WBC: All officials must be vaxxed

The WBC has announced that it will only appoint ring officials and supervisors to WBC-sanctioned bouts who have received the Covid 19 vaccine, and who produce proof of vaccination, without exception.

Local boxing jurisdictions might appoint ring officials, over which appointments the WBC has no control. However, with respect to WBC appointments, the WBC will only consider those individuals who have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccination.

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  • Show me the ingredients and long term health effects…… I will wait……

    • I can tell you from working in the medical field that some diabetic, cardiac, oral chemotherapy, and hypertension medications can carry life-threatening side effects and millions of folks consume them. Most of the public rarely does research on their own medications they consume on a daily basis and are unaware of the side effects, risks, and interactions they face while taking their medications. How do you do research? Ask your pharmacist, doctor, the FDA, and the drug manufacturer as well. Yet, most of the public simply refuses to do such research.

      It’s amazing to me that BioNtech brought the mRNA vaccine to light in 2008 during the ZIKA virus proliferation. Yes, the same vaccine for the COVID-19 used now just with a different protein spike. Trust me, the vaccines all the boomers, gen-x-ers, etc received decades ago as a child had more unstable ingredients in them and we are still here today. Does the mRNA vaccine cause cancer? LOL, has anybody taken a biology class? The mRNA never crosses the nucleus of a cell. Cancer starts inside the nucleus called DNA.

      Shawn, you want to know what’s in the ingredients of the COVID-19 vaccines? Simply reach out to the manufacturers and the FDA. Much of the information is posted on their websites. I had the Moderna vaccine earlier this year and I am still kicking fine.

      • Scooby Doo. Thanks for the message here I appreciate you sharing the interesting and helpful knowledge. There will always be pessimistic skeptical boneheads like Shawn who probably don’t even know or understand even 1% of the ingredients that have gone into any of the medications he’s ever taken.

        Shawn please better educate yourself don’t be like my ex wife she was one feisty pessimistic woman.

        • Thank you, sir. Education is a weapon in raising awareness. People out there have their own right to an opinion. However, I don’t mind sharing what I know or experienced in life.

          • “Education is a weapon in raising awareness”. Precisely the opposite – education is the beat way to lock you into delusions of those who educate you. Awareness? Don’t mąkę nr laugh… Btw – what’s on this “vax”?

          • Education pays my bills. In fact, the same education you knockdown has saved lives in my line of work. Jj, do have any proof all this is viral conjecture is a hoax?

        • Scoob & Victor, the problem is, many of the folks who are skeptical of the vaccine probably don’t trust what the FDA, CDC, or anybody else has to say. They’re just going to think the whole thing is a giant conspiracy. Also, great point about the lack of understanding of even 1% of the ingredients from meds consumed routinely. Why would they suddenly be spooked by the vaccine? Strange. FWIW, I never take meds of any kind, but did take the vaccine along with my wife. It’s been almost 4 months, and no issues yet. Not even any side effects for either of us. We received the Pfizer vaccine.

          It’s amazing how politicized this has become. I know many people from both sides of the aisle as far as their political affiliation. Almost all of the skeptics are on one side. Just goes to show you the power of the media, and their ability to puts ideas in people’s heads. CNN & Fox are very different in their views on the vaccination subject. The data is out there, do you’re own research if you’re open minded and undecided.

          BTW, the WBC DOES have the legal right to mandate vaccinations for it’s employees. The employees have the right to go elsewhere if they don’t like it. Strange, because where I work, we’re not allowed to even ask employees about their vaccination status. Totally a “none of your damn business” situation there.

      • Assumptions. There is zero proof of the very existence of this “virus” and there is no vaccine, only a gene therapy intoduced unde emergency use authorisation. Did you look at massaged numbers in official statistcs? Over 12 thousands of people dead within 28 data of the jab! In 2021 alone. There were an average of 250-400 deaths every year, 8500 thousands in 30 years since the reporting system started and over 12 thousands in just 7 months of forcing this abomination on people. There were 366 vaccine deaths reported in 2020 and 12,100 this year…about 35 times morę and we’re only half way through the year.

