Weights from Montebello, California

Photo: 360 Promotions

Callum Walsh 154 vs. Benjamin Whitaker 154
Omar Cande Trinidad 126 vs. Javier Padilla 123.6
Cem Kilic 163.8 vs. Marco Delgado 165
Chelsey Anderson 134.8 vs. Aida Satybaldinova 135
Eric Priest 161.4 vs. Cory Conner 162.8
Jesus Gonzalez 152.4 vs. Eduardo Diaz 152.4
Jordan Panthen 167.4 vs. Arturo Perez 167.2
Jose Rodriguez 142.2 vs. Armando Vasquez 144.8
Jessica Juarez TBA vs. Elvina White ??

Venue: Quiet Cannon, Montebello, California
Promoter: 360 Promotions
TV: UFC Fightpass

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  • I was about to say that looks a lot like UFC fighter, Tony Ferguson next to Callum. It is him, apparently the two train together.

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