Charlo wins in comeback fight

Dsc 2057
Photo: Emily Harney

In a grudge match, undefeated WBC middleweight champion Jermall Charlo (32-0, 22 KOs) scored a ten round unanimous decision over José Benavídez Jr. (28-3-1, 19 KOs) in a non-title WBC special event on Saturday night’s Benavidez-Andrade card at the Michelob ULTRA Arena at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Returning after nearly 2 1/2 years, Charlo was stronger than the aggressive Benavidez and won most of the rounds. Benavidez was wobbled in the tenth. Scores were 98-92, 99-91, 100-90.

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    • Charlo did a good job moving, countering, and even leading in many rounds of the fight. Yes, he did well. However, I question if he can even stop Canelo who is much stronger than Benavidez Jr. Charlo will need to beat Canelo on points should they fight. I dont see a KO for Charlo against Canelo.

      • lol Canelo has never been knocked down let alone knocked out. Charbum absolutely has no chance of even hurting him. Charbum will be the one getting laid out if they fight.

  • He should be ashamed he could not ko Benavides

    Boxing should not let this fights go on

    In the weigh in looks like over weight boxer is not a problem
    But this like putting one live on risk

    Charlo was too strong for Benavides

  • Can’t say I’d be too proud beating a guy two weight classes below me. And he couldn’t stop him? The commentators kept saying solid performance by Charlo and i get it .. he was out 40 months. But still, this was a super middle weight fighting a blown up welterweight. I guess that’s what Benavidez gets for all the pre fight talk. I pick Plant and Morrell over Charlo.

  • Not to bad after almost three years without fighting but nowhere close to challenge any one of the big names at Super Middle. Plant, Mibilli, Morrel and Benavidez would smoke him.

  • This fight did not settle in my gut correctly because Charlo missed weight. Under such weight related circumstances, Benavidez hung in there with a solid chin. Charlo’s punches were creative, and his jabs were mean.

    • Agree E man …Charlo had some good moments….but clearly that finisher that beast we are use to seeing .,.not there… hopefully it is rust…but …Charlo struggling with something else…can clearly see it…I hope that Charlo is “ok” outside the ring…

    • Yep, how good would charlo have been if he had of sweated off the extra 3-4 pounds and actually made weight ? Possibly a more even playing field for the smaller Benevidez Jr……

  • Not bad for charlo.good fight to get the rust out! Benavidez was talk,talk bullishht and no pop in his punches! Great sportsmanship on charlo at the post fight interview. Bobo gettn’ KO by benavidez next fight! Its a total mismatch, bobo too weak for the hard punching destroyer in benavidez! Bobo’s promoters don’t realize the danger they put him for picking this fight. Benavidez by brutal KO of the year on the 8th or a “no-mas” call out!

  • Dominated a welter weight (blown up). He got rounds in and maintained composure surprisingly.

  • It was expected! A bobo blow out! Benavidez is in onother level, and not the bums bobo is used to fight and strugled with when he was champion! The most “avoided” title just was too big for bobo!

  • I don’t think it was right that Charlo be allowed to come in so heavy in violation of the contractual catch weight limit of 163. He likely was close to 170 when he stepped into the ring, more than 7-8 lbs heavier than Benavidez. He enjoyed a height advantage too. Totally unfair. Credit to Jose for putting up a valiant effort. Charlo couldn’t knock him out either. I personally am not very impressed with Charlo. He wants the big money that fighting Canelo or David Benavidez would bring, but it’s obvious that he would be no match for either. His more immediate goal should be to fight Plant, so he can save face and exact revenge for Plant slapping him. This is the reason that Plant slapped him too, to force him to choose Plant as an opponent with the title on the line.

  • Jose Benavides was out boxed. He did show he has a decent chin. Charlo didn’t have enough punching power to stop Benavides. Charlo will not beat Alvarez.

  • Just wanted to note….Charlo …I am praying for you….you are a man before a fighter…In your corner in “life”….hang in there champ…

  • Charlo is done at top level. I think Plant beats him at 168 and benavidez would knock him out as quick as he did Andrade. If he has to fight Adames at the middleweight limit, then he loses that too.

  • Surprised he couldn’t KO him. Jose Jr, a career Welterweight comes in at a catch weight of 163. Meanwhile Charlo, a natural Middleweight comes in 3.4# over at 166.4. So you had an overweight out of shape Welterweight fighting a Super Middleweight.

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