Matias crushes Ergashev, retains IBF 140lb title

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Photo: Emily Harney

IBF junior welterweight champion Subriel Matías (20-1, 20 KOs) stopped previously unbeaten mandatory challenger Shohjahon Ergashev (23-1, 20 KOs) after round five on the Benavidez-Andrade card Saturday night at the Michelob ULTRA Arena at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Good start for Ergashev, but Matias’ pressure started paying dividends in round four. The fight was stopped after more punishment in round five.

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  • I have to give credit to subriel
    I never thought he was going to beat ergashev

    Now he has to step up in quality opponents

    He should stop doing slow starting the fight

    He should not be over confident that way

    But yea he got hands

    • He is just a badass. He takes what dude had and said…meh. Smart. Can’t wait for more. 140 is stacked.

      • Yes he can. What impressed me about Matias’ punches is that he can detonate at the beginning, mid, or at the end of the combo without sacrificing speed so it’s not telegraphed. Pretty slick.

      • Look at the piece of Roach vs the Dominican, you can find my predictions there.
        1- How can one make predictions AFTER, during a fight that preceeded his predictions?
        2- Before spreading hate, annonsense, and making yourself look like a a$$hole check, and check

        • Why so defensive if you indeed did indeed predict correctly? Do you know you can post comments on Fightnews articles after the fight you claim to have predicted? How is that hate if I am busting you? Here’s some advice: Stop being a jerk and claiming predictions after the fight in question has ended. You look like a fool.

          • This is a waste of my time, I would not post something after a fight claiming to be prior fight.
            I do have integrity, who are my best witnesses, everyone who saw my post prior to the fights.

  • Someone betta check his wraps. He truly has hands of stone. Impressive stuff. He broke his will.

  • Ergashev is by far the weakest, most disappointing challenger for a title in some time. His pedigree and record, he should have been at least competitive. Instead he quits without taking significant injury and punishment, just looked discouraged and tired. Wow. Just mentally weak, and you can’t fix that.

    • Remember Matias already killed someone due to the punishment he dished out. Don’t underestimate the damage done and what Ergashev was feeling in there.

  • Ergashev told his corner his leg was injured. Nah, his promoter Salita stepped in and stopped the fight everyone saw it. I mean why would the promoter step onto the ring apron and get involved in between rounds. They or he saw what was comming, a beat down!

  • Ergashev came out like a crusher but Matias wouldn’t fold. In round 2 Ergashev starts bending at the waist when in close with his hands by his side? Matias starting taking advantage and also starting catching him in the corner. Looks like Ergashev needs to work on defense and understand not everyone is going to fold when he hits them. Looks like he quit on his stool. Which of the top 140lb fighters will fight Matias? I say he gets ducked for a while

    • He most definitely will be ducked. Last crop of fighters would have stepped in line but not this bunch of questionable individuals.

  • Is it me….or was Ergashev open to a right hook .to the head or body..all night long….I am watching this …now Ergashev is a Sugarhill fighter….but clearly …clearly… something a little strange…Good win for Mitias though… something telling me Charlo is about to crush Benavidez…..

  • If we didn’t know about IBF junior welterweight champion Subriel Matías (20-1, 20 KOs), well, we do now. Who in Hedes gave him an “L”.?

    • He lost his first fight after the fight where his opponent died. But he later revenged it with a knock out.

  • Grat subriel, keep a eye in this Guy.
    His trainer Jay panda najar is the New Blood in trainers….
    Like chavez old times, he train his fighthers in jiquipilco México 3,500 meters above sea level

  • Ergashev was so used to making opponents fear his punches and his pressure until SUDDENLY, an old school fighting cat (Matias) applied pressure and hard punches as well. It appears Ergashev was shocked because he was unable to mentally adjust to the challenge.

    Now, the questions are:

    1) Did Ergashev stop fighting because of an injury?.

    2) Did Ergashev stop fighting because he was unable to overcome the shock of an opponent who provided a bitter taste of his own medicine: pressure, a solid chin and hard punches?

    As usual, Matias was outstanding. Ergashev’s early offense was good, but he ran into a boxing hit man (Matias).

  • Charlo looked flat but it’s his 1st fight in over 2 years. Benavidez, no pop at this weight.

  • This matias dude means business! Very impressive win, queery,teo,hanney and tank watch out!

  • The Uzbek was done after two rounds. He was huffing and puffing in the third. He quit, no if ands or buts. He still looked like he some left too. Matias looked flat then turned it up. Love to see him crush Haney or Lopez.

  • Ergashev was a bit too cocky and disrespectful pre-fight. He paid for it too. Impressive win for Matias, who I had never previously heard of.

  • I had Matias winning in a phonebooth. I had concerns because I felt that this could be a carbon copy of the Jukembayev fight with Etgashev having a heavier left. Matias should get while the getting is good. This win should push him well up on the pay scale.

  • Matías vs Teo…let’s go
    I see that as a great matchup a great test for both fighters at 140

  • Ergashev cant fight up close and it cost him. Hype train is over and good win for Matías.

  • This guy Matias is just a beast. Nobody in 140 can’t stand in front of him and period. Bring him Teofilo, Regis, Haney and Davis. I can’t wait…..

  • He quit. Boxers have to stop quitting in the corner. Andrade quit too? 2 fighters on the card quit just because they were losing.

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