        • Another very foolish and ignorant comment. I had a friend who made these very stupid comments and he’s no longer with us due to his lack of respect for something very real. My hearts broken he was a cool dude just made the mistake you are foolishly making Jj.

          This virus don’t exist it’s fake it’s not real bla bla bla. Get your panties out of that bunch already wake up and smell the coffee

          • A lot of meaningless Worda. If IT exists prove it. I know of mamy people who perished after this gene therapy and no one who died of alleged covid. So don’t worry about me – I am doing fine. No, take your “vaccine” and go back to sleep.

          • What you don’t understand is that no one is worried about you. The trouble is your ignorance and stupidity have a significant negative impact on others who ARE vaccinated. If you understood basic probabilities and stats, you’d understand why the unvaccinated harm the vaccinated. It’s not worth me explaining this to someone of your intellect because you are just way too stupid. I’m not even saying this as an insult. I’m just speaking objectively. Just because something is well beyond your comprehension, doesn’t make it untrue. Honestly, sometimes people like you are better off just shutting up and taking your medicine for the good of yourself and everyone else.

            If your ignorance were only harmful to you, most would be pushing someone like you NOT to get vaccinated, to let natural selection take its course. The problem is you’re too dumb to realize how you harm others. Trust me, if only you were at risk, we would be praising you for not getting vaccinated.

          • Stop blaming others for your own insecurities about your own vaccine shot. Either trust that ‘they’ are telling you the truth about its effectiveness, or just admit that you know the vaccine is not what’s it cracked up to. Too many hypocrites out there as it is.

          • A state of fear thats their game, switch off the TV there is no pandemic. your brainwashed by your TV.

          • At least Eric Clapton knows what’s really goin on, and is open about it. A rarity in the entertainment industry.

      • What has cancer to do with this discussion of the “vaccine”? Shawn didn’t even mention cancer, yet you felt compelled to launch into a bloviated discussion of the alleged non-carcinogenicity of the non-vaccine. He asked a simple question: “What are the ingredients and the long-term effects?” It’s a legitimate question and one that isn’t being forthrightly answered by the entities who are hellbent on forcing this experimental, rushed-to-market concoction into our veins.

        • In my line of work, many patients have asked me if the mRNA vaccine is associated with the development of cancer. I felt I needed to bring that up in the event anyone on this thread may ask it.

      • “I had the Moderna vaccine earlier this year and I am still kicking fine.” Hey Scoob, many of us haven’t had any of the so-called “vaccines” and are also still kicking fine. Your point?

        • In some folks’ eyes, the vaccinated group is the experimental variable while the unvaccinated are the control group. To some extent, some folks push all this like’s an experiment to see if the guinea pigs come out fine. Oddly, medical science is a constantly developing field even with old information being replaced by new findings. That being said, research never stops in every aspect of health care even with common disease management like diabetes, HTN, and yes, vaccines.

          • It’s sad that you believe all that. The fact is the vaccine industry is heavily compromised by special interest groups, massive conflicts of interests with government officials, hell-bent on gaining massive wealth at anyone’s expense, and laced with powerful people in charge that have publicly said they are for world population control.

          • Heavy Hitters, you just described all the US work sectors based on one thing; money. The lawyers simply clean up all the details…

      • If vaccines are safe why do the manufacturers require indemnity?
        If you believe this pandemic nonsense it’s not a covid-19 test you need its a IQ test.

        • Many laws [within some boundaries] protect the medical, firearms, and transportation sectors since they are pivotal in new developments for economic, safety, and community health standards. However, make no mistake, any company can be disciplined in the court of law if any violations are intentional and safety is disregarded. Yes, it’s a complex examination, but true.

      • Most foods are now designed to get you addicted and hooked on them, and are mostly not healthy. The food industry doesn’t care about your health, they just want you to buy their products, which make you unhealthy, so you’ll go spend more money in the health and medical industry.

    • The CDC posts on their website the ingredients of each vaccine, but they HIDE it under the term excipients. Search vaccine excipients on the CDC site to find it all. It’s disturbing at what all goes into these vaccines. People should inform themselves. The only immunity offered in these vaccines is the immunity the vaccine industry has of you suing them for side effects and possible death you may encounter from their products.

