WBO wants Charlo injury update

To expedite activity in the junior middleweight division, the WBO Championship Committee has ordered undisputed WBC/WBA/IBF/WBO champion Jermell Charlo to submit within five days a detailed medical update and/or status of his injury, recovery prognosis, and his orthopedic specialist’s opinion as to when will he be physically and medically cleared to compete and return to active competition.

With Charlo out of action, the committee sanctioned the recent Tszyu-Harrison bout for the interim title subject to the Committee reserving the right to order the winner to face Charlo within 180 days. The WBO wants to get the ball rolling on Charlo-Tszyu a.s.a.p.

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  • Charlo is gonna find a way to extend this as long as he can specially since he saw how dangerous Tszyu looked.

    • I didn’t think Tszyu looked that dangerous. Throwing haymakers at an old fighter isn’t a big deal. Charlo will definitely be punching back

  • I broke my schyfoid (excuse the spelling) bone in my right hand on January 5th this year,still not right, now have tendon issues,so I believe Charlo if it’s the same or similar injury

  • He got a scratch..and scared as hell to face the formidable warrior from Down Under haha! The Australian will smoke jc when his minor scratch is healed.

  • He said that he’d be ready “late summer”. I don’t think August or September is unreasonable if he’s still on that course.

  • Tszyu is a hard puncher, but not a one KO artist, and Charlo has a solid chin and a solid counter offense. If Charlo lands clean on him, the same way Gausha did, the night and dreams could be over for Tszyu. I would favor Charlo the first 8 rounds, but if the fight is highly contested, it would favor Tszyu

  • If he can’t defend, he should be stripped and allow the top 1 and 2 ranked in the division fight for it! Then, charlo if healthy then, should be a guaranteed mandatory againg the winner! Enough of this uffckers holding the belts for a very long time!

  • True boxing fans just want the fight as soon as possible. Spence and Bud are a disgrace so forget those pretenders. Floyd’s hustle of boxing fans conditioned young boxing fans to tolerate this junk. Floyd really did decimate this once great sport.

  • Some of you folks are disrespectful. You don’t get to be an undisputed champion by being “scared.” That’s why Charlo is in there and you’re not. The WBO’s request if fair. We’d all like to know the status of his recovery. The best fighting the best is a rarity in boxing. 2023 looks hopeful. Hopefully the best fighting the best is a trend.

    • Its just a way to kick a guy while he’s down. Boxing fans are the worst of all sports. Any person on this site bright enough to call Charlo scared hasn’t ever shown up for a fight.
      They said the same before the Castaño fight and Charlo was healing an injury. Swore Charlo was running scared and we see what happened with Castano. Castano got beat up very bad and will never be the same.
      Its just kicking dirt while the champ is injured.
      Charlo deserves the benefit of the doubt if anybody.

  • Regardless of what ‘Charlo’ calls it “marinating,
    stalling, ducking, or whatever it is going on according to Erroll ‘the tooth’ Spence, Al Hayman, PBC, and Mayweather Promotions, who run him, their plan to control the belts that they have and putting their own and other fighters careers on hold while they jerk around has, and is wearing thin for sure.

  • I can’t wait to read about the medical update.

    Maybe a person with a boxing or medical background has more information about the average healing timeline for this type of hand injury because it seems this type of injury may take several months to heal (not including possible rehabilitation). A fighter may also need a little more time to build confidence in punching with the healed hand.

    I hope the WBO remains patient in this matter because I want to see a healed Charlo vs. a healthy Tszyu, in absence of any excuses after the fight.

  • Hand injuries are very hard to recover from. I’ve had injuries to my hands from playing football, basketball, and boxing that have never truly healed. I too would like to see a healed Charlo vs a healthy Tszyu, but many of these Charlo despisers on this site, don’t wanna see that, they just wanna see him get beat, by any means necessary.

  • Charlo does not want to fight Tim Tszyu and will keep coming up with excuses to delay or avoid the fight. Both Charlo brothers have found the best way to hold onto a World Title is to simply not fight.

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