Wilder-Zhang in the works

Looks like a heavyweight showdown between recent Joseph Parker victims Deontay Wilder and Zhilei Zhang may be the co-feature for the June 1 clash between Artur Beterbiev and Dmitry Bivol for the undisputed light heavyweight title in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, according to ESPN. Another heavyweight bought between Filip Hrgovic and Daniel Dubois is also reportedly in play.

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  • Wilder is like an old damaged heavyweight, done, finished. He used to be dangerous, he is not even that anymore. I enjoyed what he brought to the sport, even though his boxing skills were no good. Zhang can hurt Wilder badly, would not like to see this.

    • You could make similar comments about Zhang. The winner stays relevant, the loser likely fades into obscurity or retirement.

    • Incorrect. Wilder destroyed Robert Helenuis in 1 round and his next fight was over 1 year ago and he got out-hustled by Parker. You make it seem like Zhang is a world beater. If one looks at their records Wilder has fought and beat better competition than Zhang. He was the WBC HW champ of the world. You don’t get there by not being dangerous. Zhang put up a better showing against Parker than Wilder but as he showed in his last fight he tends to get lazy or lack stamina. When Wilder gets a knockdown it tends to energize him. If Wilder puts someone down, 98% of the time they’re gone. You call Wilder and “old damaged heavyweight” but the man has 42 KOs in 47 fights. George Foreman was 45 when he knocked out Michael Moore. I’m sure he was called an “old damaged heavyweight.” Power is the last to go. Either man one can hurt each other badly.

      • Wilder never had power. He hit duhaupas and fury with tons of power shots and still couldn’t finish them off.

      • @HawnJay: Wilder has lost that fast twitch muscle movement he used to have, to land that whiplash right hand of his. It was frustrating watching the Parker fight where Wilder not once the whole fight showed his snap, speed, he used to have. Saudi I recon will be Wilder’s pension cheque. A Wilder fan, but I can’t not see the obvious, the figher Wilder is now.

    • Not crazy about this fight for Wilder coming off a lackluster performance and a loss. Zhang has a major league left to match Wilder’s right.
      But knowing Wilder, he’s likely the only top heavyweight willing to face Zhang at this time. This why Wilder is great for Boxing and a true champion. The current so-called champs are holding up the division and only fighting MMA guys. They are boring and hurting Boxing.
      Zhang has a huge head and Wilder can still crack. Im not sure Wilder is not just showing up to SA for the big money

  • Hrgovic vs Dubois is a good fight. If Dubois carries his momentum from his last fight into this fight he wins.

    • This is a weird, 50/50 type of fight. I think Hrgovic is the more skilled guy, but his workrate can be terrible. Both guys have the power to stop the other, but I’d predict Dubois to win on points if it drags the distance. Hrgovic has always had trouble with his activity in long fights, but always has the power the end it quick if he starts strong.

    • Dubois is third rate at best. He’ll dick around for a bit then just fade away like most of his heavyweight countrymen.

      • Ernie
        Fade away like most his countrymen, Really.
        You must be another biased fan, did you forget about AJ, Fury or Lewis?
        You must be confusing that statement with Wilder, Miller or Anderson.

  • Loving this card. Not sure why it took so long for fightnews to add this news. It has been out for over a day now.

    • One thing you can note as a positive trend in boxing, a lot of cards are starting to get stacked. Marquee fights are still too few and far between, but there seems to be periodic cards with multiple great fights more frequently. While I could knock things about Saudi Arabia, they folks over there know how to make boxing cards interesting.

  • It should be an entertaining clown show! Zhang looked terrible on his last fight, not worthy of even be ranked! This two are done! Who ever loses needs to seriously consider retirement, the winner should continue to fight bums to make ends meet!

  • In the heavyweight division, you are one good win from a big fight. Wilder is in between styles, but still very dangerous. Zhang had a rematch clause in the Parker fight which he will more than likely exercise.

  • Both fighters desperately need to regain their form. I expect this to be a very exciting fight. Good match-making in my view.