  • Forcing somebody to inject themselves with a unknown substance. Count me out thank you very much.

  • The NWO is pushing this “vaccine” for an illness that is the equivalent of the seasonal Flu WAY TOO HARD for my liking. I got Covid & recovered w/o anything but a week of bedrest & plenty of water. My 85 year old father contracted Covid & he recovered in the same manner as me. Then he got the vaccine & had a heart attack on Easter Sunday. Good thing my Paramedic brother & I were visiting Pops b/c he would have most certainly perished. I do not trust ANYTHING that is being FORCED upon us to blindly accept and ESPECIALLY anything that is to be injected into my body. Folks, just like the totally ineffective mask & the lockdown, this vaccine is about something nefarious…

    • The fact that so many people liked this comment proves that the boxing community is full of low-IQ people not even able to understand the difference between anecdotes and evidence.

      • The fact that you made a sweeping generalization of and categorically condemned the boxing community at large reveals your own low IQ. How exactly do you know Joe Mack’s father’s heart attack wasn’t related to the so-called “vaccine”? What evidence can you provide to justify your blithe dismissal of it being merely “anecdotal”? If you’re honest, the answer is “nothing”!

      • Colby Cali your bad mouthing does nothing but make you sound like an immature brat, I guarantee, your not as smart as you think you are. You come off angry and defensive when somebody has a different view. You alone prove the boxing community has low-IQ people.
        And yes, I did it again!!!

      • Colby Cali – Funny stuff there cowboy. If you don’t value your freedoms and liberties, perhaps communist China would be more to your liking. But maybe just wait 1.5 years, the liberal left are trying to turn America to communism by the end of 2022, so you might be in luck.

  • What’s next? Grocery stores will only sell to those who got the vaccine? Gas will be sold to only those who have the vaccine? Number of the beast anyone?
    Seek God people, the creator of our universe…

  • My healthy uncle died from the Vaxx back in March. His frail wife (my auntie) had Covid and said it was like a minor cold & survived easily. My personal physician who treated throughout my boxing career advised against getting the vaccine. Enuff said!

    • What complication from the vaccine did your uncle pass from? I am curious. Nordic, have you ever had a vaccine once in your life maybe as a child? If you did, must have worked out ok since you boxed and were given a clean bill of health to do so in a physical prior to your issued boxing license.

      • What a stupid non-response. All drugs/medicine are not equal, yes some are even quite deadly. But of course you must learn to love Big Brother and Big Pharma, their track record is so good.

        • DSmith, the concept I was getting to was any vaccine is a foreign substance injected into the body, right? Yet, nearly all of us have had a foreign substance injected into us at one time or the other called a vaccine and we are still alive.

          • You’re a miracle, this is even more stupid than your last “response”. Hey, arsenic is a foreign substance, let’s try injecting some of that right? Right? Thalidomide is a foreign substance it won’t hurt the baby, much.

          • Actually, arsenic trioxide is used in some forms of chemotherapy to enhance its effectiveness.

          • Apple juice contains small amounts of arsenic as a byproduct and is allowed by the FDA.

      • You’re comparing an experimental gene therapy which neither protects the recipient from contracting, nor from spreading, the virus with a legitimate vaccine? For someone with medical training, you should know full well that most drug candidates require anywhere from 5 to 15 years of testing before being approved. This one was rushed to market in just a few months, yet you would have us all just blindly trust Big Pharma in their assurance that “it’s all good”.

        • Cubanitovich, you say 5 to 15 years for drug approval via data review? Boy, based on my medical experience, it depends on which branch of disease management you are speaking about and the validity of the action of the medication(s) in simplistic or complex actions. Some classifications of drugs get approval much faster than that while others take much longer.

      • It amazes me how some folks debate and protest the COVID-19 vaccine and feel the government is pushing a mandate onto them. Yet, I never any of these folks protest in great detail how they are mandated to pay higher taxes that cuts right into your paycheck. Both concepts are pushed by the government.

      • Scoob…. The vax industry in years past was legit. That is no longer the case. They are too political and with depopulation agendas.

        • I feel nearly everything we discuss on this website is politically driven, thrives off money, and attempts to undermine certain populations. Boxing is a victim as well.

