Weights from Detroit

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Photo: Adam J. Dewey

By Brad Snyder/The Undercard

Ardreal Holmes Jr 153.2 vs. Marlon Harrington 153.8
(USBA super welterweight title)

Ali Izmailov 174.6 vs. Britton Norwood 175
(USBA light heavyweight title)

Joseph Hicks Jr. 157.2 vs. Ricardo Ruben Villalba 155
Da’Velle Smith 162.2 vs. Rolando Wenceslao Mansilla 162.6
Cameran Pankey vs. Juan Hernandez Martinez (will weigh in tomorrow)

Venue: Wayne State Fieldhouse, Detroit, MI
Promoter: Salita Promotions

*NOTE: The co-main event for the USBA Light Heavyweight Championship will feature a pair of popular former world champion trainers in opposite corners, as former two-weight world champion John David Jackson, who trains Ali Izmailov will be pitted against former two-weight world champion and 1992 Olympic Gold Medalist Joel Casamayor, who trains Britton Norwood.

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  • So because former champions are training someone does that mean they can fight or what. A bunch of meaningless info in my opinion to hype up a weak ass show!

  • I’m always intrigued by a tall, lanky fighter like Andreal Holmes-a 6′-2″ junior middle. I like to see if they can take advantage of their reach and set up big power shots. Of course not all tall, lanky fighters are Tommy Hearns though. I’ve been aware of Holmes for years, but have never seen him fight. You gotta wonder why a young prospect with a solid amateur background has only 14 fights in 8 years? This fight is for the USBA 154lb title. Not so long ago the USBA and NABF were pretty prestigious titles and were always 12 round bouts. They gave a fighter some recognition and often led to bigger opportunities . Now, they are often 8 round fights, and like all titles these days, the belt is watered down and almost meaningless. It’s like they just declare the fight is for the vacant USBA championship with no predecessor to the title.

    • You have some valid points and these guys are no real killers Detroit doesn’t have those at the moment, but we have to get away from pretty pad work and back to developing basic fundamentals like a real jab!

  • Fighting for the USBA Title used to mean something for a fighter on his way up. Hopefully these fights and fighters will make these words ring True Tonight.

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