Zhang brutally KOs Wilder in five

Photo: Mark Robinson / Matchroom Boxing

In a crossroads heavyweight showdown, “Big Bang” Zhilei Zhang (27-2-1, 22 KOs) knocked out “The Bronze Bomber” Deontay Wilder (43-4-1, 42 KOs) in round five on Saturday night at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The 41-year-old Zhang, with a 68-pound weight advantage, stalked the 38-year-old Wilder, who looked to catch Zhang with right hands. Zhang worked over Wilder on the ropes for a stretch in round two. Zhang continued to walk down Wilder as the action slowed. Zhang laid out Wilder in round five with a right hand that spun him around and a follow-up right that ended Wilder’s night. Time was 1:51.

Team Queensberry defeated Team Matchroom 10—0 to win the inaugural 5v5 competition.

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    • SM, agreed! He has zero confidence anymore.

      It hurts to watch Wilder, because one has to wonder what might have been if he even employed an average jab. I know he was late to the game, but if he used the jab he used against Stiverne in their first fight for the rest of his career he might have been an all time great.

      • Mark Breland got him there and he started losing after firing Breland.

        • Yep, not only that he said some pretty mean-spirted things about Mark Breland. You get what you put out and Wilder’s fall was hard. Wilder is a family man but the athlete Wilder comes off as someone who doesn’t like being challenge. Breland challenged him and got fired. Nobody else challenged him and he didn’t improve.

      • An all time great? He’s a bumm that came along in the the right era. He once said he would have destroyed Mike Tyson. One trick pony. Only knocks out other bumms

          • knows how to punch but not how to box. really cant say he ever beat a top dog unless you count an ancient and hobbled Ortiz and the gift against Wilder the first time

          • Not silly at all Wilder never beat a good fighter. The biggest named fighter Wilder ever beat was Ortiz and that don’t say much at all. Wilder’s resume is as bad as Demetrius Andrade’s. They both never beat a good/great fighter in their careers. Wilder is not HOF material. He is not an All-Time great. The man don’t know how to box and has bad footwork. He don’t have the skills of a great fighter or all time great. He beat bums to rack up his record. 42 KOs in 43 fights don’t mean anything if it came all off of Home Depot clerks. Knocking out bums don’t make you great. Anyone that thinks Wilder is a great fighter or an all time great don’t know boxing and needs their heads examined.

          • Douglas…on your analysis alone…what you just defined and placed as a criteria for a “bum”…. question is why don’t we have more heavyweight champions?…think about it …based on your analysis…if a fighter beats a series of bums….then that fighter “shall” become a champion and then that fighter “shall” remain a champion….by just fighting “bums”….Wilder did not start boxing until 20…won a bronze metal ..in the Olympics…and went on to become the heavyweight champion of the world…fought some good fighters…very entertaining…one of the highest KO rates in history….all this by fighting “bums”…..on your theory we should have more fighters that become champions…. reality states otherwise

      • All time great. Stiverne was an absloute bum. Not much in the heavyweight division these days.

      • Wilder, had no intension on using a jab. He was power drunk and rightfully so. His limited skill allowed him to be WBC champ for 5 years. He perhaps has the highest KO to victory ratio of any Heavyweight and made millions. Not too shabby. Wilder prevented Wilder from growing. He fired his old coach who brought him to the dance and said some mean-spirted things about him. That was the beginning of the end. He didn’t have anyone challenging him but had yes-men.

    • I know it is crazy, but what if he goes and fights these Bridger weight titles.

      • He’s done. He should retire before he suffers more effects than he already is showing.

        He was never the most skilled guy but he has good reflexes, athleticism and power.

        Those things are gone and he’s taken a lot of shots to the head by big men.

        He should retire while he can still hold a conversation. He’s clearly showing the effects of his career and age.

      • I was thinking the same thing. However, that move should have been made at least one year ago before the little bit of confidence was shattered. Even though Bridgerweight is just a smaller heavyweight, their punches are naturally faster and will catch Wilder, who was once used to the slower speed, but is now too slow to dodge punches.