    • Stfu. They both loss decisions. Yall act like they lost 2 fights in a row

  • This is a massive card, where Beterbiev should prevail gainst Bivol, Dubois vs Hrgovic is an excellent matchup, but Hrgovic is too skilled for Dubois and might win a late stoppage, Wilder vs Zhang is very intrigue fight where the fresher and more motivated fighter shoul prevail, in this case, Zhang, and by KO, bye bye Wilder

  • Deontay is mentally TOUGH, but I don’t think he can take too many more blows to the head before he starts to speak like James Toney.
    That said, this is a match I will make sure to watch.
    At some point his team & family need to look at his earning potential. Maybe it is wiser for him to find other ways to make money.

  • I can’t wait to watch Zhang absolutely ANNIHILATE Buuuuummmm Sqqquuuaaadddddd!!!!!

    • Yeah because he was so devastating in his last fight. Zhang is dangerous but lazy. Its a 50/50 fight

  • Three very exciting fights.

    I really like Dubois and wish him the best of luck but I don’t place him as a favorite against Hrgovic. A very difficult fight.

    Although Zhang lost in his last fight, it feels like he has wind in his sails, unlike Wilder. The risk is that we will see two very tired boxers from round 5 – 6 onwards. I would bet on Zhang.

    Beterbiev or Bivol. Before 2022, I would have taken Beterbiev without blinking. Today I’m not sure. Beterbiev walks through walls and believes in himself as no-one else out there. At the same time we’ve seen him struggle, and a number of fights have been close, but so far, he has managed to stop everyone.

    Bivol is another cup of tea. He has two impressive victories over the not so small matters in Canelo and Zurdo.

    Beterbievs only chance to win is by a stoppage. I believe Beterbiev will have difficulties with Bivols handspeed, jab as well as with his footwork. It will be extremely difficult for Beterbiev to catch Bivol.

    But Beterbiev is Beterbiev and what exciting evening

    • Beterbiev seems to defy all logic. He doesn’t look like he throws murderous punches, but everyone he fights buckles under his pressure. Gvozdyk looked like a World Beater and Beterbiev broke him down and stopped him. He ended up spending some quality time in the hospital. Bivol seems pretty similar to Gvozdyk, except a bit more mobile but not quite as strong with his punches. I kinda feel like this one goes the same route… a tight fight for a few rounds before Beterbiev bangs him into the ground.

      Who knows, though? It’s a great fight and the one everyone wants to see at Lt Hvy.

      • I stick to what I wrote. At the same time, I agree with what you write about Beterbiev. You might be right. Looking forward to this evening. It doesn’t get more exciting than this.

        • Either way you go with it, it’s a top-notch, bigtime fight. This is the kind of fight that always make sense. Boxing needs more of this.

  • “ How do you have it Harold? “

    “Ok, Jim. six rounds a piece; I’ve got this fight a draw. No one threw more than eight punches the entire fight, and they were both gassed after the first.
    I’ve got to give it a draw”

    “ We’ll , there you have it folks! Harold has this a draw, and as we go to compubox, we can see the total punches thrown here.

    Zhang, throwing only six punches for the fight. Wilder … only throwing , a staggering, four punches over twelve rounds.

    “I hate to say it, folks, but this is Incredible!”

  • The Saudis are saving the heavyweight division. Especially with fewer quality American heavyweights – Las Vegas can not compete. We do not want any more paper champions and useless contenders who want to be awarded titles in court like Fres Oquendo and Manuel Charr.

  • will see if zhang will get into fighting condition. and if wilder is done, and still not very good. so its a little interesting

  • I wouldn’t count out wilder. He has got heart and he always has that magical right hand. If his head is in it meaning that grit and fire, he beats Zhang.

  • Dubois should stop the Hungarian and if Zhang is the underdog I’m putting money on him. She should stop Wilder

  • Whomever loses this fight MUST retire. This is a RETIREMENT MATCH.

