Baumgardner tests positive for banned substance

The WBC has received a notification of an adverse finding resulting from an anti-doping test conducted in a sample collected from WBC and undisputed female super featherweight world champion Alycia Baumgardner. The sample collection that resulted in the adverse finding took place in relation with the July 15 bout between Baumgardner and challenger Christina Linardatou.

The adverse finding in question arose from a sample collection and anti-doping test administered by Drug Free Sport, and not as part of the WBC Clean Boxing Program. Accordingly, the WBC will initiate notification, investigation, and results management procedures for WBC world championship bouts consistent with the WBC Rules & Regulations.

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  • Wowww! Well, this changes absolutely everything. If it sticks, she’s made one MAMMOTH screw-up here. She doesn’t deserve Serrano… or anyone else.

  • How long had that being going on, she probably used banned substances most of her career, Mayweather, Mosley and Canelo done the same.

  • It was sad news.

    The final judgment from me will only come when I hear more about the substance it is about and the circumstances surrounding it.

    • Calm down judge wopner. You no wiser than any other schmuck here which includes me.
      She’s screwed. Start preparing to spin if you so desire.

    • Wait a minute. You’re an interim champ. Maybe you haven’t been eating the Las Vegas or Mexican beef, but I’m signing you up for an EPO test.

  • She’s actually calling out names and organizations with possible involvement and shady practices. Let’s see where this goes. I haven’t seen a female boxer get got on a test yet.

  • Only time a woman should be in a boxing ring is when she’s holding the sign to telling which round is next.

  • >