Haney dominates Kambosos again

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Photo: Sumio Yamada

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Undisputed lightweight world champion Devin “The Dream” Haney (29-0, 15 KOs) took a one-sided twelve round unanimous decision over former champion “Ferocious” George Kambosos Jr. (20-2, 10 KOs) in a contractually required direct rematch on Saturday night (Sunday afternoon local time) at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia.

Haney was cautioned in round one by the referee for holding. The 23-year-old Haney kept Kambosos off balance, connecting with his educated left jab and power right hand. Kambosos hurt Haney in round eight with a right hand to the body. The American suffered a cut over the right eye and was hurt again in round nine by a right hand, but Haney responded with two power right hands. Kambosos face was a mask of blood in round ten as Haney connected with left hooks and right hands. The doctor inspected cuts on Kambosos and allowed bout to continue. Both champion and challenger swapped solid punches in rounds eleven and twelve, and at the conclusion scores were 119-109, 118-110, 118-110.

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    • Kambosos’ promoters basically got him an extra paycheck and something to tell his grandkids someday he fought twice on the big stage in his home country.

      • Smart promoter and smart lawyer for Kamboso…helluva rematch clause in contract…. fight result as expected and boring as hell… Congrats on getting paid…after all it is “prize fighting”…and so many fighters get screwed financially….can’t be upset….just respect…

    • Thats why he was trying to run from the fight in the first place but had nowhere to run.

  • History repeats itself. Kambosos improved by being more aggressive, but lacked the ability to fight in his false southpaw stance. Kambosos was out gunned and simply resorting back to his flicking the jab off his hip and right lead cross which was his whole arsenal to be exact. Haney was too fast and again, repeated history.

  • This was worse than the first fight Haney dominated. The biggest issue is Kambosos thinks he’s a power puncher which he isn’t and he’s not a great boxer in my honest opinion. Going back to his roots as he says got him nowhere other than another decent check. I don’t se Kambosos beating any of the other elite guys at 135, they all pack a bigger punch than Devin.

  • Well, I hope to see Haney vs. Loma. I also have no problems with Haney vs. Davis.

    Will anybody fight Cruz?? If Haney vs. Loma does not occur, maybe Loma can later fight Cruz, IF Loma defeats Ortiz?

    • Haney won’t do well against Lomachenko or Davis. I see both humiliating him.

  • Great job by Haney, beautiful boxer. His ability to see a fight unfold as its happening is elite. I know some people on here are saying Kamososo is shit but he isn’t, he just isn’t at Haneys level and there isn’t any shame in that, not many people are. One thing George does have is a huge heart. Looking forward to see what Haney does next.

  • I didn’t waste one second watching this predictable rematch. Kambosos doesn’t have the power to shake up Haney & get him out of his game. The Australian surely wasn’t gonna outbox Haney.

  • I thought Kambosos won the first round….had me thinking he figured out a way to be effective against Haney, then went on to lose the next 11. Kambosos switching to southpaw continuously seemed to do nothing but get himself hit. Thought Haney should have unloaded on him even more when George was switching back and forth like that. The judges were spot on here. Haney dominated.

  • Haney won a boring but predictable fight and for the ones saying Haney is levels above and seeing this or that before hand please stop that BS!!! He not the next Floyd he will easily get outboxed by the old aging Lomachenko then get KOd by Cruz or Tank he doesnt have the pop to KO the glass chinned Superhype Ryan Garcia hell he loses to 130lber Shakur in a snoozer and at 140 he gets KO by Lopez, Ramirez, Prograis and Taylor

    • According to Boxing Historian, Haney gets knocked out by atleast 6 other guys. Cool story brother. Goodluck catching him.

  • That wasn’t a special OR dominating performance. Haney has a very limited set of skills. Jab, jab, single right hand, tie up his opponent. BORING!

  • I really like Haney and knew he would win this fight again. Looking forward to his next move.

  • I believed Haney would win this, and indeed he did. However, what really surprised me was that Kambosos did nothing to add to his arsenal. It doesn’t help to switch stances and move your arms around but continue to move in and out in the exact same fashion as the first fight. All that dancing for the first handful of rounds didn’t do anything for him at all. If you’re going to improve on your game it has to be more than thinking that a few foot movements and arm twirls are going to be enough to make the difference. It doesn’t seem like Kambosos did anything to actually work on being able to move in and out or fire more effectively from different angles. It really just looked like Haney was taking advantage of a one trick pony. It’s hard to say exactly how Haney will do against the other top contenders and champions out there because we have yet to really see him in with outstanding competition. However congrats to Haney, he looked slick and sweet in there and he deserved that win.

  • Good, now that this waste of fight is over now its time to see who really wants the smoke. Haney is the one guy all have avoided now they have nowhere to run. Lomachenko vacated a title to avoid Haney and Tank is hiding behind Floyd. Maybe Stevenson vs Haney is the fight to be made.

  • Kambosos could fight Haney ten times would never win. He hasn’t got the boxing skills.

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