      • The Vaxx triggered something in my uncle’s blood. That’s all I know. I’m not against all vaccines; I think the polio vaccine worked great! I’m not a doctor, but if I see someone close to me die from the Vaxx then I’m not gonna get it.

  • Just another way the WBC wants to control who is controlling their fights. HINT! Fixed fights.

  • “WBC: All officials must be vaxxed”
    – The WBC should first make sure that their officials are competent, then worry about vaccinations.

  • Sorry to see the WBC go this route. Some athletes have taken this vaccine and will never be the same again and should sue for the millions of dollars of lost profit. It is way too early to know what will happen to people in the long term especially ones who keep taking the vaccine and those “boosters”. In 10 years, people may start dying of side effects and then we will need something new to take to counter it.
    I think I will stick with that golfer…”The vaccine doesn’t necessarily prevent it from happening,” DeChambeau told a few reporters after his nine-hole pro-am round at TPC Southwind on Wednesday. “I’m young enough, I’d rather give it [the vaccine] to people who need it. I don’t need it. I’m a healthy, young individual that will continue to work on my health.

  • I see some of these toothless, methhead hillbillys talkin’ bout “I ain’t gettin no vax cuz I don’t know what’s in it”….Do they know what’s in their meth, fentanyl, Moonshine, HotPockets, Marlboro’s, Burritto Supreme’s or Red Bulls?

    • You’re comparing foods which have been approved by the FDA with a rushed-to-mark, experimental gene therapy that hasn’t yet been approved. Yet you expect people to just blindly follow their “leaders” swallow the Kool-Aid?

      • @Cubanitovich “You’re comparing foods which have been approved by the FDA with a rushed-to-mark, experimental gene therapy that hasn’t yet been approved.”

        Hasn’t yet been FULLY approved. Needless to say, they did receive EUA. Pfizer had 95% efficacy in the 21,720 participants who were given the shot in the phase 3 non-placebo portion of the clinical trial, and of course was deemed safe enough by the FDA to receive Emergency Use Authorization. It’s looking like Pfizer will have full approval by early next month. That doesn’t seem to be in doubt, just takes time because there’s so much red tape with the FDA.

        • 95% effectiveness!?? Human immune systems on average is 99.95% effective against covid. If everyone in America took your 95% effective vaccine, you’d have 16.5 million people dead from it!

          • Immune responsiveness in any human is influenced by the umbrella term called cytokine response to any invading pathogen. Not everyone’s immune system is up to the job to fend off certain viral strains. For example, take a look at HPV. One in 5 adults is exposed to HPV over the course of their lifetimes.
            Middle-aged men are now at risk of developing throat and oral cancers after they are exposed to the virus during sexual intercourse in their pasts. Some men will not develop the cancers since their immune response will keep the virus response at bay while others will get cancer-based on deficient immune changes. Everyone’s immune system is different in how it responds and keeps microbes at bay.

          • @HeavyHitters With the logic you used on the 95% comment, I would normally assume you’re trolling, but just in case you’re not…..in the phase 3 trial I spoke of, both the placebo and non-placebo arms of that trial had over 21k participants. The 21k who received the shot fared far better against Covid than the placebo group. Search “Pfizer phase 3 trial”. They break it down pretty thoroughly.

      • @Cubanavitch-If that is directed at me, I am not only comparing food approved by the FDA (meth, fentanyl, moonshine), I am comparing, harmful products that many of the same people who refuse the vaccine because of health concerns, eagerly indulge in on a regular basis. You are correct though, I don’t know if I could trust a government that would approve a Hot Pocket, but not a vaccine that is saving lives and curbing a world pandemic

  • If people wonder why boxing is dying, just look at its troglodyte fanbase that comments on these articles. Surprising a sport full of self-destructive, low-IQ, cro-magnon type fans has such difficulty staying relevant haha.

    • “self-destructive, low-IQ, cro-magnon type fans…”

      The Cro Magnon people had larger brains than modern man.

    • Please enlighten us as to why boxing fans are “troglodytes”? Because their opinion on the non-vaccine differs from yours?

