Williams Jr. injured, out of Broner fight

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By Bob Caico

Trainer Michael Williams Sr has announced that his son will not be fighting four-division world champion Adrien Broner on February 25th due to an “unnecessary injury in training camp.” He shared an x-ray showing what appears to be a broken jaw.

“Hopefully, the fight will be postponed. I’m sorry. 300%.” He also added that Roy Jones Jr is no longer one of his son’s trainers.

Williams Jr. becomes the third Broner opponent to fall through for this event. Previously Ivan Redkach pulled out due to promotional issues, then Hank Lundy was removed due to a suspension by the California Boxing Commission.

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  • Who would have ever guessed that seemingly the most reliable aspect of that card is Adrien Broner.

    • Imagine that. Bronner being reliable, two words I thought I’d never write in the same sentence.

    • LOL! Good point. Too bad for Williams. That was a big chance for him. Hopefully they bring in a past his prime name…but it is likely too late for that!

  • ….due to an “unnecessary injury in training camp.”
    – As opposed to a necessary injury in training camp…

    • I think that was a dig at how the camp was handled by Roy Jones who was subsequently fired

  • This should have been Redkach vs broner..
    Ridiculous that Redkachs’ promoter wouldn’t let him fight. He is a fool.
    The money was good, and he had a chance to do well

  • One thing I can point right away on the film is that Williams needs to get that wisdom tooth extracted where it’s starting to push against the rear molar. Is that a true break (fracture) on the film? Yes, it appears so. However, based on that looking at the limited film in the article, there really is no way to tell when the fracture(s) occurred. Old fractures can also appear on a film giving the illusion they occurred recently.

  • I keep hoping for Broner to get his life back on track, but I just think based on his track record he wont. I’m not sure three people backing out is helping him in training hard. Can Broner even afford training camps at this point?

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