Trainer Manny Robles Exclusive Interview

By Jeff Zimmerman® caught up with new trainer to Vergil Ortiz Jr., Manny Robles, at Ortiz Jr. media workout in Irving, TX. He shared his relationship with the knockout artist from Grand Prairie, Texas, and why Southern California is such a hotbed for boxing. Robles talked about all the great trainers in the area and the experience of taking former heavyweight champ Andy Ruiz Jr. all the way to the mountaintop in this exclusive interview.

Vergil Ortiz Jr. faces Michael McKinson this Saturday at Dickie’s Arena, Fort Worth, Texas and streamed live on DAZN.


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  • Good Interview! I’ve always liked Manny as a trainer and totally like seeing him work a corner! If the Spence-Crawford fight gets made, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a rematch thus the titles being held up yet again?! With that being said if Virgil doesn’t outgrow the division, why not a huge fight against Conor Benn??!! I don’t see Ortiz fighting Crawford or Spence until he’s @54….

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