Benavidez, Lemieux, Jermall Charlo in mix for WBC interim super middle title

By Boxing Bob Newman

At the recent WBC convention in Mexico City, it was announced the undisputed super middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez would move up two weight divisions to challenge WBC Cruiserweight champion Ilunga Makabu in a history-making fight. This prompted another move- to allow for an interim WBC super middleweight title fight between WBC mandatory challenger and former two-time WBC champion, David Benavidez and likely, the #2 ranked David Lemieux. Although Lemieux was not named specifically by the WBC board of directors, it seemed logical due to his #2 ranking.

Sources close to this situation say that Sampson Lewkowicz, promoter of Benavidez and Camille Estephan, promoter of Lemieux, have reached a stalemate at this point in their negotiations, to make the match.

Lewkowicz is looking to begin talks with current WBC middleweight champion Jermall Charlo, who has been rumored to move up in an effort to enter the “Canelo Sweepstakes.” Lewkowicz feels this could be an easier route, being an “in-house” promotion. More to come as this story develops.

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  • Better route for Benavidez to get Canelo is Lemieux imo. Of course a Benavidez vs Charlo is truly a dream fight

  • Where the hell is big talking no fighting Jarmall Charlo? Dude is so good but his mind isn’t.

  • Benavidez – Lemieux would be a fun fight for as long as it lasted, but Benavidez – Charlo is a really big fight and they’re having a little tournament to figure out Charlo’s own mandatory at 160 and it still has two more fights left to play out, so he’s completely free. It’s time to make that fight. I don’t think Canelo fights the winner because I don’t think he comes back to the division, but whoever wins is the man at the weight if he doesn’t.

    • Lemieux is yesterday’s news, for about 5 minutes on a slow day. So obviously he deserves a title shot.

    • GGG would take both Charlo and Benavidez but What They just waiting for GGG to turn 100 years He’s already Pretty much ready to close to that but still Great enough to take Them now . Although I do acknowledge all 3 are Great

  • Just don’t see Charlo fighting Benavidez for an “interim” title………….. if at all..?

    Lemieux maybe…… he’s a slugger and hasn’t been shy about fighting better fighters.

    But I see Benavidez fighting someone “other” than these two….

    • I concur. No way does Benavidez risk his undefeated status against a guy who stands and excellent chance of beating him (Charlo).

      • I really dont see Charlo having the power to match a Benavidez. Charlo is not used to fighting guys at his own weight much less bigger than him. I dont see Charlo taking that fight. Its too dangerous for his Ego. I cld be wrong. Hell, i would LOVE to be wrong on this one.

    • Get canelo in a fight that gives him a real challenge not some c rated cruiserweight that no one has heard of. There’s a reason that he hasn’t fought charlo since he’s be called out at 154 and 160. Or Andrade or benavidez. He looks for WEAK fighters and pretends he’s so tough. Just like his next fight. He needs to Fight real competition. He’s a bootleg Floyd mayweather.

  • Benavidez – Lemieux is a bad mismatch anyway. so who cares? a schooling and brutal beating…

  • Regardless of his next opponent, Benavidez must win by TKO or by KO. Benavidez must continue to build pressure on Canelo for a Texas scrap at 168.

    During Canelo’s venture(s) as a cruiserweight, Benavidez must find a way to properly satisfy (in a healthy manner) the 168 pound requirement.

  • I hate the Canelo vs Makabu match up, its the nonsensical fight nobody asked for, People want Canelo vs GGG or Canelo vs Charlo.

    • Nobody wants Canelo vs 40 years old GGG. Canelo vs Charlo/Benevidez / Andre Ward is what we all want. Agree, no one wants to see Canelo fight Makabu UNLESS he’s planning to go HW.

    • Canelo is set to make history, everyone else is looking for a pay day.
      The other semi boxing stars don’t want to fight each other.
      Canelo does not need to satisfy their ego and wallet.

      Andrade vs Benavidez would be good, but I don’t see Andra de wanting to step up.
      Plant vs Saunders
      Even Benavidez at 175 vs Zurdo Ramirez
      All of them champs at 160 should fight for the right to move up to 168 and face Canelo.

