WBC Talks: Rafael Márquez vs. Israel Vazquez

In boxing, there have been great rivalries, authentic wars that will live forever in our memories and admiration, which are engraved with golden letters in the history of our sport. Remember Rafael Márquez and Israel Vázquez, who fought four times inside the ring, in clashes which were breathtaking. Top notch, top dollar fights, where no quarter was asked..or given.

We had the opportunity to revise and relive them with these two truly great world champions, who shared unique moments of their fights, forever defining them.

Rafael started training at the age of six, thanks to his father, who should be mentioned was a professional boxer, initially as a way of defending himself since they grew up a neighborhood where you often had to reason with your resolving fists. However, his love of sports led him to want to become a professional.

With a very similar story, Israel commented that he also started in the world of gloves from a very young age. He said that, after having a great career as an amateur, he tried to debut at 16, but he was not allowed to do it at that moment.

Recalling how they got to the first fight, Rafael recalled that he knew full well that Israel was a warrior, however, he never imagined what that first meeting would trigger.

Showing great respect, both Rafael and Israel recognized that outside the ring they always saw each other with admiration as they both knew of the quality and honor.

Israel confessed and acknowledged that after the first meeting he thought of withdrawing, but his son Israel was the one who convinced him to go ahead.

Both shared their experiences of those four monumental fights. Israel and Rafa stress that after the third meeting they both had to rest for almost a year, because of so much give and take that they had to undergo surgery. In the case of Rafa, an eyeball needed treatment and Israel underwent seven surgeries to correct retinal detachments.

After their fourth titanic and draining fight, both recognized that their bodies had weathered triple ripple effect. The previous three fights had brought and wrought such physical duress and stress that it was high time to retire.

Today, Israel thanks Rafael for the opportunity to fight him as he believes that this took his career to the highest level and led him to make history, because if he is sure of one thing, it is that these fights are and will always be in the memory of all who love The Sport.

Touchingly Rafael thanked all those who followed his career and even after retirement continue to support him and announced that very soon we will meet the new member of the Márquez dynasty, his 18-year-old eldest son with whom he has been training for more than a year and a half and he assures, he will be world champion.

Simultaneous translation at WBA medical seminar
WBA Academy medical seminar this Saturday

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  • Absolutely one of the greatest rivalries in boxing history! I get chills thinking about these 2 warriors going all out. Real Spartans who deserved more from this game. Broner getting 40 mil because he acts like a jerkoff infuriates me while these guys made a fraction of that. They were classy warriors who combined skill and heart and left it all in the ring. I hope them knowing real fans of the game appreciate what they did and that we will be able to tell our kids about it. I love ward and gatti. But this was the same thing on a higher level.

      • “Broner getting 40 mil because he acts like a jerkoff infuriates me”??? Nothing to do with winning world titles and captivating audiences in and outside the sport. If we wasn’t drawn to Broner you wouldnt bring him up right now. He earned his popularity. People did way worst things for money.

  • Thank you Rafael and Israel…enjoyed and still enjoying your battles with replays every month at home thank you from Samoa

    • Damn straight! These two champions are pit bulls! There have been several times I have replayed these fights and rewound over the 6 and 7 punch combinations they would unleash on each other then rewind lmao saying to whoever I was showing it to did you see that?!! In total amazement! Looking forward to the next generation of real fighters!

  • Reminds of other wars like Rafael ‘Bazooka’Limon & Bobby Chacon,Cornelius “Boza”Edwards,Rolando Navarette.Lupe Pintor & Alberto Davila.

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