds, boo boo fought the wrong fight not that it would have mattered

    I would love to see Bivol/Benavidez

  • I bought this card, because they actually gave us 4 good fights. I actually didn’t expect Andrade vs Benavidez to entertain as much as it did. Early, Andrade’s handspeed seemed to allow his fans to dream the upset was possible. However, the Benavidez boys can really take a punch. Seriously, how did Jose stand up to Charlo’s power?

    As for David, I agree with everyone on this site…TIME FOR CANELO!!! I don’t care if the undercard is all toughman comp guys.

    • Charlo is not the finisher …that he use to be… hopefully rust but…..time will tell…really believe it is more “life” than anything….I am praying for Charlo..boxers are human…In your corner of “life” matter what…you are a champion…know the struggle….wish you well and continued success in and out the ring…

  • Wow! The Mexican Monster is on the prowl. Canelo, please give “your fans” the fight we deserve.

  • This murderous “no mas” beating was expected! I give booboo credit for lasting 6 rounds! Benavidez was just not the same bums booboo had in his undefeated record. Oh well, he got his biggest paycheck yet for christmas! He should just stick to fighting bums for a year or two and call it a day and retire. No one wanted to fight him before and now, with this performance, he’ll continue to be avoided.

  • anybody notice how quiet it was when Benavidez asked you guys wanna see Benavidez vs Canelo lol Benavide struggled with the akward Boob Boob but once he started throwing body shots it slowed down Boob Boob very fast so yea great job exposing the Boob now we are done listening to his nonsense yea lets see benavidez get his shot i got Canelo within 8 rounds Benavidez has zero defense and Benavide doesnt have the power of a Kovelev or Bivol so this hopefully wont be too disappointing

    • This boxing historian obviously doesn’t want to see the best fights. Canelos last fight was Charlo a 154lb fighter. Benevidez stopped Andrade. A former 154lber also but let’s get real. This is the fight that needs to happen. If Canelo wins so be it, but it’s the best fight for Canelo right now. Don’t see any lucrative fights for Canelo unless you think Crawford should move up three weight classes

    • Your name implies that history would serve you right. Canelo is at a disadvantage in many areas. Height, reach, testicular fortitude, and if tested properly he will be PED-less. He does have one hell of a chin though and it will only serve to absorb one vicious shot after another.

      The old saying of “a good big man beats a good little man” definitely applies to this matchup.

      Canelo hits the safe-space button somewhere around the 6th round and makes it a stinker the rest of the way with Benavides taking the win.

    • Boxing Historian…I absolutely agree with you on what happened in the ring…the inside punches with the height leverage hurt Andrade to the body…busted Andrade up…slowed the tempo noticeably…. Benavidez has that Julio Cesar Chavez power…will break you down over time…but he does have power.. Benavidez throw combinations like a lower weight fighter….may take some sting off his punches…but the punches still hurt and breaks that tissue down that is why he is sooo deadly

      • AmeriMex….you must be a female….out of all the posts …on this topic…you are the only one worried about a period… please keep this about the fight and the fighters….they worked hard …they deserve their time…. respectfully….

  • Benavidez took a quantum leap in disposing of Andrade the way he did tonight. I admittedly thought Boo Boo was going to pull off the upset and outbox El Monstro being Plant gave him fits for the first half of their fight earlier this year. Just shows Benavidez is truly getting better with each fight. It’s just going to get more difficult for Canelo when he actually does fight Benavidez the longer he waits to fight him. Benavidez is way too strong, fast, powerful, hungry, and too much of everything for Canelo at this point. I don’t see Canelo taking the fight with El Monstro until he absolutely has to because it’s just too risky for him. Until then, I’ll gladly watch El Monstro continue to clean out the super middleweight division and even go up to light heavyweight. Who wouldn’t want to see a Benavidez-Beterbiev fight? That’s a great fight, IMO!.

    • Betterbiev too powerful and too rugged and too patient for Benavidez. My guess is Betterbiev retires in 2024 undefeated. Benavidez should wait before moving to light heavy.

      • Well we Mexicans like to fight the best , we don’t care about stay undefeated , we care about action and fight the best in boxing even if we lose

        But sometimes is almost to get some fights

        But Benavides wants bivol

        • Canelo is Mexican. Does this apply to him to? If so I hope Canelo reads your post so we can get Monster vs Canelo Carlos. BTW I agree promoters match Mexicans tough and they usually fight the best and therefore don’t have perfect records. Canelo is his own promoter and I hope he gives us this fight. Everyone wins especially Mexico.

  • David is a savage. I have never been a fan of Andrade but damn that man showed he has a huge heart and a very good chin. He has won my respect 100%❤

  • Frankly, this fight was easy to call. Benavidez the bigger man, stronger puncher, and had faced better opposition. I didn’t recognize any of the fighters that Andrade had beaten to build his undefeated record, and at 35, his best days are behind him. An impressive win by Benavidez. He does get hit with shots however, and this would not bode well against Canelo, who gets the kind of power and leverage on this shots like no other person Benavidez has ever fought. Canelo also one of the smartest fighters.

  • I give Andrade lots of credit, he stayed in there, gave what he could and didn’t back down. He definitely did not lose anything and will be back. Let’s see what’s next in 168? Wouldn’t be holding my breath for an immediate fight between canelo and benavidez.

