Whyte beats Rivas for WBC interim heavy title

In a clash for the vacant WBC interim heavyweight title, Dillian Whyte (26-1, 18 KOs) scored a twelve round unanimous decision over previously unbeaten Oscar Rivas (26-1, 18 KOs) on Saturday night at the O2 Arena in London. Whyte appeared headed to an easy decision, but in round nine Rivas dropped him with an uppercut. Whyte survived Rivas’ follow-up barrage and Rivas was never able to mount another charge. Scores were 115-112, 115-112, 116-111. Whyte is now the WBC mandatory challenger.

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  • Dillian’s best performance so far, completely controlled with his jab and very nice left hooks to the body. Rivas is strong as hell, but very limited.

  • Absolute disgrace what the WBC has done to whyte! 600 days as number 1 and still no title fight. SHAME ON THE WBC!
    Whyte has my deepest respect for fighting these guys everyone else is avoiding.

    • I cannot wait for Deontay to dispose of Whyte’s soft ass, so that the haters will finally STFU. Deontay will make Whyte his bitch when they fight. Mark my words.

    • white is not ready for deontay he will be better off fighting baby miller and then tyson fury

      • Miller is a roided bum who should be kicked out of the sport and he’s beaten nobody.

      • Whyte has been ready for Wilder for 600 days, Wilder is not ready for Whyte, that’s why he keeps ducking him.

      • So you’re saying Wilder is definitely better than Fury? Thinking about it , if Wilder rematches Fury he may end up fighting Fury and not Wilder

    • Chicken Wilder will be Whytes and now Chisoras bitch. You’re just another casual American fan.

  • I felt that this was a real banana skin for Whyte so glad he came through , esp as he looked a little heavy on the scales.

    Rivas is better than Fury/Wilder’s last opponents and while it’s true that Fury might school him and Wilder KO him early Whyte’s attitude to wanting to fight live opposition is refreshing compared to these 2.

    It is my belief that Wilder’s management chose Ortiz because he was old and was showing it in the ring and Fury because he would not be ready (based on what they saw in his comeback fights) and both nearly backfired on him. And now they’re doing Ortiz again – “Surely he’s too old now?”

    I think Wilder himself has great qualities in punch power and heart. He came back well in the 1st Ortiz fight and it takes mental toughness to take the lesson he was getting from Fury and find that punch in the 12th. But , if I was a Wilder fan I’d be extremely disappointed in his lack of progress over the years.

  • You have to give whyte alot of credit he has now an impressive resume of fighters that he has beaten how many fighters has done that before fighting for a world title.

  • One can only congratulate Whyte: he did what most expected him to do and it didn’t come easy. Rivas was very tough (but limited), never gave up and again scored a late knock down. He is a legit top 10 fighter and may get significantly better in the future.

    Whyte will get his opportunity to fight the top guys, and time will tell who will come out on top in the end. What we do know already is that we have the most interesting HW division in a long time, with several fighters being capable to taking the top spot.

    At the same time, its not the strongest HW division of all times, even by a long shot. Neither of the top guns is brilliant – all of them have fundamental flaws: Wilder is technically extremely limited and therefore has to rely entirely on his KO power. Joshua has the technique down but has serious stamina issues and sometimes just no fire in him. Ruiz has speed and power but a relatively weak defense. I consider Fury the technically most skilled of all (and defensively maybe one of the best heavy weights of all time) but he is rarely ever explosive and has almost zero KO power against quality opponents.

    Whoever of these guys will improve the most, will reign the division. If none of them will improve significantly, they will just take turns. Either way, we will have interesting fights ahead of us.

  • Wow UK boxing is ruling the heavyweights! What a stacked fight card. Chisora and Whyte deserve tremendous props for always being ready to fight and never stink up the joint. Pricey the chinless is always a wreck waiting to happen … either him or opponent.

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