Canelo Alvarez confirms May 2nd fight

WBC franchise and WBA middle/super middle champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez has confirmed that he will return to the ring on May 2 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Due to the deadlines required by the boxing commissions to register the contracts of a fight, it is expected that the official announcement by “Canelo” and Golden Boy Promotions won’t be long in coming. “We are going to fight on May 2nd. We still have to define the opponent, but we have several possibilities and in the next few days it will be announced,” commented Canelo.

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  • Strong rumours that it’s BJS. What I find strange is that both BJS and Callum Smith both rejected initial offers from Golden Boy but Callum Smith was slated by DLH who said nothing about BJS.

  • Who cares? It’ll be another hand picked opponent by DLH to make his little cuck Canelo look good. The scorecards are filled out before the fight is even signed. One way or another they’ll find a way to give Canelo every advantage known to man and the only way his opponent can win is by knocking him out twice in one night.

    • No doubt about it. Canelo’s sole purpose at this point is to bring attention to boxing. His fights are meaningless because there will always be a cloud of suspicion with his weight jumping and prefilled scorecards. He’s one or two cycles away from bulking up to cruiserweight.

  • The worst part of any sport are haters, they don’t make any elucubrated comments, they just erupt, vomit their negativity instead. A hobby or the love for any sport should be creative and deeply analytical, that is what help us, IMHO, to show others how much we have learned about it. Being focused in just hate, we are saying the same, over and over, like broken record, with zero knowledge behind our words.

    • @mikemiguel, I like and agree with alot of what you say and I understand your point here but I think its important also to call out corruption in the sport as other people here are very clearly aware of. I’m not going to go into the tainted beef with clen or Golovkin stuff or catchweights.. But we all know and get tired of it. Just because we love boxing doesn’t mean that we should accept the corrupt aspect and be ok with all of it. It’s not hate as much as people are tired of seeing what seems to stem from favoritism to open corruption. Nobody has to like that and it shouldn’t be an aspect of boxing. Again, I like alot of what you post. I tend to agree with most of it and I hope you don’t take this wrong but rather a fellow boxing enthusiast’s offered input.

      • Dear Caligula, there is a standpoint of view way above us, where promoters, managers, commissioners, presidents of aliphatic organization and others at that level are located, (most of them untouchables) they just care about business, money. There is where the bribes, arrangements under the table and corruption is a normal occurrence, a normal ingredient of their lives. In between, there are the gladiators (known as a boxers), they put their lives in the line to entertain us, they put their lives in the line to feed those suit and tie guys, all in order to get a small token, while the best part lands on the hand of those guys.
        Now here is the question: Why the morbid feeling to hate one of those that entertain us?
        What are the reasons to wish only bad to them?
        Before was Ali, Leonard, DeLaHoya, Jones Jr., Mayweather, Pacquiao and so forth. The broken record still the same.

  • I have been noticing that everything is turning around two names only, Saunders and Callum Smith, but what about Benavidez? I know he has a fight scheduled, but I m sure that his management can put this fight aside if an offer is made. Reviewing the 168lbs division, there is not much in there. Jacobs, Plant and Chudinov are not attractive as a possible opponents for Canelo, Smith and Benavidez are the most attractive IMO, with Saunders just intriguing with a question mark about how boring could be this fight. The worst choice? Lemieux

    • Mike, reading in between the lines of your post, really nothing attractive for Oscar to sell off tickets for unless someone is bored and has nothing to do but attend a half-way predictable match. Sorry, but I wont get suckered in. I save my lunch and allowance money for bigger and better things to spend it on. LOL

  • Idk why but i have a strange feeling it could be either Saunders or Charlo.. why Charlo??? Let me tell ya, in his last interview when his bro fought, he made a comment he could be fighting again in May but didnt say who.. maybe its jus wishful/hopeful thinking from me.

  • Agree with MM re negativity. And people are getting their negativity out before the opponent is actually announced.
    I’m just wondering who he should be fighting?

    He’s fought GGG twice and Danny Jacobs who have surely been the best 2 opponents he could have fought at Middle. And if he fights either Smith or BJS he’s fighting another top 5 fighter.

    Is Benavidez with DAZN ? If not then BJS and Smith are favourites because they are on the same network.

    • “And people are getting their negativity out before the opponent is actually announced.“

      That’s because there’s a long history behind Canelos fights!

      “He’s fought GGG twice and Danny Jacobs who have surely been the best 2 opponents”

      And he likely LOST to GGG twice! Those are two reasons/decisions behind our cynicism of Canelo!

      Kudos for taking on Jacobs, good fight, close fight. Canelo needs more of them.

  • FYI
    When Canelo fights,
    The judges get paid alot more more money than when most anyone else fights. Especially in Vegas

  • Smith is a big super middleweight so more likely BJS for his title but at a contract weight of 165.
    DLH gets to protect the middleweight belts for later in the year.

  • Since Canelo just fought at light heavy I doubt he plays a catch weight game with Smith or Saunders. Either one is a solid opponent, though neither piques my interest.

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