Zurdo-Rosado fight CANCELED

Saturday’s clash between Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez and “King” Gabe Rosado has been canceled after Ramirez came in very heavy and the California Commission nixed the fight. Zurdo was apparently 12 POUNDS over the light heavyweight limit.

“It upsets me to have to announce that the fight will no longer proceed,” said Rosado on social media. “This is a very unique situation. At the time to step on the scale, I was told Zurdo’s weight was at 187. We gave him a grace period of two hours to drop weight, coming in at 183. Still 8 pounds over our agreed weight. I am disappointed after doing my part, but I am thankful to everyone who supported me throughout this camp.”

The new main event will be JoJo Diaz against Mercito Gesta. Diaz was also overweight at 139.4 pounds, while Gesta was 137.2. That bout is still proceeding.

Venue: Walter Pyramid, Long Beach, California
Promoter: Golden Boy

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    • Too bad…I know the outcome was very likely but I was looking forward to the fight nonetheless. I may change my plans as Diaz Gesta as the main even does not move the needle for me.

    • What’s the surprise?

      It’s a typical Mexican tactic!

      Fight night, refuse same day weigh in and come in waaaay overweight! It’s common with Mexican fighters.

    • They should allow the fight to go on but have a penalty for being that overweight. Rosado should have got to decide whether Zurdo had to tie one hand behind his back or tie his shoelaces together.

  • Now Ramirez can move up to cruiserweight, fight bums for decent money for the next three years, all the while screaming that the cruiser champs are ducking him. Sound familiar?

  • Apparently Zurdo kept his training camp at Burger King?? He was under 175 for Bivol, wth has he been doing the last FOUR months? Wow!
    Jojo Diaz weighed in at 139+ for his fight… he didn’t look too good either actually.

    • I rarely get angry at fighters. I have only sparred a handful of times and have never been an active fighter. So I try not to judge….but come on….6 to 12 lbs over? People book vacations, arrange for time of work etc. They pay for and book flights and hotels! This may not seem like a big fight to most..but to someone it may have been the one they could afford or the one they fell into their life’s schedule to go. To someone …this may have been a big deal! Fans deserve better the that. Sure the card will go on…but the people bought tickets for Ramirez not Diaz. If it were illness or injury I would be much more sympathetic but fans deserve better then this. It is not right!

      • I appreciate the hell out of what they’re able to do. It’s the highest form of entertainment that I’ve ever known, but no one is above critique. Like you said, there’re probably a lot of people who spent a lot of money to see him fight and worked on promoting it and everything and he knew he wasn’t going to make weight. This did not come as a surprise, I’m sure! If he got sick yesterday or today and couldn’t cut weight, then I apologize, but until and unless that comes out as being the case – I’m going to assume that Zurdo trained hard for Bivol in November and then hardly trained for Rosado; after clearly enjoying his holidays.

    • What weight does Zurdo walk around at? Before he started to train for Bivol he looked like he was 220. I don’t know how he ever made it to Super Middleweight. Put a fork in him. He’s done

      • They had a photo at the first kickoff press conference for that fight, I remember. It was Bivol and Zurdo with Eddie Hearn in between them and Zurdo looked absolutely HUGE next to both of them. Bivol isn’t a small guy and Hearn is tall, but Zurdo looked massive by comparison.

    • Everything happens for a reason, good or bad. In my humble opinion Gabe Rosado is an accident waiting to happen. He takes too much punishment and is growing into a Mexican or Puerto Rican punching bag. After boxing career is over there may be thirty to forty years left of living. How will he function effectively among friends, fans, and family and such regular beatings? I know that some losing fighters survive and do well but for many others, it is not good to watch. Though I never met him. As a boxing fan, I love him and wish him well and hope he makes the right decision soon.

  • Would’ve been a mismatch anyway. Zurdo much too big for Rosado. I can imagine we’ll see Zurdo at cruiserweight or heavyweight in the future.

  • Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez should be called “THE PIG” instead of Zurdo. He should be banned and fined heavily for at least 1 year and his purse should go to Rosado.

