DAZN raises subscription price

DAZN has announced that effective March 23, the monthly subscription price in the USA will be $24.99 a month or $224.99 a year. There is also an option to lock in $19.99 a month with a twelve month contract.

When the service started, it was $9.99 a month. Then the price was upped to $19.99 a month or $99 a year.

DAZN stated that the new pricing is “reflective of the steady increase in live sports and original content.”

The streaming service assures that long-term partnerships with Golden Boy and Matchroom mean that subscribers will get a boxing schedule of at least 50 top-tier fight nights annually as well as discounted PPV events and nonstop access to a multitude of other sporting events such as celebrity crossover boxing, MMA, women’s soccer, darts, pool and more.

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  • DAZN seems more keen to increase coverage of all other types of sports. DAZN is also showing more and more lesser-known fighters, and then occasionally some top level fighters.

  • I had DAZN for one year at $ 99.00 . I cancelled after the subscription was up. Worst boxing program and announcers with main event start times at 1:00 am . Not worth $ 12.00 a year.

  • It makes sense. More fighter’s are being signed and now hopefully they put on more fight’s. Boxing is a brutal sport and the fighter’s also need their money so it makes sense to up the price. Nothing is free. Lara Vs Wood is a solid match… we will get more like this I expect.

  • Got to keep pace with real inflation. I will be cancelling DAZN before my subscription renews.

  • Now they can show more dart contests and hire more diversities. Personally I don’t care if they raise it to $10,000 a day.

  • Still a great channel with lots of fights, but this is getting to be a tough decision to keep it…

  • LOL @ anyone who pays for this garbage!!! It’s 2023 ALL sports are free if you know the right website. Only a sucker throws his money away to cable companies.

    • What’s the right website? Inquiring minds want to know. And don’t tell me to jail break whatever they call that thing on side of the TV.

  • After launching with a anti-PPV message, DAZN launched their own PPV platform. DAZN made a long-term commitment to influencer boxing. DAZN is losing so much money even their billionaire backer is tired of losing money. Thus, the price increase. Their content is not great. Check out their 2023 schedule. It’s not great.

  • Too expensive already, and the content is decent at best. ESPN + is way more value for less money. DAZN wasting money on YouTube boxing, and putting best fights on PPV. I could be a CEO if my job was to just spend money. I will probably cancel after this weekend. No credible fights on the horizon.

  • I’ve had this for a few years now. I don’t buy the PPVs, but there have been a ton of great fights and I have been very happy with it. I don’t care about any of the other content other than the live boxing events. They are really pushing it with this much of an increase. I don’t think mine renews at this rate until November of 2023, so we’ll see how this year goes.

    • But wait before you cancel, I heard that starting in the summer they’re going to be having live drag queen story time. You don’t want to miss that 🙂

  • I rarely buy the PPV but last one was Wilder Fury 3 had 3 excellent fights on the undercard and a sensational main – not cheap but worth every penny. I can not watch women’s boxing and do not watch darts. Maybe DAZN should include MMA and Kickboxing or just show fewer events but quality main and undercards without total mismatches.

  • I had reservations about canceling my subscription late last year but am so glad I did now. The final straw was the Canelo-Triple G rubber match that was more of a swimming match than a fight. I may have well took the $65 I spent for that non-fight and wiped my ass with it. $100-$150 a year was passable for fights like Usyk-Joshua, Inoue-Donaire, Virgil Ortiz-Maurice Hooker, Estrada-Chocolatito, and Ryan Garcia-Luke Campbell. $225 w/o tax for the year is nothing short of outrageous. Then again, it’s the only way DAZN can think of making money given how much they have to pay Canelo for fighting on their network. Whatever.

  • The very second they lost Canelo it was all over for the platform. Add insult to injury, they bring back Canelo with a catch DAZN “PPV”…wtf!!? The content sucks and will soon see the sunset just like HBO Boxing.

    • Loved HBO boxing…i was sold on Michael Grant and Jermain Taylor for a long time. Hey, I was having fun!

  • What they really mean about 50 top-notch fights is about 45 of those with their over hyped prospect fighting some bum, and then four decent fights with one very good one. Women’s soccer? Pool? Darts, LOL? Glad I’m not stupid enough to pay for this stuff.

  • Initially…as with any increase in price.. questioned it…after being reasonable…DAZN…in my humble opinion…is worth the money…
    DAZN was and is innovative in many aspects concerning boxing programming…to continue to be innovative,.eventually a price increase is necessary…DAZN programming is average to above average across the board…boxing matches…in fairness are competitive and fun to watch..(with a few exceptions, comes with the territory)…boxing analysis and shows…old fights between great fighters on demand….on fight day …fights began early… actually can watch many prelims …leading up to the main events,…and those fights are exciting..now adding boxing docs..IN FAIRNESS….DAZN is worth …more than worth the money each month that I would probably waste on something meaningless….pushing ESPN to be innovative as well….this is my opinion….Not just upset cause a price increase….is it reasonably necessary
    ..for a boxing platform that I can have easy access to anywhere …through an app on my phone or computer… absolutely!!!!

    • Just like Nylon Polymer posted.earlier..after the increase …if it does not meet expectations.,simply cancel…

  • GUYS…we can use this forum …to tell DAZN and others what we want in for them to earn our subscriptions…please make suggestions…TRUST ME ….this is being read by DAZN…ESPN…ETC…Tell them what we want…how to get our money…i.e….of course competitive fights…starts and ending times
    …come up with some ideas don’t just bitch ….what do you want…boxing public is innovative as well,… suggestions?????

    • We would really like Wide World Of Sports, Wednesday Night Fights, and Friday Night Fights. Tuesday Night Fights from a few years back pretty good too.

  • looks like a lot of people will not renew great choice not worth it will end up like hbo boxing

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