Miller-Browne Weights from Dubai

Miller Browne Weigh In
Photo: Hardcore Boxing

Jarrell Miller 333 vs. Lucas Browne 277
Jono Carroll 130 vs. Miguel Marriaga 130
Soslan Asbarov 199.5 vs. Brandon Glanton 200

Venue: The Agenda, Dubai, UAE
Promoter: Hardcore Boxing
TV: @ 1pm ET (USA & Australia);
ESPN Knockout (Latin America)

Zurdo-Rosado fight CANCELED
Boxing in Cleveland, Texas this Saturday

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  • How good are in Dubai for testing the boxers? I really don’t have a clue, but I hope they are focused in strictness about that, now that they are growing as a boxing venues

    • They don’t they don’t even hide the needles at their gyms so both mens should be juiced up and puitting on thier best

      • If that looks juiced up to you then you haven’t been to the gym in a long time to see guys on roids.

  • Miller will have the edge as long as he keeps a consistent pace on Browne. Browne’s legs will be the first thing to fade in most of his fights and he tends to get lazier with punch output as the fight progresses. Browne’s style of fighting is rather predictable and last I saw him fight, nothing has changed which includes his questionable chin. Miller UD.

  • Good little scrap right there. Two good fighters going for little fame.
    Props to both for taking the fight for little income.

  • 333? Not serious enough about his career to roll with the big boys.

  • I’m no math whiz or anything but it looks like a combined more than six hundred pounds together!

  • 2 drug cheats and Jarrell Miller is a a whole other level cheater that ive never witnessed in boxing. Im assuming nothing has changed since all his fights are overseas now

  • >