WBA says Rigondeaux must choose

The World Boxing Association (WBA) wants to clarify the situation regarding the bantamweight bout between WBA champion Guillermo Rigondeaux and WBO champion John Riel Casimero, to be held on August 14th in Carson, California.

The WBA has not approved the title fight as yet. Recently, the WBO president, Francisco Valcarcel, stated in his social media that his organization would not sanction a unification with Rigondeaux since he is not the Super Champion, a decision that the WBA accepts and respects.

Regarding Rigo, the WBA Championships Committee will wait for his decision on the belt. As Valcarcel said, Rigondeaux must request to be ranked to face Casimero, an action for which he would vacate his WBA belt. A decision Rigo must formally communicate to the WBA.

“Just as we respect the WBO’s position, we also support Rigondeaux in the decision he makes as he has proven to be a great champion and is obliged to decide under the circumstances that have been presented to him,” stated a WBA press release.

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  • The Alphabet Boys are idiots that are killing boxing to fill their pockets! Sounds like politicians!

  • Wba ,sort yourselves out….suffering from a belt oversupply….a 10 year old would recognise it.Do your job.

  • Why doesn’t the WBA make a decision and decide who its champion is??? You’re going to force him to vacate that trinket to get what is probably an excellent payday for fighting someone better than anyone in your rankings? Yep. Makes absolutely perfect sense in WBA Land. WTH!

  • These organizations are confusing the general public. Only season watchers know who the real champs are and they lie to the rest of the public claiming it’s a championship fight like the Gervonta vs Barrios, even though that was a great fight.

  • Would they every threaten, say, Canelo, or other money fighter, that if he fights in a fight like this, he would have to choose between the rock an a hard place?

    • They have in rejecting Pacs reinstatement as the WBA superchamp. The WBA is the worst organization of the bunch and second comes the WBC.

  • This is just a good fight and the belts don’t even matter, because fans don’t care about them anymore. Not even the mainstream watcher cares about any of these worthless belts.

    • True-fighters should not pay for these worthless titles-put them all out of business.

  • The WBA clearly hasn’t helped Rigo’s career, so why not dump that stupid strap?! Heck they were stupid enough to mess with Pac and his belt!!

  • So sanctioning body dick measuring contest will not allow this fight to take place…

  • Either the WBA stops belt whoring, or the WBA gets shut down. 50 WBA Champions per weight class is getting a little ridiculous.

    2 eight year olds get into a school yard fight, and all of a sudden, they are fighting for a WBA strap.

    This is ridiculous.

  • Easy choice. Throw the WBA belt in the trash where it belongs. Their cockamamie system has made it such where you can win a “regular” title but never unify it because someone already has the elevated version of the title.

  • >