Wilder destroys Helenius in one

Wilder Helenius012
Photo: Emily Harney

It only took one punch. Former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder (43-2-1, 42 KOs) returned to the ring and annihilated Robert “The Nordic Nightmare” Helenium (30-4, 19 KOs) in the first round of a WBC heavyweight title eliminator in the main event at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

After sparse opening round action, Wilder suddenly and devastatingly ended things with his famous right hand. A short shot put Helenius flat on his back just as the round was about to conclude. Helenius was down for several minutes. One-hitter-quitter for the Bronze Bomber. Again. Time was 2:57.

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  • Much more entertaining than the predictable and boring fight with Fury vs Chisora coming up.

    • lol… this one wasn’t predictable? Yeah, Fury is fighting against no-hopers, but Helenius was basically a no-hoper.

      • Sure now it he is after deontay destroyed him! War Wilder Fury retired screw him the gypsy puss

        • Cool… let’s see Wilder fight Joyce. Joyce ain’t Helenius, he has limitations, but a high ranking. That fight would have value and bring Wilder into the title conversation immediately.

      • Fury is a World title holder picking fights with guys on consecutive loses or guys he beat twice already. Helenius is coming of a big win with the polish heavyweight. Big difference

  • Wilder vs Joshua, set it up!

    And Helenius was coming off the two biggest wins of his career. I figured this would be the ending, but seeing it happen so swift and violently …

    I legit think this is up there with Wilders scariest KOs.

    It took Helenius like 5 minutes to come to.

    • i don’t think aj or his team will go anywhere near wilder, i think it will be a mike hunter type of fighter, a non-dangerous boxer whose slowly moving up in the rankings.

    • Usyk will face the same outcome. Wilder is far riskier than Fury for him because of that power. Plain and simple, he will find a way to avoid that.

  • Reminds me of when Haye KOed De Mori. You would have thought Helenius might have at least tried to rush Wilder early and throw a few bombs and see if he could land.

  • Geee.. No surprise here.
    Was anyone actually convinced this would be competitive.
    I guess Helenius Beating the shot fat guy twice is enough for some..

    • You clearly know absolutely nothing about boxing. Helenius is one of the strongest punches in the sport. The man had a dominant career before an injury derailed his career. His last two opponents were solid opponents they were not bombs and he destroyed them. Another moron casual fan thinking that you know something about the sport

      • How can you call Kownacki a solid opponent ? You could hit him with your eyes closed.

      • I wouldn’t consider a 57% KO ratio one of the strongest punchers in the sport. Dominant career is a stretch considering the current heavyweight division is very weak.

      • Mike Brinby
        if i know nothing, you know far less than nothing. i knew exactly what would happen, and why.. you are one of the suckers born every minute.

  • Fury isn’t anything special. Wilder isn’t beating anybody with boxing skill or has a good chin.

    • “Fury isn’t anything special.” You mean apart from being undefeated top heavyweight?

    • He has dropped everything he has fought.and he has the heart of a lion like he said his opponents have to be perfect for 12 rounds he only has to be perfect for 2 seconds go USA baby I support are American fighters!

  • Just watched the replay…surely it was a short left hook and not a right hand that ko’d him?

  • What was the crowd attendance/ remember i was pout out/ wilder never filled New York..wether Brooklyn o barcaly..the had to invite the homelest on the street to fill fot television purposes…w canned backround crod noise..so as i was saying / i was there when Kownacki got beat by areolla.. i was there when lil Brian minto gave a dng ruff rumble in hotlantic City..yeasz tiny tim all that was told you about Lincolns Noerth its pure cockey..the resconstructionists in the South didnt even ghet pat suite Virginia..stopped ded surrounded at apa maddux…ted , bke, jim all ov them sun of nat o nathan…nathan sounds English dont it? !!! grained salz and level fyells….sidney leo and vedda??? jethroe max bodean baer junior woo the hel is buddy..wander? bce iva hoe campo??

  • I thought that this was a terrible matchup for Helenius. Full credit to him for getting the job done against Kownacki, but Wilder –despite his many flaws– is seriously one of the hardest punchers EVER and Helenius is really big target. Tyson Fury was an exception, if Wilder catches anyone else with his best shot (or pretty much anything near it), this is what happens. I still wouldn’t be surprised if Helenius returned and got a decent win or two before the end of his career due to someone overlooking him.

