Wilder: I really feel that Fury’s nervous

Former world champion Tyson Fury has claimed he’s going to come right at WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder when they meet on PPV Saturday in Las Vegas. Wilder was asked whether he thinks Fury is serious or just trying to talk a good game and hype things up.

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“I really don’t know what’s their plans are or what he’s going to do or what he’s not going to do. I don’t know what is true about what he’s saying and what is not true. I know one thing, that I’m prepared for anything that he brings to the table,” said Wilder.

“I’m overly prepared for whatever. So if you want to bring the fight, then come on, let’s make it happen, that’ll benefit me more than anything, him coming full at me. So I hope they stick with that game plan and follow it through and aren’t just talking for hype. Actually do what you say you’re going to do. I’m looking forward to it.

“If he does that, it’s going to make the fight that much more interesting and hype the fight up even more. So we’ll see what happens. Deep down in his heart, I really feel that he’s nervous. I really feel that he’s very, very nervous from the first time of what happened. When you knock a person down and give him a concussion, you never forget that. You never forget who did it to you and how they did it. And when you crawl back in the ring with him a second time to relive that moment all over again, there has to be stress; You definitely can’t sleep at night.

“If anybody should be changing up anything you would think it would be me since he’s saying he beat me by a wide margin. But that’s even not the case. He knows what the truth was, and I’m looking forward to it. So I hope he’s a man of his word because I’m every bit a man of my word and February 22 should be a sign for all of us.”

Fury: Wilder is a one-dimensional fighter
2016 Olympian Daniel Lewis in action Saturday

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    • He won’t, he is who he is. He is not a boxer like Fury is, never will be, just like Fury will never have the power Wilder has.

      • Both men should have learned some tips and tricks fighting each other the first time. If not, that’s the job of the trainer and the second-assist is to enhance the learning experience. Wilder and Fury both will bring their A-game to this second match up as the world is watching with baited breath. This is what makes the thrill of waiting to watch this match up! Anything is possible! Wilder’s power tends to push me on his betting side as one punch can change the whole course of the fight! Would like to see Wilder go to the body and cut off the ring early in this fight and not give much room for Fury to dance and move. That tactic alone would force both men to dig deep!

        • I agree with you while there’s never been one to be very good at cutting off the ring he is excellent looking for flaws in the other fighters and takes advantage of themI feel that this is going to be another tactical fight and Wilder will not miss as many punches as he did last flight 30% connect was terrible I think he will catch fury and it will be a knockout where he will not even attempt to get up after the count of 10 guessing between round seven and nine

        • Been saying the same thing. Wilder can win if he throws to body. Tyson’s head movement is too good. A double jab to the body to keep Fury off balance. Work the body a lot when Fury is in the corner.

    • Maybe you should be his trainer seeing you know so much. You probably can make is 42-0-1 record better huh?

    • IMPROVE TO WHAT? The man has 40 kos in 43 fights. He is world champion and has defended the title 10 times. Sorry to say but people like u don’t have a clue on boxing. I boxed in the heavyweight division for Canada in the 90’s. Wilder is a freak. The man is less than 220 pounds and is still destroying heavier fighters. No fighter is perfect. The deal is to win and that is all Wilder has been doing.

      • I am chuckling Fury claims he will KO Wilder by round 2. I have yet to see Fury KO anybody by round 2 in recent years. His last opponent lasted much longer than that and he was rather low on a scale of big n’ tough. I am saying all this to stir up all the Fury fans (snicker).

      • ChrisK,
        You are partially right.
        However, one of us made a good living in the pro boxing business for a lot of years and was paid well for their knowledge and expertise.
        I will assume thats NOT You

  • The only nervous one is Wilder. This guy flatters himself way too much, Fury got dropped from Wilders best punch and the fact that Fury got up not only shocked Wilder cause no one else ever did but it must have made him feel like he was in a horror movie where you can’t kill Freddy Crougar, and also the way Fury came back and dominated Wilder in that same round must have certainly given Wilder goose bumps. Wilder was nervous throughout the fight that’s why he was so hesitant to go after Fury. Bottom line is Wilder had no answers whatsoever for Fury and he knows bogus scoring saved him.

    • Wilder flatters himself too much??!! Are you serious??!! Tyson wakes up in the morning and blows himself from sun up to sun down! Hypocrite! Also wilder didn’t really hit him flush the way he hit most guys and even if he did get up he has to know that he can go down again!

  • Well, if Fury is nervous then he is going to be even better this time around, plus he is in better shape than last time. So it should be a good fight. If he stays on he his feet all 12 rounds, Fury wins it easy.. All Wilder has is power..

  • Wilder is really delusional if he thinks he won the first fight by winning 2 maybe 3 rounds. Maybe it’s him that’s concussed. Fury is going to school him again this fight and dare I say, maybe even stop him?? Wilder can’t box his way out of a wet paper bag.

    • Wilder cant box well, but he sure can crack a right cross and counters. Boxing does allow powerful punchers as a variable in the sport if one is lacking in the “boxing” department. That makes the sport worth watching.

      • in Rematches we have seen how Wilder has adjusted and both rematches so far in the first fight he fought wild and slugged like he did in the first fury fight

        In the rematches he placed his shots threw them with accuracy and recorded two knock outs So to me Wilder has shown that he can make the adjustments.

        The question is with a guy who is as skilled as Fury can he maintain those adjustments through the entire fight or does he get frustrated and resort to throwing them windmill shots again?

