Fundora promoter offers Tszyu a rematch

Sampson Lewkowicz, the sole promoter of brand-new unified WBC and WBO 154-pound world champion Sebastian “The Towering Inferno” Fundora, wishes to clarify his position on a potential Fundora rematch with now former champ and previously unbeaten Tim Tszyu.

“We were all so eager to make this fight that many of our agreements were made verbally. There wasn’t enough time,” explained Lewkowicz. “But I wish to make it clear that Team Fundora will honor the agreement. My word is always equal to a signed contract. Tim Tszyu, your rematch is ready when you are.”

Lewkowicz says the Fundora vs. Tszyu rematch will happen, with the only deciding factor being if Tszyu would like to do it immediately or if he prefers the fighters take an interim fight each beforehand.

“It all depends on Tim Tszyu,” said Lewkowicz. “If he doesn’t take the rematch, we will take the WBO mandatory or Spence, whatever the WBO says, but the first priority is the rematch with Tim Tszyu.”

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  • wbo just wants money . they dont care about doing right for the sport of boxing and the fighters. wbc, ibf , wba are the same .

  • WBO will supposedly strip Fundora if he doesn’t fight TC next. Fundora’s manager said in an interview that they want to fight Spence in Dallas because it generates the most money and now this. Who knows what the truth is. Tszyu deserve a rematch. If he’s unable, I can understand the logic of fighting Spence next. He’s less of a risk than TC and offers more money. Does he deserve to get a title shot, nope but its business.

    • That whole, “nope but it’s business” mindset may be true, but I’m tired of hearing it. That’s exactly why we unnecessarily wait years for great fights. Think how long it took for / or we’re still waiting on Crawford vs. Spence, Gervonta vs. Haney, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, Canelo vs. Benavidez, and the list goes on and on. That’s not what boxing’s about. That’s what making crazy money is all about — at the expense of the sport. Boxers, how about putting the sport (what’s giving you the chance to make all the $$) and your fans (who’s actually paying for your sacrifice to the sport and paying for your blood, sweat, and tears — not the managers, promoters, or networks) ahead of your ego. Remember boxers, many of you could not afford those PPVs at one time. (Sorry if I already responded)

    • Stop the madness! Spence loses one fight, and all of a sudden he’s trash. Spence doesn’t deserve a title fight? TT was so ready to face Thurman, who hasn’t fought in two years, and claim superiority. Fundora kicked his ass, cut or no cut!

  • Total respect by giving the rematch to Tszyu whenever he wants it. Bravo…

    • Im not surprised. He stepped in on short notice and outboxed Tszyu. I bet they would agree to even have it in Australia. Its a big money fight for them that generated a lot of buzz. Tszyu prob needs to stay away if he dont have 1 punch power against legitimate jr. middleweights. He gets hit too much to face a solid boxer with good reach.

  • I do hope this is honored. First, the cut sufferened from what I heard was a elbow was most certainly a significant factor in the fight. But also, I have always felt, that when you win a title by split decision, there should always be a rematch.

  • Common sense prevails, clearly Fundora was given a gift since the cut
    All he had to with his extraordinarily long arms was use a largely ineffective jab to win the fight against a half blind opponant and still it was so close
    Tszyu lost an extraordinary amount of blood over 10 rounds from that elbow
    There was movement of that elbow toward Tszyu and it didnt need to be much as Tszyu was coming in fast

  • I remember there used to be a fine gentleman by the name of Jose Sulaiman who would’ve been butt hurt at the fact that fundoras promotor said it’s what the WBO wants. He once to Tim Bradley to relinquish the WBC immediately. And he also once told Erik morales that his feelings were hurt that he would want to go box for other organization’s belts. I wonder if Mr Mauricio has the same spoiled bratt entitlement and be “offended” by what the promotor said.

  • I am not sure how long it will take for Tszyu’s gash to heal, but I prefer to see him in a rematch against Fundora.

    If Fundora has to take a fight while Tszyu heals, then I prefer to see him fight Spence or Bohachuck because Fundora has a great chance of winning either fight and maintaining a subsequent rematch against Tszyu.

    If Fundora fights Conwell, Ortiz, Zayas or TC, he stands a far greater chance of losing and ruining a rematch against Tszyu – I suspect the boxing world probably does not want the see this occur. A Fundora vs. Tszyu rematch is must see t.v. for the fans.

  • Tim deserves to get his belt back on the rematch and as per fundura, he can keep the beautiful memories and tell his kids one day that he was a world champion! Fundora can enjoy the belts as andy ruiz onced did cause onced they’re gone, they are gone forever!