  • What a great card, reminds me of the old Don King cards where you would have 2 or 3 really good matchups before the main event. Pretty sure these guys will get paid too. Hard to pick winners but I’ll give it a shot. I’ll say Zhang wins by KO in 3-5 rounds. He’s pretty slick for a big guy and when he’s fresh he’s very dangerous. Wilder really looked like he doesn’t want to fight anymore. I’ll take Hrgovic over Dubois by late stoppage or decision. Daniel seems to drown when taken into the deep water. And for the main I’m going with Artur. He’s just too strong for Bivol to keep him off for 12 rounds. My friend was at the gym when a LH fringe contender was sparring with Beterbiev and broke his hand when he hit Artur with a body shot. This guy is literally made of iron. Scary.

  • A ton of bandwagon jumpers I see. Wilder destroyed his previous opponent in 1 round, took a year off and got out hustled by Parker. Zhang destroyed previous opponent twice and hurt Parker twice but didn’t follow-up. This is a 50/50 fight. If the Zhang that fought Joe Joyce shows up and the Wilder that fought Robert Helenuis shows up this isn’t a far gone conclusion. Wilder has 42KO’s in 47 fights. Its the HW division, where anything can happen in one punch. A 45 years old George Foreman had the power to become HW champ. An argument can be made for both that they were unmotivated in their last outings. If Wilder hurts his opponents he’s going for the kill 100% of the time minutes Fury. If Zhang hurts his opponent he might go for the kill. He let Parker off the hook twice. Like I said, it depends on which version of them shows up. Its not a far gone conclusion.

    • Listen Yawn, Zhang beat a limited fighter twice. He may have resurrected some of his career with those wins, but took two steps back with the loss to parker. He came in heavier which may have caused him to gas out or not be able to end it when he did knockdown parker. Wilder beat a limited fighter too in helenius. Made to order for his comeback. I give wilder the edge because he has heart, he went tit for tat with fury, but came up short. I was very surprised that he lost to parker. I know he has issues with boxing technically because his right hand is so powerful.

  • Love this fight card if it happens. Boxing would be on the upswing again if they can make several cards like this every year.

  • Hmm. Interesting bout. They’re obviously looking to get rid of a contract once and for all. Not sure about Wilders chances here. He could have had a very bad night against Parker, but the raw skills he once possessed that allowed him to create openings with sheer athleticism are now gone. The only chance he has to make another run at the belt is to take a no nonsense approach. No wasted movements and patience like in the second Ortiz fight, but firing with confidence.

    Zhang can easily hurt Wilder on the inside with size alone. Hard body shot in the inside since wilder had no in-game, tire him out and finish him in the second half of the fight. Bridging the gap is where I see danger for Zhang. Wilder’s best shot happens to be one of the most effective punches against a southpaw: straight right, but he has to let it go.

    Although I’d like Wilder to win, I’m going with Zhang by 9th round KO.

    • @Peter: That sums it up well re Wilder “the raw skills he (Wilder) once possessed that allowed him to create openings with sheer athleticism are now gone.’
      On the other hand Zhang has been dropping nearly everyone lately he has fought, not winning the fight maybe, but seens more dangerous than Wilder has been lately.

    • @Peter: That sums it up well re Wilder “the raw skills he (Wilder) once possessed that allowed him to create openings with sheer athleticism are now gone.’
      On the other hand Zhang has been dropping nearly everyone lately he has fought, not winning the fight maybe, but seems more dangerous than Wilder has been lately.

  • Wilder is dangerous….Zhang is taking this fight to soon …..Zhang needs to be in top shape….can’t question Zang’s boxing IQ….it is Zang’s professionalism…can Zang come in condition?….a conditioned Zang should win…believe that Zang needs more time..to get in better condition…Wilder will catch him.with that lethal right hand.. Wilder please…please throw some body punches….I am calling you out!!!!!! A right to the sternum or ribs with that power can do significant damage….take a page from George Foreman book ….the old George Foreman used very effective body punches…

  • Styles make fights, Joseph Parker and Zhang are 2 completely different fighters. Parker gave Wilder trouble with his movement, Zhang will not be too hard to find in the ring . This will be a similar fight to the Joyce/Zhang fight.

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