  • The Ecuadorian had trouble with Andrade for two rounds, but then figured out the awkward southpaw, whose family hails from Cape Verde. I sat in the arena and told everyone around me that Benavidez should throw straight right leads, which he started doing with great success.

  • Overall, this fight card was enjoyable to watch, primarily because earlier Katie Taylor won her match in Dublin, regaining her belts.

  • Can someone please tell me why there were no ring girls? Everyone in the arena was losing track of the rounds. First boxing show I had ever been to with no ring girls. Unbelievable!

  • Let’s not kid ourselves, Andrade wasn’t knocking out Jr Middle or Middleweights, and the idiot was naive enough and so self delusional he thought he could hang in there with Benavidez! Then he complains after his beatdown, “he was just bigger than me…” DUH? No shit “tough guy.” Go back down to middleweight and fight some more tomato cans, kiddo, because right now, there are 20 Super Middle weights who can kick your ass too!

    • Billings, he dared to be great. A lot of fighters don’t take that risk. They sit on the sidelines talking junk and Andrade didn’t. At 160, Andrade could take all the belts. He could easily beat charlo. He definitely would beat the two belt holder quasie style or whatever his name is. He is not a puncher, he is boxer, but he fought a guy that he had to be perfect with. Hard to hold off a bigger man with little power.

      • Andrade did it for the fucking money. I saw him fight a guy name, I think, Jack Culcay at Jr middle to a split decision…the audience booed because Culcay clearly beat him. He made an absolute ass out of himself last night. Pretty cocky when he entered the ring. Humiliated when he left it!

        • Don’t all boxers do it for the money? It is their job when they get to that level. That was a prior fight, that wasn’t last night, so it’s irrelevant now. Andrade came out the same way most come out with a musician and from what I heard I didn’t hear that musician cussing or making a fool out of himself actually kinda low key. All boxers are cocky in some aspects. Think about it, if you did not have supreme confidence in yourself how good of a boxer would you be? Example, how confident was Michael spinks when he fought Tyson, zero. Look what happened. You think Andrade went in there thinking he couldn’t win? I’m sure he had a plan and seemed to be executing it the first two rounds. Benavidez is a great fighter and won convincingly. Andrade has nothing to be ashamed of and was not humiliated at all. The defense rests!

  • I thought Andrade was a warrior, he happened to be just another bum with boxing glove and a bloated record , over inflated balloon waiting to burst. Thanks to David for exposing that clown. I remember when Canelo said to him ….” You can’t fight”. Now we seen Canelo was saying the truth. Two belt unified champion and he suck like that
    Look at all these recent match ups how they failed to reach one
    quarter expectation . Today boxers could’ve been killed by the past era boxers. all they doing now is find a gym, sign your name , Put on a boxing glove , do couple of pushups and situps and wait to get paid. It’s just another huzzle , another mic .What a shame. Not my money

    • If so easy, then how come we never heard of you? Hustle my assets. Dedication, determination, and drive. Joker.

  • Great fight. Props to Benavidez and Andrade. Alright Canelo its time to fight Benavidez. There is nothing else for him to do except fight you. That fight should take place in May. There is literally no reason not to do it now. We don’t wanna see Canelo is no b.s fight with the other Charlo. Nobody wanted the first one. Canelo vs Benavidez.

  • Great fight. Props to Benavidez and Andrade. Alright Canelo its time to fight Benavidez. There is nothing else for him to do except fight you. That fight should take place in May. There is literally no reason not to do it now. We don’t wanna see Canelo in no b.s fight with the other Charlo. Nobody wanted the first one. Canelo vs Benavidez.

  • He Quit. Andrade quit. So did Ergashev. They both quit 2 of the main fighters on the card quit?

    • No, his corner called it and rightfully so. He fought courageously and gained respect. He will be back.

      • Excellent take….Killa King…corner did what the corner suppose to a situation like this…protect the fighter from himself….and save that fighting spirit….cause of that … Andrade will be back…

  • Mares, Moro and Bernstein couldn’t stop praising and worshipping everything Andrade was doing until he hit the mat they finally shut up.

    • Andrade was fighting a helluva fight… actually had Benavidez backing up and confused ,..this was a good fight in all aspects

    • Understand your perspective and I see your logic but on my opinion Andrade did not quit… during the rounds… Andrade never lost that fighting spirit…even when he was getting beat down…that character..adls Teddy Atlas calls it…. Andrade would have continued.while in his corner. after several statements from the ref….the doc and his team….a decision was made to stop the fight…that is the way it was suppose to happen…don’t know if Andrade voiced it…even if he did there was honor and dignity in the way it occurred…Preserving RESPECT for this wonderful gladiator sport….Don’t want a Ali v. Larry Holmes eternal “scar” again

    • Benavidez is an excellent puncher….fast,.can throw short quick punches with snap., especially on the inside… excellent leverage…thing of beauty to watch…

  • I think this win is totally overrated ,Andrade came up two divisions and had never fought anyone that presented any kind of test so nobody really knew where he was talent wise and I think we just found out….Im still not impressed by Benavidez hes just huge at 168 ,at 175 is where he should be then we will see about Benavidez.

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