WBO introduces new belt design

The World Boxing Organization recently upgraded the design of the world champion and regional champion title belts, the first major upgrade to the organization’s hardware since its founding in 1988.

The final design blends the WBO traditional colors of burgundy, blue, and gold with a reimagined badge and new motifs. The new belts were unveiled to great acclaim during the WBO Annual Convention, held last month in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Sadjo retains Euro 168lb belt
Sitemela retains SA title on 4th round knockout

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  • Saddest of all is the intellect of those who actually take sanctioning bodies seriously.

  • Well, if we put them together they can fit in an USV all of them, but for the ones belong to the WBC we might a big trailer truck, could be not enough

    • The WBC has the silver title, like the world champion and then the silver title – but then they also have silver championships for like all of their other belts as well.
      So you’ll find a WBC Youth Silver champion and an International Silver champion and a Fecarbox Silver….. it is absolute insanity Burucho.

  • I can’t say wich of the sanctionning bodies is the worst but WBO could definitely be a winner lol !

  • Some of these just double up, is a world champ not an international champion? What’s the difference with the 3 Asian belts? Do better WBO.

  • I wish they’d put the international champion, the global champion, the world champion, and the super champion in a room and let them fight it out. Plus who doesn’t want to see the Continental champion against the Intercontinental champion?

  • >