Zurdo: This will never happen again

“I am embarrassed and upset by my actions”

Zurdo Portrait
Photo: Cris Esqueda/Golden Boy

Zurdo Ramirez Statement: “No excuses. I had never missed weight in my 45 pro fights. This is the first and last time. I have always prided myself on being a professional, but today was not my finest moment. On that note, l’d like to apologize to all my fans and supporters, Golden Boy Promotions, and DAZN for this unfortunate event.

“I never gave up trying to make weight, cutting until the final moment, but just couldn’t lose enough to make the contracted weight. I am embarrassed and upset by my actions and promise that this will never happen again. I will make the right adjustments and will be back soon.”

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  • Lol. You didn’t take this fight seriously that’s why. Looks at the guys fight record.

  • Doesn’t sound like he was sick or anything. Clearly needs to take better care of himself between fights.

      • Yep. That’s also a good point. If you think you might get beaten, you’ll probably train harder… or train at all.

  • Doesn’t happen often that somebody misses weight at 175. It normally happens at the lower weights.

    • Not exusing Zurdo but the guy looked huge for the bivol scrap. He’s a big guy and will probably get hurt by natural cruisers

  • First, this was a blessing in disguise as it saved rosado from a bad beating. Rosado seems like a decent dude, but he couldn’t handle the power at 160, fighting at 175 is unhealthy, walk away from the game kid. Start training younger fighters.

    2nd, I am encouraged that zurdo is taking ownership for missing weight. Hopefully it really is a wake up call and he stays true to his word going forward.

    • Respect your opinion but disagree.,Rosado was professional and made weight….Zurdo did not…maybe just maybe the Zurdo based on the inability to make weight may have avoided an unexpected upset..,

    • I should have read your comment first before I sounded like a parrot.

  • Ohhh yeah, i will hapen again! He’s a natural heavyweight and he’s body its just not allowing him to fight the smaller guys anymore! He should start looking into the heavyweight division or retire! Zurdo vs hrgovic or zurdo vs wilder would be ideal for him!

    • What about cruiserweight, 200 lbs? The guy made 187, so how could he not make 200? Unless he fought at 210 plus, not enough weight to be a true heavyweight.

      • Nobody cares about cruiserweights-many good heavyweights were under 200 pounds.

  • Oh ooooh, just wondering:

    1) On average, what was Ramirez’s fight night weight?.

    2) On fight night, how much of a weight advantage did Ramirez have over his opponents?.

    3) Is Ramirez worried about going to 200?.

    4) If fights are in a phone booth, can Ramirez physically handle opponents at 200?.

    5) Before running into Bivol, was Ramirez being a weight bully in previous fights?.

    6) Can Ramirez handle punches from fighters at 200?.

    7) Can Ramirez physically carry weight at 200 and apply solid skills?

    8) Will Ramirez have power at 200?.

    9) Is it healthy for Ramirez to squeeze into 175?.

  • You said that before you moron! You and Chavez Jr should fight since you both are cowards who can’t make weight!

  • At this level in the game, everything is and should be monitored. A boxer needs to be fine tuned and scheduled to be on point come weigh-in, but we already know that.

    He either farted around through camp or he really didn’t want the fight. 12lbs? I don’t recall ever seeing such a discrepancy in weight.

    After this fiasco, he will still have the gonads to ask for a title shot next.

    And last, perhaps this was a blessing in disguise for Rosado. He has been in far too many wars to be taking shots from a much bigger man.

  • He should try cruiserweight instead of killing himself to make light heavy. He’d have a much better chance for a title there than against Bivol or Beterbiev.

  • So pathetic. Zurdo must be a gamer. He sits around 12-14 hours per day playing video games. He’s not a serious fighter. No discipline. Pathetic.

  • I know this won’t happen again Zurdo, and I believe what you are saying, because at heavyweight there isn’t weight limit

  • although zurodo has taken accountability, this is as much his trainers fault as well. I mean what trainer doesnt make sure his fighter is on target for weight WEEKS before the fight.

    clearly embarrrasing for the trainer/training team as well.

  • Missing weight following a loss. I can’t help but wonder if he just started to take a mental vacation being undefeated and not really being tested before Bivol. Now the question is can he get it back or if he’s mentally moved on from there.

    • All true. It can be an indicator of how devastated he was over the loss to Bivol.

  • I actually value his apology. He screwed and instead of a list of excuses has manned up. Not a great look at missing weight but a sincere apology does soften the blow.

  • he should have to pay every person who purchased a ticket to the fight and be suspended for 2 years he is a piece of garbage

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