      • While Canelo is making history fighting top challenges. Everyone is ducking everyone else. Benavidez hasn’t fought anyone. Charlo too. Andrade was bitched out of Canelo’s press conference because he’s a nobody who fought nobodies. Paydays are earned not given. Canelo wants to make history not fight bitch fighters. These fellas need to go out and fight each other or somebody before they earn Canelo. But one thing is for sure and will upset the Canelo haters is that neither one of them can beat Canelo right now while he’s in his prime. They like Saunders are too inexperienced for Canelo. You don’t see or hear any of them manning up and calling Canelo out not one of them because they are scared to loose which is why they continue to pick fights that keep them undefeated. Canelo has fought and beat so many good fighters current and former world champions. His resume is better than all of them combined.

        • Canelo is fighting b level fighters. Plain and simple. Makabu is a c level fighter at best. A paper champion that no one has ever even heard of. Canelo is a Fraud

      • Make history fighting a bud at cruiserweight. He’s been running from certain fighters since 154. He’s a wannabe mayweather fighting easy opponents. He can settle the score by fighting who he’s been running from for YEARS

  • i can see why ward quit the fight game canelo is the answer he beat froch and said i quit to become an announcer thats the safe way

  • People here saying Canelo needs to fight so and so… It’s what “we” want…..
    Please….. Canelo has made his name and can fight whoever the f’ he wants.
    The rest of the “sweepstakes contenders” can fight each other!
    He wants to be a 5 division champion. Great solid goal.

    GGG wants to fight at 160 FOREVER.
    Charlo also wants Canelo… At 160 and in Houston.
    Boo Boo Andrade just trying to cash in on some of his misused talent… Even calling out Munguia when he’s the champion, but knowing he’s still the B side.
    Benavidez and Zurdo Ramirez would give Canelo big problems, but they’d also be a great match up themselves!

  • I’m all in for Benavidez vs charlo
    They both hv been talking smack
    It will be ppv sell out
    Let’s get those contracts signed

    • Agreed. I wld pay for a ppv on a charlo benavidez matchup with a nice lil undercard. That wld be a damn good fight

  • Lemieux can hurt anyone he hits, so he always has a puncher’s chance. But will he actually be able to hit Benavidez?

    • I think Lemieux only struggles against guys that have movement,we saw it in the Saunders fight,we all know Benavidez is a slugger and is not a boxer that moves good around the ring,his defense is his offense,he gets hit pretty easy,same thing as Lemieux,Benavidez has advantages yes,he is taller,reach,we still haven’t seen if he can take a punch from a heavy hitter,Lemieux has a chance if he can take Benavidez punches,I believe it won’t be an easy night for either guy,Benavidez might be the favorite but I think is not as easy as some say. Just my opinion.

  • I wouldn’t worry to much on Canelo anymore if I was any of those guys.Canelo is putting to much weight and would be suicide if he try to come back to 168. Let’s move on from those fights

      • So true. The man is young and in the prime of his Boxing years. He has a resume longer and better than anyone out there fighting today. The names and level of competition he faced off against and won and yet still in his prime. All those other Super Middleweight that has fought no one that everyone thinks Canelo is ducking would be facing career suicide. I for one hope that he fights Benavidez after lunga Makabu to show these poor Canelo haters that they aren’t a challenge for him. People say it ain’t much of a challenge to jump up to face Makabu. They are absolutely wrong. Canelo is moving up two divisions to face a bigger champion than him on his own ground. The only other division ahead of him is Heavyweight. That is a huge leap for someone starting out in Light Welterweight.

  • I think After Canelo jumps up and win his 5th divisional title at Cruiserweight he should jump all in and face Benavidez right after. Fight Benavidez while he’s still young and inexperienced. I don’t think there is anyone at Super Middleweight or down that can beat him right now. Time to start putting Canelo’s haters to sleep like he does with most of his opponents,. Benavidez looks like a good fighter, but he just like Plant hasn’t fought anyone on the level of Canelo. He would get knocked out. Benavidez has the style that Canelo likes going up against too.

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