  • More and more than r trying to force people to take Fauci-Gates-Biden’s death vaccine… a vaccine for the worst virus in history, a virus so horrible that u don’t even know u have it unless u take a test; and a vaccine so wonderful that they must force or bribe u or give u a choice of losing yr job if u don’t take it!

    • How is this Biden’s vaccine exactly (or Fauci or Gates for that matter)? Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J’s vaccines were all in the making during the Trump Administration. Remember Trump touting his Operation Warp Speed to help get the vaccines to the public as fast as possible?

      • President Trump was not directly in charge of what goes on in the vaxx industry. All he could do, or any president for that matter, hope that the vaxx industry is legit. But now most of us know, that is not the case.

        • Guess we all need to live in a bubble since the medical, auto-maker, firearms, aviation, and housing markets all have liabilities with lawsuits pending. Yes, deaths have occurred in all sectors… Nobody is safe. 🙂

        • Of course Trump wasn’t directly in charge of what goes on in the vaxx industry, but, but neither is Biden. Hotel Dixie Boxing Forum referred to it as “Fauci-Gates-Biden’s death vaccine”.

      • Also, usurper Biden and Harris both said if the vaxx industry is successful with producing a covid vaxx while Trump was still in charge, neither of them would EVER take it. Yet, once they knew they would be in power soon ( after cheating in the election ), they TOOK the vaccine ( Dec 2020 ). That alone should show everyone how political and corrupt the Dems are.

  • The science is going to say whatever the mega rich are telling them to say man its bought and paid for and do you think the mega rich give a F about you? Gates and Rockefellers family created modern medicine in late 1800’s and not for the purpose of making people healthy but to be dependent on their pharmaceuticals. when bill gates was asked about overpopulation he said “well we can just inject GMO’s in little kids arms”- GMO foods and GMO humans – communist hate God and nature.

  • For those of you who think the government is up to something nefarious by pushing the vaccine, I’d love to hear some of your theories on what you think they’re up to exactly…..

    • Umm…. World depopulation perhaps?! Seriously, most of the people in charge have been on record, even in videos, proclaiming this. But you can keep on trusting all the criminals that are in charge now, if you want to.

      • I can’t find any evidenced-based documentation on world depopulation theories in dealing with the vaccine and the COVID-19. Care to point me in the right direction?

      • Just speaking on vaccines in general, they have done a World of good for mankind. Smallpox for example, killed 300 million people from 1900 through it’s eradication in 1980. It was 3 times more contagious than the flu, and had around a 30% mortality rate, which is insanely high. Just a horrible disease, but was completely eradicated with the help of vaccines. Polio was another. Hepatitis. You don’t even hear about some these disease anymore thanks to vaccines.

        With the political climate the way it is, and the fact that there’s almost as much conspiracy-type crap available on the internet as there is actual scientific data, I guess it should come as no surprise that we’re seeing some of the opinions we’re seeing here. I worked with a guy who seemingly never heard a conspiracy theory that he didn’t buy into. Great guy, but prone to believing the alternative story every single time. I’m guessing an overactive imagination has something to do with it….

    • You know, Sammy, that makes sense. Your comment is a good one. No kidding. We all keep going in circles on this thread with no end in sight so hey, why not, can we bring back the Ford Pinto in its right past development and not a truck like Ford just did now?

  • Big Pharma is making $billions from this Vaxx. Many politicians are lobbied by Big Pharma. IMO, Marvin Hagler would still be alive today if he were not Vaxxed!

    • Nordic-You mentioned you had a boxing career in an earlier post. I find it ironic that a man who legitametely risks his life every time he steps foot in the ring would be afraid to take the vaccine because he’s concerned about its safety. You entered the sport of boxing fully aware of the safety risks. I know several ex boxers who are now in their 50’s, and they all show obvious signs of puglistic dementia. I’m sure you know several as well, it’s almost inescapable. No doctor will ever claim boxing is a safe sport, yet you chose to pursue it. There is absolutely no evidence that Marvin Hagler died as a result of the Vaccine. It seems anti-vaxxers are doing the same thing they accuse hospitals of doing- innacurately stating the cause of death as COVID. If someone happens to die after being vaccinated, it doesn’t mean the vaccine killed them.

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