  • Tim Tszyu deserved and cant see a rematch close fight remember they both bleed Fundora bleeding from his nose and mouth he would trouble breathing lot if fans get that both walking wound warriors if it happens Tszyu go for the body more

    • Shane: Tszyu has to learn to bob and weave and move his head more. He counters well but gets hit too much. He is a plodder and that will not bode well when he fights guys like Crawford. A guy like Victor Ortiz will murder him.

  • there should be a rematch the doctors should have stopped the fight after 4 rounds tzsyu is a warrior

  • The rematch was verbized and hard to enforce since its he said / he said. Now its been documented and is easily enforced. So all credit to Lewkowicz for not only being a man of his word, but also being honest and upfront. Nobody drug this out of him and Tszyu or his promoter didnt have to publicly post things to get him to respond. Its not often that you get honesty out of promoters like this. I think this will be a good trilogy because without the cut and its location I dont see Tszyu losing the first fight. So I cant see him losing a rematch. Since Lewkowicz is upfront about this I could see Tszyu offering a third fight provided its not a first round blowout.

  • I’d favor Tszyu in the rematch but wouldn’t be suprised if he passes on fighting him again. Fundora is so tall and awkward. When is last time a fighter was cut that badly on his head from an elbow? And in the grand scheme of things does Tim really need it? Just asking

  • Tszyu needs to change pace-he is too plodding and predictable-He wins the rematch

  • Sampson has just proven to the boxing world something I have known since the day I met him … HE IS AN HONORABLE MAN! … No Champion should ever lose his belt when an unintentional foul happens like the elbow cutting the top of Tszyu’s head (as a former Navy medic I can share head cuts bleed more profusely than other parts of the body) … rematch should be once Tszyu’s injury is completly healed … I’m a fan of both camps … Sebastian and the entire Fundora family are wonderful honorable people and again, Kudo’s to Sampson Lewkowicz

  • Once the cut happened and his corner could not stop it from profusely bleeding my first thought was he will tell the doctor he cannot not continue in order to protect his 0.

    I applaud him for continuing, but in retrospect he would have been better off stopping in the 4th or 5th rd and getting a no contest or going to the cards while he most likely was ahead.

    I would not have held it against him if he didn’t continue either because it definitely affected his vision.

    But it got me thinking which fighters of today and yesteryear would have forced their way out the fight. And keep in mind, I’m not saying quitting is the wrong thing to do, in fact it may actually be the smartest thing to do in that circumstance..

    Today – Ryan Garcia would surely quit. He quit after a body shot, he would definitely find a way out with that severe cut against a reach that significant.

    Yesteryear – Victor Ortiz has quit in a fight previously, but i kinda think he would try to fight on for several rounds before realizing he couldn’t win and then complain to the doctor and get out.

    Mike Tyson got himself DQ’d on purpose to prevent taking another a$$whooping from Holyfield. But I honestly think Mike would keep bringing it against anyone not named Evander Holyfield. He knew he couldn’t intimidate Holyfield, and therefore he knew couldn’t win. But against anyone else he keeps swinging for the ko

    I’m sure there are others that will come to mind later, but you don’t really remember the quitters like you do the guys that keep bringing it through adversity.

    I know Arturo Gatti would not quit, his face was a bloody mess in most fights lol.

    Ali would never have quit, fighting blind for 2 rounds against liston tells you everything you need to know.

    I like to think I’m tough, but I’m also smart enough to realize when the cards are stacked against me. If i thought i could win i would continue but if I knew i couldn’t then i would tell the doctor that i can’t see to defend myself.

    But the difference between me and tim tszyu is that i would not have taken a fight against fundora on short notice to begin with.

  • Tszyu should get a rematch, the cut was a accident and also Fundora’s nose was broken, i know thats a part of boxing but let them run it back. If Fundora takes the fight in Australia he will get a good pay day, Spence who fights every 2 years should wait in line with everybody else.

  • I’d like to see the rematch, and I think Tsyzu deserves it since that accidental cut no doubt hampered his performance and gave Fundora an unfair advantage. With his height however, Fundora will again present a problem for Tsyzu.

    I have no interest in seeing Spence to fight Fundora. No interest in Spence. He’s damaged goods, especially after the car accident, being beaten senseless by Crawford in a total mismatch, and his eye problems. He needs to retire. Crawford the better matchup for Fundora if he beats Tsyzu in the rematch.

  • Fundora-Tszyu rematch happeing. My wish comes true !..thank you Sampson L.! .For me fighters who lose a fight because handicapped by injury not caused by his opponent are really not losers but victims of the injury and the game. Reminds me of McGregor vs Poirier and Pacquiao vs Mayweather to name at least two….the winner who refuses a rematch is a coward !!!

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