Wilder-Fury rematch could be delayed

Unbeaten former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury didn’t attend a post-fight press conference due to two severe cuts over his right eye. He was taken to the hospital to undergo micro-surgery.

Fury has a tentative February 22 rematch with WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, but the cuts could take six months or more to heal.

Promoter Frank Warren told BBC “If it doesn’t heal well the fight may have to be pushed back. Hopefully that will not be the case. It depends how it heals. If it’s OK it won’t be a problem…it’s not just the fight, it’s the training and sparring. He has to be 100% right.”

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  • This is a dangerous situation for Fury: the cut will force him to months of relative inactivity, which will affect him physically as well as psychologically.

    One can just hope that he will recover well and that he has a good team around him to get him through this long absence from boxing.

    • Fury wont be able to spar, he’s still going to be able to do pretty much anything else.
      Deontay probably smiled the entire fight last night, Fury didnt look sharp before or after the cut and wasnt nearly as agile as he normally is, he also had trouble hitting Wallin clean for most of the fight, and Wallin was right in front of him.

      • The good news is that the cuts are clean, but I don’t see him sparring before mid January – and that only if everything heals perfectly well.

        The cuts will be a psychological and physical handicap and I have no doubt that he will be influenced by them to a significant degree. Having to protect his eye, will weaken him in the fight.

        But let’s see first how and whether Wilder will get by Ortiz. Ortiz was competitive in the last fight, and he can punch. It would be a grotesque but intriguing coincident if Wilder would also leave the ring with a cut.

    • Long absence? I also don’t think it’ll take more than 3 months for this cuts to heal since he is getting surgery and stitches. You should be ready to train right after Christmas so they push the fight back too late March early April that would still only be seven or eight months between fights. If Fury self-destructs in between now and then, then he is not mentally fit to be champion of the world.

      • Well if the cuts take 3 months or a little longer to heal, that takes you into December or later. That means no sparring until then. The fight can easily be delayed for a cut that size as they won’t be able to do any hard sparring until it’s 100 percent. It’s cutting it close.

  • Who cares??
    Watching Fury winning every second of the fight, while Wilder misses 300 wildmill punches doesnt excite me much. Even if Wilder does knock him down. Classic good boxer vs bad boxer with a power.
    These guys waired tooooo long

    • It is HW boxing….if you enjoy the pugilistic aspect of it, go watch the smaller guys. HW Boxing is about the 1 punch. Anything else is boring!!!! Fury is a boring boxer. He always says he is going to “Spark” his opponent and never does, unless its the tomato cans he fights. Anyone with a name, he tries to win with his slap style boxing. Cant wait too see him on his back again….but I dont think he will ever fight Wilder again

  • Fury will be in trouble. Wallin had him hurt in the final round too, it was funny to see. A nobody that was handpicked still managed to give Fury trouble… hmmm.

  • I can see this rematch not happening.

    If Ruiz beats AJ I reckon there will be the unification next. If AJ wins I can still see Haymon making that fight .

    Haymon will however be more confident in Wilder beating Fury after this so we’ll see.

    BTW anyone know what’s happened with Whye?

  • Fury needs to take time off and wait till that cut is completely healed. In the mean time he can do cardio to maintain weight and improve his condition. If I was his Promoter I’d say No Wilder Rematch until May/June 2020.

  • I don’t care if Fury and Wilder fight. I have no respect for either fighter. Both are pathetic. Wilder will be 34 next month. He’s aging and desperate for big name fights and the money that comes with it. To add to the hype of those potential matchups, he obliterates mediocre, overmatched opposition with an array of wild-swinging arm punches, menacing expressions and threatening words. He is bird-legged and his endurance is questionable. He’s tall, but a lousy boxer and historically himself a mediocre fighter. Fury is even more pathetic, both in appearance and in fighting ability. Watching these type oddball giraffes play tag and footsies is not something I’m looking forward to. Still waiting for real talent to enter the heavyweight scene and start a new era. This heavyweight era has been historically lousy for quite some time now, and I’m sick of the hype being used to pretend otherwise.

    • AJ is a big letdown Wilder got to give him some respect since he hasn’t lost yet despite some flaws fury he’s ok he did beat Klitschko though. But your probably right the Ali era was probably the best time for heavyweights in terms of competition.

  • I find the comments of Fury’s father interesting in that he thinks Fury’s camp has him losing too much weight and it is affecting his strength and power. Maybe he knows something as although Fury was connecting, he had many sluggish moments and couldn’t stop Wallin when he had him in trouble.

  • Screw rematches, I want new matches, fight Ruiz, fight Joshua, fight all the big, new, dangerous prospects lining up. Like the late Gil Clancy once said after witnessing a fighter lose and say I want a rematch, “You want him? You just had him?”

    • Some rematches may be a waste of time, but some are good, and even better and more interesting than the first fight.

      Imagine Ali, Frazier or Foreman would have shared your view? We would have missed some of the best HW fights in history.

  • This is the first thing that went through my mind when I looked at the severity of those cuts. If he can’t spar until January or later, the fight will almost definitely be postponed and with good reason. He can’t afford those kinds of cuts against Wilder.

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