Andrade demolishes Quigley in two

Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

By Scott Ploof at ringside

WBO middleweight champion Demetrius “BooBoo” Andrade (31-0, 19 KOs) delivered on his promise to destroy Jason “El Animal” Quigley (19-2, 14 KOs) on Friday night at the SNHU Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire.

From the onset, it was clear that Andrade had much more power than Quigley. Andrade dropped Quigley in round one, however Quigley was able to survive. Andrade dropped Quigley twice more in round two with a barrage of bunches putting Quigley away at 2:24.

“I did what I said I would do, I looked good and felt good,” said Andrade. “I delivered a message tonight – what’s next and who’s next?

“Every time I get in the ring, I do something different, and I can do it all, and whatever I need. Patience. So many times, you see people get knocked down and then they knock the other guy down. So, I keep patient in there and wait for the shots to land. But you asked for KOs, and I give you KOs so let’s go.

“I’m 31-0, Olympian and World champion, so what more do I need to do?”

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  • Wow, Boo Boo didnt fk around and got the cat out of there in 2! Like i predicted.
    About time BooBoo changed it up. Well done.

  • Good performance by Andrade. He deserves a chance to try and prove himself against a top-tier fighter. At least it seems like he really wants to fight someone good.

  • Andrade did what he said he would do – credit to him. Not sure why Mercante, Jr, stopped the fight when he did, although Quigley did not complain one bit.

  • Andrade did exactly what he needed to do. Instead of up constantly having to play Fantasy Boxing, let’s find out if
    Charlo, GGG can beat him. I’m tired of excuses as to why NOT fighting.

  • Fuckin casuals think Andrade KO’d a guy in the top 20 who almost lost to Mosley Jr. with no experience think he is ready for a top 5 guy is crazy! Andrade vs Charlo, Munguia, or GGG let’s see he beat them and I will be a fan lol

    • Quigley isn’t even a top 30 middleweight. He went down 3 times in 2 rounds from a mediocre puncher who usually goes the distance against weak opposition.

    • Tyrone: agreed. Props to Andrade wanting to fight at least. Lets see if Charlo has enough [email protected]$ to accept it.i dlseriously doubt GGG wld. Although Andrade has been boring in most his fights, he is big n strong and GGG doesnt wanna take any risks. He hasnt and wont anymore after that Jacobs fight. He goes after rhe lesser opponents these days


    • Chip. I dont think anyone is actually afraid of Andrade BUT i do agree with you on Charlo. He needs to grow a pair and accept that fight. He cant keep fighting low level opponents and still hold on to that belt. Charlo NEEDS to step up

  • Wow! Andrade beat a 3rd tier club fighter! Quigley had poor balance, was easy to hit and can’t punch. Andrade IS THE BEST MIDDLEWEIGHT IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!

  • Ok, so he beat a guy I’ve never heard of before. I mean, I get it. Nobody wants to fight him.. they got to do what they have to do. At this point.. I’d rather watch him get in the ring with an undercover actor.. have boo-boo get hurt to the body or something. Make it dramatic.. have one of them rocky type of fights just to generate some interest. Get his personality out there.. have him dress up like how Russell Westbrook does randomly. They got to do something.. make him join one of them Dancing with the stars shows or something. That’s better than these types of fights.. I enjoyed the fight before the main event more and that was a quick one too.

  • Keep doing you, Demetrius, haters are gonna hate, regardless. Time for the middleweight champs to unify the belts. No more Quigley’s and Keeler’s to feast on. Charlo vs. Andrade next, winner faces GGG/Murata winner, simple.

    • Yes and Yes to that. Damn shame elite fighters like Andrade have to take keep busy fights when he is willing to take on the best in his weight class. I love boxing but I cant take it anymore. Fights like Crawford Porter take too many years to happen.

  • Now that’s what I call making a statement! Good work, Boo Boo…now bring on Charlo!

  • Garbage on paper. Garbage in reality. Thank you Andrade for taking it out quickly.

    • Andrade the garbage he never fights nobody, masquerading as a champ. He dont fight the tops because he knows he can’t beat them, and he has known for years. All excuses

      • They’re refusing to fight him!!!! But Canelo fought a guy that was off for 2 years and lost his previous fight for the vacant wbc belt and he gets nothing but praise. Who knows if Andrade wins? But he deserves a shot and if his mandatory and other champs refuse to fight him who do y’all suppose he fight?

        • Canelo uses the Mayweather system of picking opponents! Pick the ones that haven’t matured or the ones over the hill, and the weakest champ in the division.

          • Steve: think u got the wrong post my dude. We’re bashing Andrade on this one, not

  • Terrible contender !! Why this guy have deserved a title shot?? Better opposition please.

  • Andrade signed with the wrong people at the start of his career. He should’ve signed with Al Haymon from the jump. He would’ve been a multimillionaire by now.

