1.5 million see Taylor-Serrano

DAZN has announced that 1.5 million viewers watched last Saturday’s Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano webstream. This would easily be the most-watched boxing card ever headlined by female boxers. The match caught fire and sold out the mecca of boxing, Madison Square Garden in New York City, and Taylor and Serrano delivered a memorable performance. DAZN subscribers can catch a replay anytime on the platform. In the UK, the fight can be seen tonight on BBC 3 and BBC iPlayer.

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  • Congratulations ladies!!! Great fight! Wouldn’t mind seeing it again?!!!

  • I subscribed to Dazn to watch this fight. Glad I did. Probably will cancel soon. A lot of junk fights on Dazn mostly

    • I did as well. I had to see these 2 fight and for $20 I def got my money’s worth. I’d pay typical PPV rates to watch this again.

  • great great fight yea lets see a rematch but in Vegas but Eddie Hearn can not promote it and neither can the idiot youtuber

    • Yeah, at least until he starts wearing manly glasses! LOL

  • Amazing fight. Both fighters left it all in the ring. Amanda almost pulled it off, but let Taylor off the hook in the following stanza’s.

    Katie made me a believer. I knew she had skills, but she just proved she’s a dog too. She was ready to die in there.

    It’s a little tougher to score 2min rounds, to me. I think 3min rounders would do great match ups like that more justice.

    Personally, I thought that whole WWE intro thing at the weigh in was trash. They dropped the ball on that one, especially for a fight of that magnitude.

    Who takes the rematch?

  • I think Amanda won that fight. She went away from the body in the later rounds but in rounds 6,7 and 10 I felt Amanda won and it shows on punch stats that they were even or Amanda won. And most feel Amanda won the early half so if you do the math it’s easy. Great fight however.

  • Great numbers for a ladies fight ! Well done.. When the fighters Male or Female are worth it, the fans are watching it.. Simple as that !

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