  • I predicted Wilder to TKO Zhang. I was wrong. No biggie. 50/50 shot either way. Props to Zhang for his victory. Wilder looked aged and weaker as a KO artist as in the past. Time to retire.

    • Scooby, you’re almost always wrong on your predictions. Must be all those boosters!! If anyone wants to win money, bet the opposite of what Scooby predicts. It was so easy to predict a win for Zhang. Wilder has next to no skill struggles against southpaws. Parker stopped him. It was very easy to see that Zhang was gonna win by KO. Anyways, great fight with a great ending. Thats the end of Bum Squad!!

      • Like I say, no offense if I am wrong or right. 50% chance either way. It’s all entertainment to me regardless of the scenario.

      • My little Bigotbuddy Berserker would be right if he wasn’t so raacist!!! Wilder was as light as I ever remember, no way he had good punch resistance at that weight.

      • “Scooby, you’re almost always wrong on your predictions. Must be all those boosters!! If anyone wants to win money, bet the opposite of what Scooby predicts.”
        – At least he’s man enough to post his picks and admit he’s gotten some wrong, unlike other Monday morning quarterbacks who are the opposite of Mr. Scooby…………….

          • Scooby-Doo picks wilder every fight. But why ? His legs can’t support the human body. How can you possibly pick him against big bang

    • Too skinny. Wilder didn’t look athletic enough to compete against a much stronger guy. And he clearly couldn’t take the power of the shots. History will remember Wilder as a guy who went on a run against C-level opposition but struggled when he fought the truly World Class heavyweights of his era.

      • He was on top of his game until Fury wrote the handbook on how to beat his ass and the Damage Fury did to him gave Parker and Big bang the courage and the help of fighting damaged goods .

      • HI!! Buddy even if history remember him as a C-Level opposition……I Will remember a guy with just a little skill, but, with an Enormous Charisma for a few years. Enough money for the rest of his life and his family too…..M. Brainchild, good evening from Montréal

        • FWIW, I didn’t say Wilder was C-level, only that he made his name beating C-level guys (see Stiverne, Brazeale, Washington, Ortiz, etc). Wilder was good, he just got shown up once he stepped up against top international talent.

          • I agree that Wilder’s title defense opposition was amongst the weakest in heavyweight history, but the guys you mentioned were the most impressive on that list!

      • I can’t believe he became Heavyweight Champion with zero boxing fundamentals, no jab, and horrible balance and footwork.

  • Wilder seems like a shell of himself.
    I don’t see the fire he used to have.
    I think that is in part the reason Zhang won

  • Good win for Zhang and he’s right back in the mix. Wilder had a great career but he’s a shot item now. No shame in losing when you’re past your prime but now it’s time for Wilder to hamg ’em up because he has nothing left.

  • Sad to see Wilder getting stopped like that, turning his back and getting caught by a real sucker punch. Zhang is dangerous even at 41 y old.

  • Finally got a pick right with Zhang. Still did not think Dubois or Hutch would win. So actually I was 4 for 6 with picks overall today LOL!! Good card overall. Bad beating for Eddie. I think they should make Joshua-Dubois sooner rather then later. Great match for the UK!

    • Not bad pickings, Pete. I guess you were the right one this time.

  • Wilder had that right hand as an eraser for his entire career. It got him out of trouble and bad spots but now, at least in his last two fights, even when he’s landed it, it’s not doing the job anymore. If he does plan to fight on… maybe I’m the only one, but I’d be interested in Opetaia – Wilder. Wilder’s legs, as a heavyweight, are just unreal. They look like sticks.

    • IF he fights again he could try cruiser or maybe go for the WBC Bridger or WBA Super Cruiser. I would rather him try the later since he’s already within that weight limit and wouldn’t have to drop anymore weight.

      • He could do that. But he has taken a lot of damage in his last 5 fights, I don’t think getting punched in the head for a Cruiserweight title is worth it.

    • That’d be an interesting fight… but I’d favor the speed and work rate of Opetaia. Wilder is too skinny to compete with the bruisers but doesn’t have anywhere near the work rate of the grinders like Usyk.

  • No shocker because Wilder’s defense has always been very weak. Time for Wilder to retire.