    • Lol um how about now. Pretty much everybody Wilder knocked out in his career got knocked out much easier by other people. Tyson Fury getting up from Wilder’s best punches mean something now? A fat Chris Arreola ate every Wilder dished out. Duhaupus took everything Wilder dished out and never even went down. Tyson Fury also got cold cocked by 180 pound light punching Steve Cunnigham. Wilder is a good puncher against low level tomato cans. Wilder has yet to beat a elite world class boxer who was still in their prime and he has yet to stopped anybody you would consider durable.

      • He has yet to beat an “elite world class boxer who was still in their prime” because he, himself, isn’t an elite world class boxer. I don’t even think he’s beaten one who was OUT of their prime to be honest. I didn’t say he was a great fighter/boxer He is not. He’s a very good athlete who is lacks fundamentals which is almost always made up for by his giant punch. And if you took such a person and matched them against the people he’s fought, I think you’d expect them to have similar results that he’s had, maybe even not so good actually. I question a lot of stuff about Wilder’s abilities, his punch is not one of them. Maybe (clearly) you aren’t, and that’s fine, but I’m convinced.

  • He forgot to bring his pillow for his nap, tailor made for wilder to get his confidence back. I mean beating a fat ass kownacki gave the misconcep that the nordic nightmare wws going places

  • I thought Helenius would bring more tonight. Disappointing. Scarecrow Wilder basically hit a guy with no defense, a walking punching bag. Result not surprising. Wilder can’t beat Fury, but he can still make money beating the rest of the mediocre fighters in the division. I’m still waiting for the next great heavyweight to emerge to clean out the division. Wilder ain’t it.

  • This result was the only one I could see ahead of me in this fight.

    For me, Helenius’ best period was when he beat Samuel Peters, Dereck Chisora, Siarhej Liakhovic, Lamon Brewster, Taras Bidenko and Attila Levin but that was over ten years ago.

    Helenius has been going downhill for a long time and the two wins against Kownacki weren’t worth much in my eyes.

    The last five years are revealing for Helenius with, among other things, a difficult KO loss against Washington and, for example, the big problems he had against Yury Bykhaustsou (10-14-3 when they met) just over four years ago, which he narrowly managed to defeat, a SD.

    You have now had two very tough KO losses. Think about your health. Your time has been and personally I will remember your previous period as the best and most exciting. Hats off.

  • Helenius is a good fighter, but styles make fights and a first round KO was always the likely outcome against Deontay. The Nordic Nightmare’s only chance was to land something of consequence first against The Bronze Bomber. Helenius’s nightmare turned out to be Wilder.

  • saved 80dollars big buildup no fight heavyweight division is not a ppv division not a strong list of fighters in that division would not pay for a wilder fight

  • Too easy and crap, Wilder should be facing better names than this guy.
    Let’s see if Wilder has the balls to fight Usyk.

  • Wilder is yet to beat an elite fighter.
    Usyk, AJ and Joyce will KO Wilder,but we will never see it because he keeps fighting guys like this.

  • Who would’ve thought lumbering forward with your hands down would get you starched

  • If you ever wanna know how brainwashed the masses are.. watch everyone that believes “THAT RIGHT HAND DID IT AGAIN!!” a short left hook hit Helenius and honestly.. it looked like a friend moment like when he punched Malik Scott in the shoulder and “knocked him out”.

    • Are you blind??? It was very clearly a right hand that knocked Helenius out. He walked right into. I just watched the replay again thinking I missed something. No left hook landed, at all.

  • I could see this result coming all the way from my casa, which is a little north of where Deontay started out Tuscaloosa. I’ve seen Helenius fight a couple or three times, and never even considered any other sort of ending. Except maybe shorter.

  • It would have been nice to see a little more action, but this is a testament to Wilder’s natural power and also serves to highlight just how good Fury is as well.

  • Yep, we were entertained, albeit for me via online instead of paying $60. Wilder keeping his weight down at 214 is impressive. At least he trains hard and takes the fight game seriously. I do want to watch the Plant vs Dirrell match. Dirrell won’t stop running his mouth. Hopefully he won’t return for any more annual moneyrun paydays.

  • Helenius took a dive. An obvious dive. These people believe everything they put on television. Hardly the first fake Wilder win either.

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