Plant smashs Lee, retains IBF 168lb title

By David Robinett at ringside
Photos: Sumio Yamada

IBF super middleweight champion Caleb Plant (19-0, 11 KOs) successfully defended his world title with a one-sided beatdown of Mike Lee (21-1, 11 KOs), earning a referee’s stoppage at 1:29 of round three in a scheduled twelve round contest at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.
This bout featured two men who had remained undefeated despite substantial hardships, with Plant suffering both the loss of his infant daughter and mother in separate, tragic circumstances. Lee, a graduate of Notre Dame university who gained national recognition a few years ago as a spokesman for Subway, has battled inactivity and health complications from an autoimmune disease that he continues to hold at bay while he pursues this career.

In the ring though it was all Plant tonight, whose advantages in speed and quickness were evident from the opening bell, as he picked apart Lee with surgical precision while Lee struggled to lay a hand on the champion, catching nothing but air on several occasions. Plant scored his first knockdown in the opening stanza, depositing Lee onto the seat of his pants with a left hook to the head.

Plant, who traveled to London in 2012 as an alternate on the U.S. Olympic boxing team, took his time in round two, picking his shots while easily staying out of range of the aggressive but slower Lee. Plant dropped Lee for the second time early in round three with a left to the body, left to the head, followed by a right hook to the head. Lee wasn’t badly hurt and quickly got up, only to be dropped again with a left hook that the referee incorrectly called a slip. Lee continued to show his moxie, immediately coming after Plant when action resumed, but the difference in class was substantial, and Plant dropped Lee again, this time with a left hook through Lee’s guard, prompting referee Robert Byrd to call a halt to the carnage.

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  • I think I may be to the point to say bring back old refs Richard Steele and James Jen-Kin, and Rudy Battle, as refs on the scene, rather than keep seeing Robert Byrd ref high profile fights. Waves this fight off at the count of 5 (not that Lee had a chance anyway). Byrd as an old ref is in the league of Joe Cortez when he got old, his calls aren’t too good. As for Richard Steele, if he wanted to stop the Chavez vs Taylor 1 fight, why not do it during round 11, or between rounds 11 and 12? He waits till 2 seconds are left in a fight that Taylor had on the cards to stop it.

    • Tom, you are out of line on this one. The Subway dude was being served a knuckle sandwich that was too hot for his taste buds. He was getting his ass beat by Jordan Hardy’s soon to be husband. Plant was planting a beating on Mr. Sandwich’s candy ass.

  • Lee got a shot without ever fighting a contender, But Crawford cannot get a shot at those phony PBC welter champs

  • Subway Mike should stick to doing commercials. He was seriously out of his element tonight.

    And the 4 Imbeciles who call themselves The Moron Squad (AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley) should return to their respected psychiatric wards, and leave lawmaking to the professionals. They are clearly out of their element.

      • The 4 Whores Women Will All Lose Their Jobs Next Year, And President Trump Will Retain His Title as US President. This moronic squad of imbeciles has no business being in DC. They all need to return to their respected psy wards.

        President Trump is the G.O.A.T.

        bIRAQ oBOMBa (aka Barry Newports) was more pathetic in the oval office, then Subway Mike was in the ring tonight.

          • You know it, Psycho Joe. I know boxing. And I know civics. And President Trump is the G.O.A.T. Barry Newports was a punk.

  • Caleb Plant can fight Lee can’t, easy first defense. Plant top three 168lbs. He beats Dirrell, Benavidez would be tough, Plant beats Saunders and, I think beats Smith and Canelo

    • Plant beats Saunders, Callum Smith and Canelo does he? Based on what? Beating Mike Smith? What absolute nonsense.

      • Plant has pedigree, back up in Olympics. Plant beats Saunders because Saunders loses a little hand speed and movement at 168. Plant is a good enough boxer and a decent chin to outbox Smith. Canelo will not knock out Plant and I don’t see him out boxing Plant or Saunders.

    • Saying that he beats Smith shows me you’re a casual fan. Mondo KO’s Plant in 8. Rangy guys with good jobs in solid chins can hang with Callum, the guys who move too much get time by him and seated. That’s all in the first four or five rounds. Caleb will take a hard shot from Callum somewhere around 8 and he won’t get up. He beats Dirrell though, but he’s a b level fighter. Too much is being made of plants victory over the very limited Uzcategui. Callum is far and away the best fighter at 168, and will remain undefeated as long as he wants to stay there.

    • Uh .. I wouldnt be sold him beating saunders.. At all. It’s a but early to say that when Plant hasn’t fought the level of opposition that Saunders has.

  • Plant is light years better than Lee. Lee is just a club fighter with a lot of aggressiveness but very little skill. Plant is sharp and just picked Lee apart at will. A total mismatch.

    A great match would be one between David Benavidez and Caleb Plant. Benavidez punches in combination and has power in both hands. Caleb is a master boxer with some pop in his fists. Hope they can make that match. I love how both fighters fight. That one would be a worthy main event.

    • I agree, that would be a good fight, and would determine the second best super middleweight behind the champion Callum Smith.

      • Callum is only inches away from being a manster…So, yes..It would be a great fight with any mentioned.

  • I like Plant a lot. I realize you wants a title shot. In the meantime Plant vs McCumby would be great!!!

  • Oh sorry-I thought this was a boxing sight, I didn’t realize it was a forum for angry, psychotic republicans to spew their hate…my bad!

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