WBO strips Casimero, elevates Butler

The WBO has stipped WBO bantamweight champion John Riel Casimero and elevated interim champion Paul Butler to full champion. Casimero will be rated #1. Here’s what went down:

l. The Committee unanimously recommended to the WBO Executive Committee to strip John Riel Casimero’s WBO world bantamweight championship title for failure to comply with the conditions set forth in its “resolution.”

2. The WBO Executive Committee unanimously voted in favor of adopting the WBO Championship Committee’s recommendation and therefore declared the WBO bantamweight championship title “vacant.”

3. WBO interim bantamweight champion Paul Butler is elevated from interim champion to “full champion status.”

4. The WBO World Championship Committee recommends to the WBO Ratings Committee that John Riel Casimero be rated at the number one (1) position in the WBO bantamweight ratings and subject to complying with the applicable rating criteria.

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  • I definitely agree with WBO. Now Butler vs Inoue/ Donaire for the unified bantamweight championship, sounds good. ✌️

    • Who wants to see that massacre? Butler is a fringe contender who would be lucky to see rd 2-3 vs either. At least Cas had a punchers chance.

  • Casimero is a doper, but he would not need that to beat Butler

  • They gave him every chance to keep his belt. Strip him and make him fight an eliminator if he wants it back. I think that he might want to consider going up in weight, however.

  • I really wanted to see Casimero fight the best, but looks like that’s never gonna happen now and Butler wont fight the other champs as he is crap and needs to milk the title for as long as possible.

  • Forget about great fights at 118 after Donaire vs Inoue, being 122 a bit better in that regard with Fulton, Figueroa, Nery, Roman, Akhmadaliev I expect Inoue moving to 122 if he defeats Donaire again.
    Fulton or Figueroa are a really threat to him

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