        Pick em fight again but I think the fight Fury had recently to me anyways indicates he might be on the decline but then again he was fighting a shorter man who knew how to fight small its easier for these big guys to see the shots coming from guys their own size who knows cant pick a winner in this one

    • The fight was really close and a draw was perfect. I see Fury just boxing and holding in the rematch. Wilder knows he can drop Fury and Fury would be more defensive in the rematch.
      Either way, Wilder should stop Fury by the 5th round.

      • I had the fight 9 rounds to 3 in favor of Fury and you can argue Wilder only one two rounds of which one of the knock down round fury rallied back to win

    • I think Wilder lost eight out of 12 rounds or seven out of 12 rounds I think it looks like he lost more than that because he looked so bad missing all those punches only landing 13% Overall he was only outlandish by 13 punches in 12 rounds I had to fight a draw or slight decision for fury

  • Wilder is going for the previous bad cut on fury …..so fury is going to counteract that movement from wilder in all honesty I’m unsure who will win wilder is shit at technic boxing wise and fury has to avoid the big wallop coming from wilder ……wilder by opening up the cut early rounds…..fury later rounds by decision

  • Interesting points by everyone here. I won’t be seeing the second fight as I will be working, I did see the first fight however. I commented to my girl friend at the time, who was impressed with Fury, that I felt his biggest deficit was his moving around to much, doing to much herkey jerky type motions. I felt that cost him in the later part of their first fight. I had Fury up 6-2 after 8, but could really only give him the 10th after that, though perhaps he did win the 11th. Up to the 11th round he was winning pretty easily, embarrassing Wilder. I also felt at the time that Wilder came in too light at 212. Got to go with Wilder in this rematch. Fury having changed trainers from first his uncle (why did he leave him), and then changing again is troubling. second, he looked somewhat scared to me in his fight early with Wallin, even before that cut. He was also rocked pretty good in the 12th. Experience, Fury to me has not fought the better opposition throughout there respective careers. His absence due to his mental illness has cost him. Only two stoppages in his last 5 matches, against mostly questionable opponents is also not so good (Wilder not like the other 4). A few more things, but I will end it there.

  • Maybe Wilder is smarter than we give him credit for? He isn’t blessed with a big skillset but I think he knows that and works with what he has.
    Vs Ortiz he knew he couldn’t outbox him but rather than expend too much energy he waited for the opening.
    Think he may be straw clutching re Fury being particularly nervous.

  • We definitely know who the slugger is and who the boxer is.. Both are different. I dont care who wins.. Just hope its good and no politics involved!

  • This is truly a 50/50 fight.Even if Fury is up 11 rds to 0 Wilders right hand can end it at any time. You just cant go against Wilder, all he does is win and win and he is mentally strong. I cant wait

  • If he can do it Wilder should work off a consistent jab,beat Fury to the punch and when the chance arrives,if it arrives,unload with the right but Fury is no dope in the ring,he’s got the smarts and if it goes 12 I see his hand very high !!

  • Wilder is a one dimensional fighter… but it’s one hell of a dimension and it may be enough to beat anyone in the division. Hs right hand is one of the most dangerous punches I’ve seen in the history of the sport. No exaggeration.

      • He has a legitimate claim to the “hardest puncher ever” mantle. If you think about how he fights as if he almost doesn’t care about points, you realize he has so much confidence in his one punch power that his whole style is built around it. In his last 6 defenses, he’s lost more rounds than he’s won (completed rounds that is).

  • Fury is a bumb his style is boring unless you like slap fighting. Slapping don’t win rounds he got lucky it was a draw and if he really thought he won bye a landslide why is he changing everything? He knows he should’ve lost that’s why. Heavy weight punching like a fly weight ain’t gonna do it. The heavyweight division would be really boring if he did win. Imagine him and AJ in a boxing match with no power because either would take chances. Hopefully TF gets knocked out good this time so he can stop running that mouth. I predict lots of holding and tying up by TF he already tasted Deontays power he don’t want none of that. Besides the knock downs the fight was boring raising your hands after rounds you weren’t even winning does nothing. Take that shit to the UK boxers in the states laugh at you your a joke.

    • If his punching is so weak then why didn’t Wilder walk through his punches and knock him out? Wilders eye was almost swollen shut. Wilder isn’t smart enough to outbox Fury which is exactly why he was hesitant to attack, Fury was embarrassing him. Also, he didn’t get lucky it was a draw. He was clearly robbed and about 95% of the boxing world agrees. This time he will absolutely get the win (again) and go on to unify against Joshua in a mega fight while Wilder does what he does best and goes back to knocking out tomato cans.

  • Fury won the first fight, unfortunately it will never be shown in the records. Still, I think Wilder will win the rematch. Wilder cannot outbox Fury, but in the previous fight he learned enough, today he knows exactly what he has to know to land sooner or later. Surprisingly, Wilder also seems to be the mentally stronger and more confident. Wilder is obviously under Fury’s skin. This fight is more about mental strength and less about styles.

  • Fury is the one who fights tomato cans he even got his eye busted bye the last can. If you like slap fighting yeah fury won but this is boxing. So no credit givin for that garbage. 95 percent where you getting your facts from the uk?

  • fury will get caught again but this time its Nighty Night..Somebody soon will be able to take Wilders punch….Nobody knocks out everyone

  • If Wilder remembers his jab, which is very good, he beats Fury. Forget about these head faking and hands behind his back stuff. Fury is not that great a mover that people says he is. The guy is nearly 7ft. tall, he can move a bit, especially with his upper body, which makes him a bit difficult to hit. But his second return fight and Wallin, proved that he can be hit. Wilder actually has just as long arms or even longer. Stay behind the jab and the opening for the right or left hook will follow.

  • Let’s be honest. The only reason fury might win is that he’s 2 inches taller, has a way longer reach and outweighs wilder by 40 lbs! Without that he’d be toast

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