Welter champ Errol Spence injured in car accident

WBC/IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. suffered serious injuries in a 3 a.m. one car crash this morning in Dallas, Texas. Police say Spence lost control of his white Ferrari while traveling at a high rate of speed. The champ’s car rolled multiple times and Spence, who was not wearing his seatbelt, was ejected from the vehicle. He was rushed to Methodist Dallas Medical Center where he’s being treated in the Intensive Care Unit.

Spence defeated Shawn Porter in a twelve round war to unify the WBC and IBF belts just 12 days ago.

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  • Fingers crossed he makes a comeback to the ring. Even acute injuries such as a broken femur or fractured pelvis can turn into a chronic problems that may forbid any athlete from doing what they do best in sports. The world is watching now so let’s see how Spence will recover.

    • Lou, of course people are hoping he makes it back to the ring. That’s what he loves to do best. I guarantee you there’s nothing else in the world he would want to be doing for a living than boxing. So what’s wrong with that? No one wants to see him not come out of this well.

      • Well said Whetto!! there is always one that had to pick something apart and try to find the negative.

  • Hope he makes a complete recovery, but it is downright stupid to drive at such speed with no seat belt.

  • Damn!. He has so much ahead of him. Life and career wise. Lets hope he gets back to his prime self.

  • It’ll be ok if he makes it out or doesn’t, just want to make sure about it. Keep it 100 for sure

  • Wow what horrible news. Hoping he will make full recovery. Not just an outstanding fighter but by all reports a good all around person. Get well Errol.

  • This is crazy. Success will make us do crazy things. Remember Paul Williams was a good boxer that got paralyzed on a motorcycle. Errol Spence may have ruined his life and future. He would have fought at 154, 160, and 175 pounds to make a lot of money.

  • I just hope he recovers enough to not have any lingering injuries. I doubt that he will ever fight at a high level again.

  • Wow, this is incredibly bad! Something is not quite right. Why would he drive such a fast car with no seat belt on. We should never judge anyone. Let’s pray for his recovery whether he fights again or not!

    • Real simple equation :
      young man+super car+early morning hours+speeding+no seatbelt=disaster!
      Was he under the influence? We will soon learn.
      I am surprised he survived after being ejected.
      Wish him a speedy recovery!

  • Sorry to hear about this, hope Spence recovers completely. Dissapointed that Spence has lost his focus as the accident illustrates. Because of this I believe Spence will lose to Crawford.

  • Doesn’t he have a family? Why was he out at 3am on a Wednesday night, it sure wasn’t Wednesday Night Dinner at church, that’s over by 8pm. … Paul Williams, Diego Corrales

  • Hope he isn’t seriously hurt. He seemed like a decent person, too. Why wasn’t he wearing the seat belt? After he recovers, maybe someone should check his mental health.

    • You put ignorance behind the steering wheel of a car that will run 300 mph and ( you fill in the blanks ) _____ ____ ____ ____ ___.

  • I think it’s about time that the companies that make sport cars be questioned about this issue. I truly believe there are more than one way to avoid it. I am just a regular person and I can see more than 4 different ways to prevent a person, especially the driver, of not wearing seatbelts.
    There are dozens of more complex electronic devices than the one that could be related to seatbelts and not created yet. Hope they can come up with something innovative to save lives.

      • Alley, a car is engineered design that through the time is presenting new safety innovations. Seatbelts are one of them.Why so far in a sport car that can reach 100km in 10 seconds or less the seatbelts are not yet improved to the point that you can not run the car to the full capacity if you are not wearing the safety harness accordingly?
        There are many things wrong that we can incur whether by inexperience, neglet, ignorance or simply accident in any type of vehicle or tool, through time, manufacturers bring something new to prevent injuries. Honestly I think is time to see it in sport cars.

  • After seeing the video footage of Errol’s wreck, I’m sorry, but he’ll never box again. Praying for his recovery.

  • Wow. There are better ways to get out of a fight with Terance Crawford. What did he think was going to happen when speeding and no seat belt?

  • Ferrari’s use of aluminum dates back to the 1940s, when Enzo Ferrari wrapped his steel-framed sports and race cars with lightweight aluminum bodywork. During the ’80s the company began to experiment with a variety of materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, Kevlar, and carbon fiber

      • No car exist that can do that. 300 miles is the equivalent to almost 484km. Bugatti Chiron is the fastest so far with a max speed of 304 mph, but in the process of longer distributed time.

  • Really sad news to the world of boxing, praying for you Spence Bro P4P Champ for full healing and recovery.

  • Jesus Christ, I don’t know, combination of speeding, probably partying, problems, and whatnot, I certainly don’t know why the champ would subject himself to these risks, there’s lots of history about fighters who have suffered seriours injuries or even death while speeding, Corrales, Sal Sanchez, Paul Williams, I’d wish they would stay away from these risks, I don’t know, ask a friend to drive you if your going to party, can’t believe that this kind of accidents keeps happening, I hope he gets well, his life and health are first, boxing second, all the best for the Champ

  • As I said, the most healthy young person among us could easily be dead by nightfall. There are so many easy and unexpected ways to die! I once did a funeral for an 11 year-old girl who complained to her mother about a headache. Her mother told her to go lie down. She lay down and died of a brain aneurysm. We knew of a young couple who was serving with Campus Crusade. They went on a weekend getaway. As he got out of the hot tub at their motel, he was dizzy and fell, hitting his head on the edge of the pool. He never came out of the coma. One Sunday afternoon a few years ago, a man in his early thirties who attended here was shoveling snow. His wife looked out the window and saw him lying on the ground, dead from a heart attack.

    Again, you may protest that to think about such things is morbid and depressing. I’m not suggesting that you obsess on these things. But if you don’t ever think about them, you will not live in proper dependence upon God. You will proudly make plans and go on about life as if you will be forever young and healthy. James says (4:16) that “all such boasting is evil.”

    A vapor is short-lived. You see the mist at one moment and a few minutes later it’s gone. You see the steam coming out of your coffee cup and in just a second, it disappears into the air. Life is like that.

  • Dude is lucky to be alive. He is not surrounded by smart people and he always looks tipsy when he attends other fights. These athletes need to take some personal finance classes to learn how to secure their futures. History doesn’t lie when we think about athletes who lose everything. He isn’t a star attraction so he has no business wasting money of a Ferrari (if it is actually his). He does however make enough money to hire a financial advisor. Not one that makes money to manage his accounts but one he can pay in sessions to teach him how to manage his funds for himself. Can easily be done over the internet too. Athletes primes fly by fast and it is over before you know it. Not that hard to see. Hope he makes a full recovery to the point where he isn’t going to suffer the effects later in life because that crash looked extremely bad.

  • absolute idiot, 3am out speeding, has the whole world in the palm of his hands, but almost became another pathetic statistic.

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