Andrade injured, Parker fight postponed

The May 21 fight for the WBO interim super middleweight title between Zach Parker (22-0, 16 KOs) and WBO middleweight champion Demetrius Andrade (31-0, 19 KOs) has been postponed due to a shoulder injury suffered in training by Andrade. The bout was set to take place in Parker’s backyard at the Pride Park Stadium in Derby, England.

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  • Oh well – No one wants to see it anyway. Please don’t reschedule

  • I don’t know how true. All I know is Andrade is a waste. He never beat a champion or former. I don’t blame Eddie for saying goodbye SMH

      • Lolol. Yes absolutely ridiculous! Andrade thinks he looks so cool with that stupid and silly hairdo he reminds me of a transient and that mop of silly hair looks like it has tons of bugs in it! Ewwwwww

    • He’s the man who Canelo refuses to fight. He doesn’t fight undefeated skilled black fighters anymore after who got schooled by you know who? I’m not saying he can beat Canelo but he’s still hook after the shutout incident.

      • Undefeated doesn’t mean anything and he did Fight Daniel Jacobs after Mayweather and Daniel Jacobs is a better fighter than Andrande

        • He still doesn’t want that smoke with Charlo OR Andrade…
          Neither did GGG

  • Let’s be serious! Andrade could possibly be injured but can we all agree his career was a waste. He should of took the Charlo fight back in the day

    • Ah Roy what would be Fightnews’s comment section without you lol ! At first when i saw your first couple of comments i was a bit angry, then i took them like it is and almost wait for them..

  • I know Calzaghe pulled out of fights and nearly did against Lacey with another injury (think it was a fractured hand). His Dad convinced him he could beat Lacey one-handed regardless, and it was the best thing ever to happen. He fought through and won. Andrade, you need a father like the great Enzo to make you believe in yourself.

  • Injuries happen. Fight has been postponed. I’m hoping for a full recovery for Andrade. It will be an interesting matchup when it does happen.

    • He’s a black man. They don’t like him or give him a break for that reason. He’s calling out their precious Canelo who clearly doesn’t fight live opponents anymore. Step up in weight doesn’t mean a step up in class.

  • Yawn. Andrade continues to eff up. All the ..he is the best yada is getting old. He will never get a big fight because of this crap. Boxing has many components when looking for public support. Fighting is pretty important and he simply does not. Canelo for all hid front running at least pretends to be all in. Andrade is in for a shock. Nobody cares. Nuff said.

  • Folks coming here to comment on dudes hair is beyond stupid! So onto boxing! I would rather see Andrade vs Benavidez not Lemiuex

  • Awww man, the fight is off?!?! I was so looking forward to another exciting “Boo Boo” fight….. Said no one ever.

  • Oh shit i was really stocked about this one, it would’ve been fight of the year candidat for sure !!! LOL just joking !!

  • What kind of injury? ive never heard of his opponent, its a great record he has, but where is the fight commencing? what is the level of competetion he has had? ? ? I really havent been solod on Andrade in the first instance…Librado yes! Demetius Whether amature or especially professionally..not inpressed.. most importantly…the level of competetion from 160 – 168 is a great deal better in the long run..maybe he does get an injury, maybe his investors and promoters figure too risky a match to risk on the money riding on the fight in the first place..Dollars to business .. thats my estimation..

  • The guy is unbeaten and even in the amateur ranks he was a beast.
    Your precious Billy Joe did everything to get out of fighting him.
    He’s so easy for Canelo then make the fight as it would be an easy payday now wouldn’t it?
    He’s a difficult match up for anyone.

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