WBO orders Fundora-Crawford clash

The WBO Championships Committee has ordered the camps of newly crowned WBO junior middleweight champion Sebastian Fundora and two-division unified champion Terence Crawford to reach an agreement to fight within 20 days. If no deal is reached, a purse bid will be ordered.

The Committee sanctioned Tszyu-Fundora with the stipulation that the winner must fight Crawford within 180 days.

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  • According to the article; the fight was made between he and Tszyu with the stipulation that the winner must face Crawford within 6 months. He’ll probably have to forfeit the belt if he rematches Tszyu. If Fundora jabs and boxes, he’s gonna be tough to beat by any junior middleweight with that height, even Crawford.

  • Fundora and tzuyu should rematch

    Crawford can fight Vergil Ortiz meanwhile

    • Why would Crawford take the harder fight. Fundora is easier than Ortiz. Crawford calls the shots whether we like it or not.

  • tim deserves the rematch more than spence or crawford deserve a fight with fundora; crawford avoided ennis and spence avoided crawford rematch; wbo wbc, ibf, wba just screw up the sport of boxing for their benefit.

    • Crawford didn’t “avoid” Ennis. He has nothing to gain by fighting him. Ennis is NOT on TC’s level. He would get destroyed. He brings nothing to the table as of yet.

      • its still a duck no matter what excuse he gave, but i agree crawford beats ennis

        • Canelo and Benavidez is a “duck.’ He was mandatory for 2 years. Crawford clearly has his sights set on being undisputed at another weight class. Canelo says he doesn’t fight Mexicans and now he’s fighting a Mexican. He ducked TC because he said he was too small but fought a smaller Charlo. TC has already conqueror 147. There is no point in beating Ennis.

  • Agree with above. Tszyu deserves a rematch.

    Shortly, Crawford would be a nightmare for Tszyu I think. I don’t see how he can win that fight. Fundora is more of a challenge for Crawford in my eyes

  • Crawford has earned a better money fight against a better fighter than Fundora. Crawford is in the elite bracket and should demand a major step up opponent.

    • Crawford seems reluctant to fight Ennis. A ‘bad look’ for a fighter claiming to be great.

      • He ow$ Ennis nothing, how long did Crawford have to wait for his big $hot? Years!

        • Fundora owes Crawford nothing, Crawford should fight an eliminator fight with a top 3 JMW.

        • I believe a win over Ennis does a lot for Crawford’s legacy. Some of his wins were not that major in terms of opposition: Horn, Indongo, a faded Spence, a faded Khan. Surely Ennis is a big fight and a good payday.

      • False narrative. Ennis would get destroyed by Crawford. Ennis is not a p4p fighter and Crawford has nothing to gain by fighting him. Crawford wanted to fight Canelo who bigger than him but Canelo didn’t want to fight him (even though he fought Charlo who was smaller). That tells you all you need to know.

  • The WBO was formed in 1988 in Puerto Rico. What exactly do they do besides collect sanction fees and give out belts?

    • None of them do anything positive but rake in money from those that think their one fourth champion of the world belts are worth fighting for.

  • The question is: What has Crawford done at 154 to be treated that way? The same goes for Spence. Fundora should relinquish the 154 WBO belt and pursue a rematch with Tszyu in Australia, with a truck loaded with money waiting for him.
    Note: I guarantee you guys that if instead of Fundora were Ennis, Crawford would be silent, not demanding anything.

    • My question, fine one top 10 fighter Ennis has fought, your taking like if Ennis is a proven warrior, please, let him get his feet wet with quality fighters instead of fighting punching bags and and see how he looks, then let’s revisit him fighting TC

    • Burucho, I feel like unifying a Division puts you to the front of the line. Tsyzu lost his title fair and square with a stipulation attached that the winner defend against Crawford within 6 months. To me, this is about as clean as it gets in Boxing these days. About the only thing that went wrong was Tszyu losing. I’m pretty sure that was the bigger payday TC and his team were hoping for.

      As for the matchup, I saw someone suggest that Fundoro will be tough for TC if he uses his jab. That might be true if he had one. LOL! TC is just too good for Fundoro. The only question in my mind is if Fundoro sees the final bell. I’m thinking that’s a “no”. I think TC grinds him down in 10 or less.

  • Boxing is so dirty its sickening. Some folks boxers NEVER have to fight their mandatories. Fundora just won the title. Let the man celebrate. They should have let them him run it back with Tszyu then a showdown with TC.

  • I am not sure what Crawford has at 154, and I prefer to first see him physically settle at 154, by fighting Kelly, Culcay or Lubin.

    I want see Ortiz vs. Ramos because I know they will create a major explosion in the ring…BOOOOM!! A fight of the year type scrap.

    I do not want to see Fundora vs. TC (not for now). Let’s give TC a chance to physically settle at 154.

  • 180 days? Crawford won’t be ready to fight by then. He still has another 9 months to go between fights. Hasn’t the WBO realized that Crawford is a part-timer?

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