  • Man, I am so pleased with this result. Kudos to Zhang for putting away this bird-legged scarecrow in decisive fashion. Wilder was never much of a boxer. Just a bird-legged tall guy who arm punches, fighting in an era of tall, unathletic heavyweights. Zhang is technically superior and deserved this victory. Wilder, with his fake fierce expressions and BS marketing, needs to retire. His career was essentially over after his extremely poor showing in three fights against another overrated, overhyped, overexposed mediocre fighter: Tyson Fury.

    • Malcom,
      It is unfortunate that Wilder got rid of him because he intervened to save Wilder from further punishment in one of Fury fights.
      I thinks Wilder wants to be in controlled and prefer a yes/no sir type of trainer

    • Wilder dismissed Breland from his camp for doing exactly what a trainer is supposed to do. Even weeks after the fight he still called Breland a traitor and a Judas. Breland would have failed him miserably had he not stopped the fight and the fact Wilder could not recognize that told me he has absolutely no grip on reality or ability to reason and take accountability.

  • Reminded me of Golota vs Bowe 2. Bowe was completely shot and shopworn. Ready to fall down. Just like Wilder

  • Time for Deontay to hang themup. The usual give away is the odd reactions fighters have to punches as Wilder did to the penultimate punch here…… Turned to have a chat with the ref then spaked !

    Has made some good money and has the beginnings of old mate CTE on the way with the thick and heavy speech.

    Time to enjoy what time he has left I think.

    • I think a good hook from a 280 pound, 6 foot 7 inch trained boxer like Zhang would be enough to physically turn around any heavyweight who weighs 218.
      Good win for Zhang.
      I would love to see him, Dubois or Parker fight Agit Kabayel next.

  • You could see it when he walked in and took a deep breath, great career with limited skill

  • Time or Wilder, he’s ha a successful career and made a lot of money. He could do a lot of positive things in the future. Zhang, is extremely dangerous…

  • After Getting beat by Parker, I really gave him no chance against big Bang.He’s a one trick pony, big right hand, no boxing skills

  • I just don’t get your hate for wilder.

    Wilder has been a great champ, provided highlight reel knockouts.

    He is not overrated, not a bum. You people sound pathetic with your disdain, and I bet most of you have never fought.

    This sport takes a toll on you.

    Wilder is now a shot fighter mostly due to the punishment he took in the fury trilogy.. He just can’t pull the trigger anymore and he can no longer take a punch.

    Zhang is a big man and s great counter puncher and I would give him a puncher chance against joshua and fury and i soon easy money on this fight tonight as it was clear that zhang if the more fresh fighter at this point.

    • Steve G., I didn’t like wilder until his fights with fury. To me he showed tremendous heart in those fights and I really wanted him to win tonight, but I was wrong again. He has had an incredible career and I believe it’s time for him to take his last bow. I really believe that going away from breland was his undoing.

  • Deontay Wilder was always a bum. He had zero boxing skills, just a heavy hand. If you boxed him or take his punches, he didn’t know what to do. RIP Wilder, time to retire.

  • Wilder is/was/always has been a “shock puncher”…… if that doesn’t work there’s not much more in the kit !!

  • Decent win, but Zhang is a basic fighter with very little stamina and a good punch. Any fighter with mobility will give him fits.

  • Awesome! Always great to see that racist pos Beyoncé Wilder getting knocked out. Congrats Zhang! Just imagine what Joshua would have done to ol’ chicken legs

    • @James Harbo: Years ago, Wilder vs Joshua would have been a very different fight with Wilder the fighter he was then and the speed and aggression he used to have.

    • How is Wilder a racist? He’s never publicly made any racist comments that I’m aware of. He takes a strong pro black stance, but that does not make him a racist.

  • All his skills has diminished, even a puncher’s chance wasn’t there..

  • Dude was hit so hard. Wilder looked at the ref like “Is the restroom this way?” … and then he got nailed again, dropped and counted out.

  • FIghters that have longevity are guys that are fundamentally sound and have a strong skill set to fall back on and change their fight style to adapt as they get older. Wilder did none of that so I’m not surprised by his sudden and rapid decline.

