Fury: Wilder is a one-dimensional fighter

With 12 rounds of experience against WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury says he knows how to win in Saturday’s PPV rematch in Las Vegas.

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“The biggest mistake I made last time was not making him pay when he was hurt,” said Fury. “I didn’t know what I had in the tank last time. I’d never done 12 rounds {in my comeback}. It’s a long time. This time, I know I can do the distance and we’re not getting hurt. I’ll throw everything but the kitchen sink at him and he won’t know what hit him.

“I learned he can be hit, and he can be hurt quite regularly. That’s the biggest thing that I learned about Deontay Wilder. Nothing I didn’t already know. Before I fought him, obviously I didn’t know what he was like in a boxing ring, and after I fought him, I know what he’s like. And I think there’s nothing to worry about. He’s got a big right hand and that’s it. He’s a one-dimensional fighter, and I’m going to prove that on the 22nd of February.”

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        • Hahah Ortiz absolutely would NOT ko Fury. Wilder couldn’t do it, no way Ortiz does. Fury would dance circles around him are you kidding?

          In regards to Wilder “targeting the eye”…. The dude has no accuracy and throws punches like he’s throwing a baseball. He wouldn’t be able to “target the eye”. He’s just going to swing for the head and hope one lands. That’s his game plan. He could hardly hit Fury last fight. I just watched it again and the first 8 rounds were embarrassing for Wilder, it looked like he was shadow boxing. Hitting nothing but air. Saturday night we will hear “…..and the NEW”

          • Lay off the dope man! Ortiz is as skilled as fury, and hits much harder. And wilder isnt accurate?? Did you not see his last fight? He was losing again UNTIL that precise super fast straight right hand snuck in. It was fast AF and deadly accurate. That’s what’s going to happen again.Wilder was the fool against fury?? Who was on the ground groveling looking for his teeth? I say that is the humiliating thing, if any. This sat!! May the best man win.

          • I disagree. Roman Romanchuk outpointed and stopped Ortiz in the amateurs and Cammarelle beat him from pillar to post. Both outpointed by Povetkin. If Ortiz was skilled he’d have won a medal in a major championship which he didn’t.

          • It’s called the AMATEURS! For a reason. You can’t count who beat him in the development level

    • Doubt it, Fury already went 12 with Wilder and won almost every single round. This time he knows he can’t get careless and has to be on his game for all 12. This Saturday we will have a new champ!

  • Fury should have gotten the decision in the first fight. Should Win easily this time out because even tho Wilder is the most dangerous hitter in all of sports, he was getting out boxed by Ortiz before he knocked him out. A Fury win this weekend will either set up a rematch later this year, or an AJ unification fight first.

      • Did he win the first fight? Fury will box his head of again make him look what he is one dimensional

    • Wilder should should have been a KO winner! We could go back and forth so lets cut this out. They agreed to the rematch to relieve all the woulda, shoulda, woulda you guys keep bringing up

      • The history of boxing is all about what should have and could have been we still about the battle of long count nearly 100 years ago it makes for compelling conversation on a global scale among us die hard boxing nuts! That said Fury did the business!

  • If Fury stays of the deck, he wins it easy. Joshua is gonna be even easier for him to beat. Good luck Tyson

    • Joshua shouldnt even be mentioned in this thread of two brave warriors who fight the best!!! I may not like fury but at least he has balls!!! AJ is a disgrace and a fraud. His rematch with el tubbo was a Total snorefest!! I turned it off. LOL. I literally didn’t care, it was soooo lame!!!! Ha!

  • Against Wilder you cant get greedy. Just outbox him round after round. Let make mistakes make him pay but get out of harms way. Both times he beat Ortiz was when he got too comfortable. Wilder is easy to hit and cant box but is dangerous when you get into exchanges. If Fury can avoid them he wins a decision. Easier said than done.

    • I am going with the “banger” in this case. Wilder is a wild card in the deck of cards. We all know Fury can box and it’s nothing new. Repeat of history on Fury’s fight plan. I think we are all tuning in to see if Wilder can land that big one! That’s what this is all about.

  • It’ll be interesting to see if Fury will try to be more aggressive?
    If he wins by stoppage that really would be a string to his bow.
    However it wouldn’t surprise me if Fury came in at his usual weight and boxed in his usual manner.
    I’m not sure who will take more confidence from the 1st fight.

    • yeah agreed. if Fury really comes out aggressive and gets the KO, it would be one of the most commendable performances in recent memory

  • This is going to be a great fight and I really don’t know who will win. I’m kinda giving the edge to Wilder, just because his star has risen since their first fight and Fury’s has dipped a little. Also the fact Fury plans on coming in at 270lbs doesn’t bode well for him either…then again, he is 6′-9″. I have some bullshit family obligation so I won’t be able to watch it! I’m pissed!

    • You know how it goes. The fight will be unlawfully uploaded soon after it’s over. Takes the bots a while to filter out the illegal copies floating around. I am sure the fight will be available for some time once it’s uploaded. Yes, I am speaking the truth unless some of you are in denial.

  • This is a fight that has captured the public’s eye and attention. Its great for boxing. Two unbeaten fighters that gave each other problems last time around and they are ready to step up and do it again. Kudos to both men as it shows that big fights can get made when the boxers are as focused on supremacy as their promoters are on money.

  • KO Wilder. He ll march through Fury s feathery flurries and not go for his feints and clowning. Landing multiple times. 4 Knockdowns later by round 7 end it ll be over.

    • Very far off. 1st I see Fury dancing and jabbing Wilder’s head off. *BUT* nobody will
      ever get up from multiple knockdowns by Wilder. So Wilder will not need 4 knockdowns…

  • guessing its going to be a big tactical fight just like Wilder vs Ortiz. I see Fury playing around just like last time to try to make Wilder look bad. The question is how long before they both engage?
    Wilder will be about 15 pounds heavier (209lbs once fight started) Looking at Fury (10lbs heavier)at 265lbs and Wilder low 220’s. Last time I remember A fight where nobody knows who was going to win was Leonard/Hearns 1981

    Final prediction Wlder ko rd 9

  • Fury’s boring point win over Klitschko was his claim to fame and his so called lineal championship. However, Joshua knocked Klitschko out in a thriller, his next notable achievement was surviving a Wilder knock out , that is all, why is this guy considered the best world heavy weight. Joshua scored more higher level victories which include Klitschko, Povetkin, Parker, Whyte, Ruiz etc. and yet many British pundits think Fury is better. Am I missing something?

  • If Wilder is a one dimensional fighter, how will it feel when you lose on Saturday? What will that make you? a half dimensional fighter?

  • There is something wrong about wilders stamina, how he loose his stamina quickly, Wilder was totally tired during the fight,

  • You’re absolutely correct THE KING. He’s a dunce when it comes to the sweet science call boxing. I wish you nothing but success going for,because you bring entertainment back to boxing

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