  • This had the makings of Gatti vs Gamache!! Luckily Gabe was sparred!!!! Disgusting!! IDK why Rosado would even entertain this fight???!!!???

  • I think commissions in the US should penalize fighters who came grossly overweight a la JBC and are recidivist, boxers, promoters, public in general are affected and when the fight are allowed to continue the overweight fighter + when rehydrate if that is not limit, then has an unfair advantage.
    I understand we are all human and imperfect beings, but boxing is a contact sport when lives were/are/will be lost.
    1- First offense a suspension of a year and all expenses of the card cancelled should be covered by the overweight fighter.
    2- Second offense a suspension for two years and all expenses covered by overweight fighter.
    3- Third offense suspended for life.
    4- If fighter is overweight he/she should not be permitted to continue fighting at his current weight class.
    5- From the first offense the fighter should be enrolled in a “list” of approved dieticians/nutritionist for the same duration of his penalty after suspension.
    6- Provided there are no medical conditions to account for the overweight the aforementioned take precedent.
    If any of the above are partly used/used in any form, I am pretty sure, we won’t have that many overweight fighters….
    Kudos to female fighters for leading the way by making weight.

    • Maybe should expect fighters to make weight or be near a specific weight three weeks before the fight and then have a second weigh in on the day before or day of the fight…but agree with Tai that there must be a sanctioned penalty.,.

    • United States commissions ARENOTamerican!

      They’re controlled and manned your corrupt “amigos” fro south of the border!

  • Can you believe this loser’s fan base actually thought Bivol was ducking this clown? Too many casuals watch boxing now. Wurdo will have to move up to Cruiserweight within a year’s time, where he can fight C level cans, as the division is dead now. The pinnacle of his career was the WBO title at 168.

    • This is his 3rd time missing weight. He missed weight in a title shot at 126 lbs and he lost his belt on the scales at 130 pounds before fighting to a draw! Disgraceful!

  • Zurdo and benavidez are light heavyweights fighting smaller fighters! Their bodies just can’t take the weight cut anymore. Zurdo vs benavidez should be next for this two heavys instead of looking for a fight with the smaller canelo!

  • When Zurdo entered the ring against Dominic Boesel last year, he outweighed his German opponent by 24 lbs! It looked like heavyweight vs. light heavyweight!!!

  • Zurdo should be fighting the guys in the article right below this one.

  • Promoters and commissioners should be aware of this situation long before it happens by checking the fighters weight status at least one week before. I assume that if Ramirez was 12 pounds over at the weight in, he could have been at least 25 pounds heavier one week ago.

  • Ramirez will have troubles with his weigh if he still keeping Andy Ruiz as his nutritionist

  • Someone screwed up and forgot to bring the rigged scale. I’m truly glad this fight didn’t happen. Rosado is on his last legs and going up in weight to fight a much larger man would’ve ended horribly.

  • What a joke. After Zurdo’s last fight he wasn’t even motivated to train for this one. And after GB kept babying him by giving him another easy fight. Please, nobody tell me that King GB is good just because he lands a lucky KO every 8-10 fights…
    And I was still on the fence about JoJo until last fight he showed either his heart isn’t in it, or he just doesn’t have the skills. Either way, can’t trust him to do much going forward.

  • This is the kind of garbage that is so disrespectful to the fans. The people in the LBC area who might for example not have time to travel for fights but bought tickets and were looking forward to a local event. Now they have to settle for the scraps of a overweight co-main. Not the the main event was anything special, but you hope these guys will be professional and come in weight..

  • Oh, what’s that?.. another Canceled Boxing match? I guess it’s a good thing that I can watch an interesting UFC fight tonight. Will that be canceled too? Highly doubt it since it’s not Boxing

  • Zurdo saved Rosado and his team from themselves. This was a terrible matchup from day one. Rosado is a very tough dude, but 168 is where he belongs (or rather belonged). Zurdo is basically a Heavyweight.

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