Tank pleads guilty in hit-and-run case

By TMZ.com

WBA lightweight champion Gervonta Davis has pleaded guilty to four traffic offenses in his hit-and-run case.

Davis entered the pleas in a Baltimore courtroom on Thursday — over two years after he was accused of running a red light in his Lamborghini and striking another vehicle … before ultimately fleeing the area.

Davis pleaded guilty to one count of leaving the scene of an accident involving bodily injury, driving with a revoked license, running a red light, and failing to notify of property damage.

His sentencing hearing has been set for May 5.

Davis was initially hit with 14 charges in the case … after prosecutors said he was responsible for the Nov. 5, 2020 accident in Baltimore.

Officials said a woman in the car that Davis had hit was pregnant at the time of the wreck. They accused Davis of making eye contact with her after the crash, but never offering assistance before leaving.

Despite Thursday’s pleas, Davis is still facing other legal issues … he has another court hearing slated for later this month in Florida after he allegedly roughed up a woman during a heated Dec. 27 argument.

Even with all of the legal drama surrounding him … Davis is still expected to fight Ryan Garcia on April 15 in what would be considered one of the biggest boxing matches of the year.

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    • If the fight goes down, Tank’s counter hooks will remind Garcia he wished the fight never happened. Tank TKO.

      • Tank is better skilled, but this is a horrible match up for tank.

        Tank is just too small. Garcia has the speed and reach advantage. .

        The only way tank can win is if he can frustrate Garcia and get him to come forward and chase him and then catch him with counters. But I just don’t see garcia making the same amateur mistake that rolly did.

        It will be a boring easy decision for Garcia as he stays back and pumps the jab, ties tank up when gets inside.

    • Lol George Foreman, Lennox Lewis, Wladimir and Vitali Klitsckhko ect all had far more fights and got hit far more. Neither one of these guys had all these issues like this moron “Tank” does so it has nothing to do with being a boxer.


    • No. Floyd isn’t his trainer nor his promoter. As for Tank, you can take him outta the THUG ghetto but you can’t take the THUG outta him. This might be his last warning to turn it around or he’ll be headed for many darker days in the future. Maybe a ‘slap on the wrist’ is the WORSE than can happen to him.

  • Sooner or later Tanks demons catch up with himself and stab him in the back. Right now that seems to be the biggest threat to him and his family.

  • Slap on the wrist, 6 months jail with probation or 2 yrs. probation or something similar.

  • “Davis pleaded guilty to one count of leaving the scene of an accident involving bodily injury, driving with a revoked license, running a red light, and failing to notify of property damage.”
    – If I did this, I would have been thrown in jail ASAP….

  • Tank is following the footsteps of a young and immature Tyson,so if the pattern continues he is going to blowup and bite Ryan’s ear off.

  • His sentencing is scheduled for May 5, 2023. Isn’t it ironic that the fight is scheduled for April 15, 2023? Looks like the fight will happen, as the corrupt judicial and political system has to get paid in order to give Davis a slap on the wrist; because he has money. The lawyers, the judge, the victim (rightfully so), the mayor, the police department, and the city council to name a few, all get a bag. Always remember there are causes to every effect and the environment that Davis comes from was not his choosing and is a result of a cause that created the effects. Facts!

  • I wonder if tank tried to avoid to fight Ryan Garcia or just the Mother Nature came out of his blood????

  • I’m a fan of all boxers, it takes balls to lace up and step inside a ring. However, the worst that can happen is if the judge slaps him on the wrist. This will not help. Make him accountable.

  • As a boxer he is a 5 star very fast and skilful as a man he is not the best but many others are worse If he was not such a fantastic boxer he would be in jail by now

  • Has Tank ever said why he left the scene of the accident? He’s a public figure & there are cameras everywhere these days, so how did he think he was gonna get away?

  • I am not an attorney, but I think the odds are very high that Tank will receive jail time when he is sentenced in May. A judge rejected his original plea deal because it lacked any jail time. Now that he has plead guilty to 4 of the charges, I can’t imagine a judge not sending him to jail. Sadly, Tank seems to always get into trouble outside of the ring, so I think jail time may actually help him mature and he learn a valuable lesson that will last him for the rest of his life.

  • Tank will stop the overrated, overhyped Garcia. Ryan has great speed and only a left hand. However, he’s not a student of the sport of boxing. He has no ring generalship having horrible foot placement against lefties while raising his chin upward in exchanges.
    This will cost him in what will be a very entertaining fight for at long as it last

    • Ray, a year or two ago I would have totally agreed with you. Ryan has a very bad habit of leaving his chin up in the air and spells disaster against a puncher like Tank. However, Garcia has improved quite a bit in his few outings while Davis hasn’t looked like anything that special. Yeah, he scored the KO in his last fight but he wasn’t exactly dominating on his way there. A year or two ahi I would’ve said Tank will walk through Ryan, now I’m not so sure who to pick. I’m just hoping for a good fight.

  • even if he fights garcia a good bit of money goes lawyers they may try to make the fight and try to go for probation money talks average person would be sitting in jail waiting for trail date

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