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    • Rumor floating around is Andrien Broner was arrested at the weigh-in between Fury and Wilder. Not sure of the charge yet…..

      • Its not a rumor. The charge will be simple trespass since hes not allowed in the building and was asked more than once to leave. Nothing big, in and out.

        • Broner puts me in mind of someone with antisocial personality disorder. Yes, Google it for all you internet religious searchers. Broner hits very close to the signs and symptoms of the disorder and based off FOIA records in his last court hearing, it even supports my theory even more.

        • Whetto, you are correct. With the onset of chronic trauma encephalopathy (aka CTE) for some fighters, paranoid behavior, aggressiveness, depression, lack of empathy, and confusion can not be ruled out as well with Broner. Any cure for CTE? Nope, it’s a chronic condition. Many experts agree that Jermaine Taylor is a textbook case. CTE sufferers do have a risk to challenge the law(s) by their risky behavior associated with the condition. However, people with antisocial personality disorder, it’s a hard-wired personality trait and no drugs are approved for it. Guess if one is a professional fighter, it’s a roll of the dice if you develop CTE.

  • It’s going to be “bombs away”! I think it will be over in three or four rounds. It just depends on who gets hit first.

    • Not really sure the bombs thrown by Fury have the same hydra-shock on them as Wilder throws. Fury in a tougher spot if they slug. Once Fury tastes that right hand again I bet he starts moving and boxing.

    • Hes a sneaky guy, he could be hiding something under his shirt. He looks slim and strong though and if he does weigh 270, hes going to hit pretty hard.

  • Hope Wilder wins this time. The last fight can be argued as a loss for both so in the end a draw works. How many refs wave off fights when a boxers drops like Fury did? I think Wilder wins this one, but I dont see it being a round or two. Fury has gotten lucky in two of his last three fights. I thought the ref should have waved it off after the Wilder knock down. I also thought Fury lost his last fight after 12 and thought that should have been stopped anyway.

  • Ok, is it me or do they look like GIANTS compared to the commission. Oh my goodness. Those dudes are freaking huge

  • Agree with comms re Fury not looking significantly bulked up.
    Says something about Wilder’s popularity in the US when Fury gets a better reception. I still find it strange that a US fighter with such a high KO ratio and really their sole flag bearer in the HW division is so unpopular

    • Because he can’t fight ! People doesn’t like champs like him who are fighting bums after bums.. a not Well prepared Fury beat Wilder in every round except the 2 KD ones… real fans are knowing that..

      • So fans are appreciating the technician more than the guy who takes guys’ heads off with one punch? I’m going to go with Option B

      • As mentioned before, boxing allows sluggers with power over boxing technicians and vice versa. Until someone stops Wilder, he is a threat in the division. Bottom line.

    • One thing is for sure, Fury would not win no body building contest. Yes, I know, that has nothing to do with boxing. LOL. However, it’s true in my statement.

  • I see a lot of uneducated posts. The posts that Wilder cant fight are getting old. Is he a great boxers, no. Sorry you don’t get to the Olympics with zero skills. This guy jumped in with no experience and came out with a bronze metal. He jumped in the pro ranks and won the title and has help it for a long time. Yes his early matches were with unknowns, but he has been facing the named fighters for years now. I cant count top ten fighters that Fury has face on one hand. Fury has a hell of a great comeback story, but its being shown in parts. First he failed the post fight drug tests after the Klitschko fight and would have been stripped of the titles so he retired and vacated. You can argue that hes lost the title of lineal champ because of that. He has also faced nobody except Wilder in his comeback and you can argue that he lost two of his last three fights. Again great story, but told in a way to sell tickets and left a lot out. Wilder on the other hand has shown heart, the ability to come back, power in each and every round and the ability to win no matter the talent of the other person. This match will be interesting for many reasons. Wilder has a little more weight so he wont be leaned on and pushed around as much as last time. Hopefully he learned that Fury cant dodge a body attack. Fury will be easy to bust open this time and the list goes on. Can Fury win, hell yes and he can win convincingly. Is Fury a good guy and a roll model, no. besides the drugs and cheating on his wife hes kind of an ass. Still hes a top 4 boxer and thats all that matters. I dont think this is a 50/50 fight, maybe 70/30 for Wilder, but we are all watching because he could be the guy to beat Wilder.

    • Derrick, well said. Boxing allows sluggers, pitty patters, runners, technicians, and the complete package. Wilder may not be technically sound in the “boxing” section, but he can crack! Boxing ALLOWS guys who can hit! Last I checked, he is a threat, a champion, and stands in the way of many others trying to get a title. I am sure many CT Scan machines have ruled out cranial bleeds from the opponents who have been cracked by Wilder.

      • Its just frustrating to hear so many who have never stood toe to toe with anyway say a champion cant fight. Nobody ever made it that far on luck. Plus saying all these things about Wilder reflects poorly on everybody he has beaten. I could spend hours saying all the things I dislike about Fury, but Id rather focus on the fight and acknowledge he does have the tools to win. I mean Tyson Fury has faced two named fighters in his entire career. Klitschko and Wilder. A small argument can be made to add Chisora in that list, but thats it. He likes to talk about Wilder facing bums, but in the last seven years its hard to call the people Wilder faced bums.

  • Anybody see that video clip where wilder scared the crap out of jimmy Lennon when he yells out “bomb squad”. That was funny.

    • I have had to “grow” accustomed to Lennon’s voice thru the years. I am not a real fan like I am with Mike Buffer. Lennon got into the entertainment business with the help of his father. Nothing wrong with that…

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