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WBA directorate meeting concludes

The second day of the World Boxing Association’s (WBA) directorate meeting in Medellin began with a review of the organization’s projects for 2019 and 2020 and the announcement that its 100th anniversary will be celebrated with a convention in Russia in 2021.
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With President Gilberto Jesús Mendoza’s presence, the members of the board of directors witnessed all the events that the organization held during the year, including the Future WBA Champions, an amateur boxing program that seeks to promote athletes around the world, as well as professional boxing shows in Barranquilla, Colombia, different KO to Drugs festivals and, of course, the Fuzhou Convention, among other projects.

He also spoke about the upcoming events, the chronograph for the Centennial celebration in 2021.

The WBA’s upcoming events and the schedule leading up to the organization’s 100th anniversary celebration taking place in 2021, were detailed. Also, the plan drawn during the last convention remains in place and has already begun to be carried out with this meeting in Medellin, while a Drug KO in Nicaragua and a visit to Africa will follow.

Luis Vargas, a member of the WBA communications commission, spoke about the centenary and detailed the proposed set of activities to be carried out, which are intended to commemorate the history of the organization, represent its values and achieve an organic evolution on the path to Russia 2021.

Gilberto Echeverría, WBA technology specialist, presented WBA’s Virtual Academy, which will be used to teach various courses online and to hold seminars, not only for WBA members, but also for the general public. A digital learning platform for boxing.

The WBA will continue its activities in 2020 and will carry on with its plans in the next meeting, while all the projects on the agenda are being executed.

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  • In the 1950s, there were eight weight classes and only eight world champions. Gosh, how did they put up with it?
    Thankfully, it is 2020 now. We have 17 weight classes, our boxing world have been blessed with multiple boxing orgs, and we have the benefit of artificial intelligence to guide us creating new world belts.
    Today, we have the knowledge to come up with several hundreds of world boxing champs at the same time.
    Boxing is certainly a forerunner in taking a sport into modern times. Other sports envy us, ’cause our sport has the most world champions!!!

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