  • Once the chin is shattered it’s never the same, those Fury fights finished his career. It’s part of the sport and a cycle that will repeat itself time and time again. Mendrick Taylor, Jermaine Taylor, Fernando Vargas, Tito Trinidad just to name a few that were never the same after devestating losses.
    Time to hang up the gloves and retire! Hopefully, he has a financial adviser so he won’t have to step into the ring again out of necessity.

  • Wilder has never learned to box, he also looked scared. He, Wilder, just kept feeling with the left all night, not even a punch,it was almost like he wasn’t there mentally, he should definitely retire before he gets seriously hurt.

  • Wilder got in boxing for his daughter. He fought for her, but now I just don’t think his heart is in it. He doesn’t need the money. His daughter’s medical issues are covered for life. It’s difficult to keep going at the level he needs to when he has no force or need. Great win for Zhang and Im sure Wilder will call it a career now.

      • Agree with that Derrick….well stated…this is a life lesson….nothing to be ashamed of…. Honorable warrior
        …..Honorable career…. Family man…


  • They should withhold the bums purse. It was obviously a money grab. Useless bum!!

  • Good stoppage by the ref, he save him on that one. Time for the Bronze Bomber to retire before it’s too late.

  • Wilder was just exposed
    He ain’t good as people thought
    The good boxers stay good til retire

  • Now that Wilder is “done”, let’s get that Wilder vs. punk ass Jake Paul match up….

  • Wilder is a Bridgerweight. He’s under 230. He should move down in weight class.

  • first of all there will never be another bomb squad D you have nothing more to prove !! hell of a run ..you fought a giant 3 times won the first one .. then last nite you fought another one ..too many big fights takes alot out of a normal man ..you are exceptional thanx for all of the excitement ..hope to see you at canastota next week r allen & son

  • Ty, if Mike Tyson ever gets able to get back in the ring, there won’t be enough of Jake Paul left to match up with anybody. Unless it’s a fix, that is.

  • First off, I don’t understand why folks have a need to come here and kick a man while he’s down? There is NO reason to refer to this man as a ‘bum’. Having started the sport at the age of 15, abbreviated amateur career, turns pro and ultimately becomes Heavyweight Champion, not to mention making a boat load of money in the process!! That is SUCCESS in my eyes. So to you Deontay Wilder I say, THANK YOU for all the thrilling fights! You were must watch! Time to enjoy the fruits of your labor my man!!!!!

    • I don’t think that Wilder is a bum, just that he started too late in the sport for fundamentals to become second nature.
      I am not a fan of him as a person after he said a few years ago that he wanted a “body” on his record, not to mention him dancing and clowning around after he knocked out Sergei Lyakhovich and the guy was having a seizure on the canvas, but having said all of that I hope that Wilder retires with all of his faculties, and that he and his family have a good life.

    • Hater don’t hate down they only hate up (folks who are doing better in life than they are). That’s why they do it. Wilder made lemonade out of lemons.

  • Hopefully he will retire now, he’s 38 and has plenty of money. His determination allowed him to get more out of his body during his prime than most professional boxers could. Time to hang ’em up and do other things now.

  • I’ve enjoyed watching Wilder’s fights. Hope he stays healthy for his seven kids. If I had to rank Wilder, I’d put him with Razor Ruddock. Wilder had the right hand, Ruddock the left. They were dangerous but flawed.

  • It was almost as if Zhang didnt care about the right hand of Wilder. Wilder tried his 1-2 and it didnt do anything. Just couldnt back Zhang up. If Wilder wants to continue, I would say fight a few bums to get a win/confidence streak going.

  • Wilder isn’t done. He will fight on with a rejuvenated career. I see him fighting the likes of KSI, Logan Paul, Butterbean out of retirement, a third fight with Stiverne, and any other YouTuber that wants a taste of the heat. Why stop the clown show just because the wheel fell off the tricycle?

    • How about a showdown with Mahmoud Charr for the WBA in Reese’s Peanut Butter title?

    • How about a showdown with Mahmoud Charr for the WBA in Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup title?

