Babic stops Spilmont, Richards tops Gongora

Photo: Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing

Exciting WBC #3 bridgerweight knockout artist Alen “The Savage” Babic made it ten knockouts from ten fights, but got exposed a bit before dispatching southpaw journeyman David Spilmont (11-8-1, 7 KOs) in round six on Saturday night’s Parker-Chisora undercard at the AO Arena in Manchester, England. Babic, who took the fight on two weeks’ notice and was outweighed by 36 pounds, pressed the action and was willing to trade with Spilmont. Babic got staggered by Spilmont in round two, but came back to rock Spilmont in round three. Babic dropped Spilmont with a barrage of punches in round four and put him down for the count in round six. Time was :53. Babic took a lot of shots but willed his way to the win. After the fight, he stated he recently had covid.

In a clash between undefeated super middleweights, slickster Lerrone Richards (16-0, 3 KOs) outboxed and dethroned IBO world champion Carlos Gongora (20-1, 15 KOs) via split decision over twelve rounds. Scores were 115-113, 115-113 for Richards, 116-112 for Gongora.

In a clash for the vacant EBU European super middleweight title, late sub Kevin Lele Sadjo (17-0, 15 KOs) knocked out “Little Lever’s Meat Cleaver” Jack Cullen (20-3-1, 9 KOs) with a left hook to the liver in round six. Time was 1:11.

In an IBF super featherweight contender IBF #3 Zelfa Barrett (26-1, 16 KOs) took a twelve round unanimous decision over #4 Bruno “The Terminator” Tarimo (26-2-2, 5 KOs). Barrett dropped Tarimo with a left hook in round three and went on to win 117-110, 117-110, 116-111.

Olympian cruiserweight David Nyika (2-0, 2 KOs) punished Anthony Carpin (5-7-2, 2 KOs) for three minutes and Carpin called it quits after the round.

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  • I know it was kind of last minute put together (or at least I think it was), but Babic probably needs to make this his last fight against random big heavyweight. Get down to bridger or cruiser and see what you can do against people your own size.

    • Babic was 216 tonight. I’m thinking he can get down to Cruiser without draining himself too much. No damn way he makes it to the top as a Heavyweight.

      Maybe it was just my imagination, but Babic looked noticeably slower tonight. Not sure if it was because he was a little heavier than usual? Maybe a little drained from having Covid recently? His defense is never great, but it was especially porous tonight. Totally agree that he should focus on something other than Heavyweight. Bridgerweight was made for somebody like him.

      • He was heavy, probably to deal with the bigger guy, and still only 216. That’s the second highest weight of his career, highest is only 220 (bridgerweight limit is 224) and he’s been as low as 199 and that was just late last year. He may not want to do it, but if I were in his ear, I’d tell him to go back down there.

  • Babic vs Wilder… sounds crazy, but hear me out.

    Babic is probably more marketable than he is talented, so this would be a huge money fight and an easy promotion. For Wilder, it represents a lot of cash and a fight he’d be a massive favorite. But beating an undeafeted Babic would give him some juice and momentum. As for Babic, he’s gonna get beat at some point, so he also gets a giant pay day while he’s still got the O. Plus, I think Babic’s future lies at Bridgerweight, and there’s not nearly as much money to be made there as he’d command in this matchup.

    While Wilder almost certainly wins, a win for him represents his career getting back on track against a name-brand opponent. Babic likely takes the loss, but moving to Bridgerweight and losing to a name-brand heavyweight doesn’t really hurt his perception at all. He remans highly marketable.

    Neither guy has much to lose from a fight like this, and both get cut a BIG check for their services.

    • I think the promotion for that fight –listening to them go back and forth — would be more interesting than the actual fight. The Wilder that has lost his last two fights probably stops Babic in 2-3 rounds imo.

  • >