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Andy Ruiz joins Team Canelo

Former WBA, IBF, WBO heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz officially joined Team Canelo to be trained by Eddy and Chepo Reynoso. Eddy himself published a video on @CaneloTeam Instagram account to welcome Ruiz, who faces a new stage in his career and intends to become world champion again, now with a different training team and in a new setting.

Ruiz was rumored to be joining Canelo’s team months ago. In fact, a few weeks ago, the fighter told WBA president Gilberto Jesús Mendoza through an Instagram Live that there were advanced talks.

Ruiz surprised the world last year when he knocked out Anthony Joshua and became the first Mexican heavyweight champion in history. But when he came back for a rematch in December, he lost the crown in a performance far beneath the first match.

“The Destroyer” admitted that he didn’t train properly for the fight and that that played a big part in his defeat. Now, under Reynoso’s command, he aims to return to the top of boxing and become world champion again.

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  • This is not a good choice in my opinion. Even tho Canelo does have a great team, it may not be the best for Andy Ruiz. Andy needs someone who will give him full time and attention, a hungry and determined trainer like Robert Garcia. But I believe Andy wouldn’t survive a week with Robert Garcia because Robert don’t play games and is one hell of a disciplined trainer. But that’s just my opinion…
    By the way, anyone think he can regain the titles anytime soon?

  • Interesting choice clearly he is undisciplined its a very tough game I guess time will tell with his first fight with his new trainer
    It worked for Tyson Fury Clearly he is with a much better trainer, always thought Fury was mucking around too much should be unbeatable for a while
    Reynoso is a serious trainer we will see, Ruiz is too small for the likes of Fury I guess he could work he way back to number 2

  • Reynoso is a very underrated trainer. He’s only kind of broken the limelight a little in recent times but make no mistake he is young and hungry to really make his mark in comparison to more established trainers like Freddy roach Robert garcia. If their is anyone who can elevate Andy’s game it’s reynoso. Andy is the type of fighter who counters in bunches. You just have to take a look at the evolving counter skills and timing of ryan garcia. Since he switched over he’s improved dramatically. Canelo on the other hand, as good as he is he’s also just getting better and better with time. I truly think reynoso in my opinion is the smartest move Andy’s made. Just watch and see. He’ll counter even better with power and direction

    That’s my 2 cents anyway

  • Andy needs to move past the following demons first before he can even be a prize fighter;
    1. Partying
    2. Eating too much at the dinner table
    3. Stardom and money does not mean you win
    every time
    4. Ethanol consumption is bad news in the smallest
    amounts for a fighter
    5. Your inflated ego can get you KO’d or beat on
    points- Then Fightnews fans can talk smack
    about ya (like we do now)!

    Once he gets past these issues, he will be good to go!

  • Who cares..
    Not watching Ruiz until he is in shape and fit. And at 250lbs, he is not in shape. Or fit.
    Just once would be nice

  • Andy Ruiz has good boxing skills, but he has to understand a professional athlete only has a limited number of opportunities to achieve wealth and lifetime positive recognition (e.g. Hall of Fame). Andy Ruiz must first understand this, so he can gather the maturity and discipline to achieve such financial/professional goals before father time catches him.

  • In my opinion, Andy ruiz what a hungry, skilled and determined fighter can do. He did that on his first fight. But like Duran when he beat Sugar Ray. He let that go to his head. He partied like it was the end of the world. He ate anything that smelled good, and satiated his desires of being a champ again with the cheap thrills of small fame and fortune. He became a champ on his own merit. He needs to go back to basics and do it again. he needs a coach that keeps his feet moving, his hands up to avoid punches and counter punch the way he did when he fought Joshua and he will become a champ once again.

  • Disloyal!! He parties and eats to much in the rematch and leave the team who brought him to the championship. Leaving his team is like not taking responsibility. He will never get those belts back.

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