    • Al Haymon is the problem with boxing. He has 100+ fighters under contract and they don’t fight each other or anyone else. Gary Russell Jr is a prime example. Talented but only fights once a year.

  • What more do you have to do? How about fighting the number one contender instead of fighters nobody has ever heard o

  • Gabe rosado deserves a shot to become world champion without breaking a sweat so, andrade vs rosado will be that fight! If andrade convincinbly passes the test against the older and worn rosado who always gives a good fight despite his best days behind him then after, andrade can be tested against ggg or munguia just to give him the benefit of the doubt! The canelo fight will never happen cause canelo is after other weight classes to match up paquiao’s glory and make millions not pennies by an andrade fight!

    • Rosado’s a punching bag with about 15 losses and when Andrade beats him they’ll be more excuses. Most of these guys remember him from the amateurs and know what he’s capable of. You don’t make an Olympic team or stay undefeated by being trash.

      • Julio indongo went to the olympics, became world champion, and I still don’t know how!!!

  • Andrade deserves a shot.. knocking out this guy in 2 rounds not that impressive.. he was supposed to look good. He continues to be low reward, high risk. Nevertheless, deserves a Charlo, Mungia, type of fight. Tszyu has been talking a lot and has trouble making 54.. that would give Andrade the $$ he merits and Tszyu a chance to prove himself

    • Ebox: actually, that makes sense bro.. andrade vs Tszyu. Both of them talk a big game, one will finally sit the heck down and shut up for a bit. Winner fights Charlo, the other loud mouth.

  • After a few fights where he struggled to attempt to put his opponent away, I was very impressed with his work last night. Eddie Hearn can even turn NH into a decent sized event, so this next year is the time to strike while the iron is hot.

  • instead of using mediocre opponents due to what was available as a reason to DENY a champ a good opponent, it should be all the more reason to support calling for a big fight.

    If you think a fighter is a fraud but he has a belt you would want the other big name fighter to take him out. Won’t happen if they don’t fight. Canelo is division hopping and he has the perogative granted by the higher ups to do as he pleases. The German promoter is steering Eubank towards staying in the UK to fight mediocre level opponents right through his prime years. And Charlo gets top dough via PBC to fight roughly 1X a year. Probably just often enough to not get the belt stripped. Jaime looks promising and is improving in the same way Zurdo did at 168 but is being moved the same way- lots of big money fights but avoidance of the top few names in his youth. I think Jaime is being milked for everything before they put him in with a possible style mismatch.

    GGG and Canelo aren’t “afraid” to fight Andrade but they just want the most bang for their buck. It made a lot of sense after the last 3 fights why GGG chose Murata. Big payday in Japan and another belt.

  • There’s one fight for Andrade to seek and stalk and that’s the one that lets us know who the REAL middle weight champion is, him or Charlo. All the other names mentioned are a smoke screen inspired by the fear they have of each other.

  • As I’ve said over and over! Time and time again….If he’s such a boring fighter and beatable, well then fight him?! Take his strap and make easy money??! But the reality is that he’s a very good fighter!! So done with big bro Charlo at this point. Jermell is a different story though! Look at his last several opponents

    • We all know the reason why Andrade cannot get a shot at the others, its because of money. He needs to fight a real contender, look impressive and have the other champs turn their head towards him and see what he has done. He keeps on fighting bums and draws flies. Maybe he needs a new manager better promotions, something has to change.

    • Borimex: agreed my dude. MEL is showing promise. Im actually becoming a fan. MAL on the otherhand, not impressed until he starts fighting descent opponents

  • Instead of cherry picking cruiser belts, I’d love to see Canelo/GGG 3 vs the winner of Andrade/Charlo.

  • Quigley won a couple of regional titles, but if he got stopped by tureano Johnson how is he going to compete with boo boo!!!

  • And then he’ll step up to Maybe the B- level again then look average get stunned or be in a life/death war. Andrade is not an elite 160lber.

  • SO somehow internet abortion boxing stuntmen get promoted and paid millions to get into a circus ring but a legitimate champion, a man that has walked the walk, taken the hardest path like Boo boo who doesn’t bow down to the corporate and corrupt gets bypassed this doesn’t make real sense. Shame on our sport

  • Sorry but i’m not impressed at all, i would’ve been if the opponent was GGG lol !

  • Andrade is not good as people think he is. He just ko a unknown fighter. Quigley is a nobody, he hasn’t fought anyone. It’s not like this is some huge victory. If he wants to fight big names he needs to prove himself. Fight a decent fighter, earn it. Canelo would knock him out. He’s not worthy of Canelo right now. There are plenty of good fighters out there why isn’t he challenging any of them?

  • Just caught the fight. Wow, Quigley is the weakest title challenger I’ve seen in a long time. Utterly out of his league.

  • What andrade needs to do next is to continue fighting like he just did & not go back to puttting the fans to sleep like he often has done in the past. Don’t go back to being a boring fighter by running and back pedaling through 12 rounds.

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