  • I understand that this is the name of the game, but its always a little heartbreaking to see someone at the top being retired by the game.

    Those fights Wilder had with Fury
    did more damage than imagined. Besides that, once you loose the reflexes and speed only gifted during youth, you have to depend on your foundation which is build around strong basics and a bag of tricks learned throughout your journey.

    Unfortunately, since Wilder started around 20 years of age, and never had the basics mastered, which left him as a sitting duck once the speed and reflexes were gone. The windows of opportunity no longer open in the ring and the body cannot absorb anymore punishment.

    I wish Wilder the best and I’m glad that he provided decapitating knockouts throughout his career which left us with plenty of highlight reels. He also changed his family tree by making millions. His daughter has the best medical attention and his descendants should have a greater shot at life because of his efforts.

    For someone with pretty much zero boxing skills, he got really far, regardless of the lack of talent in the heavyweight division during his rise.

  • This generation is pathetic and weak. Always suggesting someone retires after a loss. Stfu yall weaklings

    • A loss? Try 4 losses in his last 5 fights. Ole chicken legs isn’t reacting well to punches and there’s nowhere for him to go when he’s getting blasted by 41 year olds. It’s over unless he just wants to finish his career fighting tomato cans….but we saw enough of that already.

  • Unfortunately we have seen a situation like this before,,, Mike Tyson seemed invincible until his first loss and the rest history ,Wilder seemed invincible until his limited boxing skills were found out,,and now the rest is history.

    • Are u comparing Wilder with Tyson… Tyson stopped training seriously after Cus died and Rooney got fired. Please know your history…

      • Mike Tyson had limited boxing skills. Yes he could move his head left n right , yes he could set up certain punches by feigning body movements and had hammers in left n right hands and never added anything new. You can blame this n that but at the end of the day he eventually was found out by a higher IQ boxer.

  • Sorry to have to say this but Wilder is an appalling Boxer-no basics no flair no combinations no timing no slipping no footwork-How in heck has he ever ended in this place?

    • In other words, he only had a big right hand in his arsenal. He is the least skilled heavyweight champion that America ever produced.

  • I was wrong. I thought Wilder had more in the tank but he should let this be his last fight. He started in he sport late, was WBC champ for 5 years with limited skills, made millions of dollar, has one of if no the highest KO to victory ratios in the HW history and totally done things his way. Nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone falls out of their prime eventually. Ride off into the sunset.

  • I really can’t blame Wilder himself for his poor showing against Zhang but who I can blame are his trainers. Wilder showed no defense and relied too heavily on his right hook, which in the past has taken out many an opponent. His team should be fired and any notion of going back in the ring is pure nonsense. Unless he wants to drop down to super middleweight and fight towering Fundora, but even then, Wilder would probably lose. According to Wiki, Wilder’s net worth is around 30,000,000 ( millions). Let’s face it with that net worth, one becomes super lazy and has little to nothing to worry about. SO, Champ, retire and enjoy your millions, sit on the beach buy your own island and enjoy life.. after all, you’ve given us some outstanding fights.. You will be in the Boxing Hall of fame for sure.

  • I predicted zhang by devastating ko but I was underwhelmed..wilder easily ducking left hands each time..only way I was going to win wager ko began 1-6 is if Wilder had mild success n opened ..exactly happened in that round ..zhang been disappointing since the Joyce wins..tells you about Joyce

  • Man, that’s LOT of weight to give up, but it might not have made a difference.

  • Even through his limited boxing abilities and his tre us power he’s made millions of dollars off boxing but he’s entertained us for many years with exciting vicious knockouts but it’s still sad to see him go and he went out the only way that ko artist should, there is plenty of hard hitters out there but his was just different.

  • Wilder turning his back to complain to ref led to the KO – strange ending. Zhang is dangerous southpaw but hard to see him ever win a decision against a top HW – painfully slow feet. Zhang protects his Chin but is easy to hit with headshots. At 41 clock is ticking – Zhang needs to fight for a title.

  • After Fury pulverized him 3X’s this kid was never the same. Time to hang em up. Spend some time and the dough with your daughter bro.

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