Fury outweighs Wilder by 42 pounds

By Miguel Maravilla at the scale

Deontay Wilder 231 vs. Tyson Fury 273
(WBC heavyweight title)

Fury didn’t remove his shirt. He weighed 254 for their first fight. Wilder weighed 212.4 for the first fight and looked ripped at 231. No face-off due to the Nevada Commission’s fear of possible hostilities between the two.

Charles Martin 254 vs. Gerald Washington 236.5
(IBF heavyweight eliminator)

Emanuel Navarrete 122 vs. Jeo Santisima 122
(WBO super bantamweight title)

Sebastian Fundora 153.5 vs. Daniel Lewis 153
Subriel Matias 142 vs. Petros Ananyan 142
Amir Imam 141.5 vs. Javier Molina 141.5
Gabriel Flores Jr 132.5 vs. Matt Conway 132.5
Vito Mielnicki 147 vs. Corey Champion 147
Isaac Lowe 125.5 vs. Alberto Guevara 126
Rolando Romero 137 vs. Arturs Ahmetovs 136

Venue: MGM Grand Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas
Promoter: Top Rank/TGB Promotions

Video: Wilder-Fury 2 Weigh-In
Deontay Wilder trainer Jay Deas

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  • Good weight for Wilder I think it’s a little too heavy for fury it will definitely slow him down if not speed footwork for sure with that said it’s still a pick-em fight
    The only thing that I will say is wow they will have a better chance of connecting and Winfrey reconnects they will be harder than last time

  • wilders a little heavy, but not bad, furys overweight,Martin is to heavy, washingtons about right, martin will get ko’d as well as fury

  • Fuck I hope fury knows what he is doing. That seems too heavy. He did have a shirt on. I wonder that is lined with lead for mind games

    • It would be a smart move if the shirt would indeed weigh over 15 lbs. Its not impossible, but unfortunately unlikely.

  • Fury is either wearing weights around his waist (old trick) or has a big heavy belly
    Wilder is lean muscle fit

  • Fury has to be heavy and have to try and get Wilder out of there early. 1 punch that cut can open and he will get knocked out faster. I understand his game plan it’s reckless but it has to be done. I would like to see Wilder at 240. He’s athletic he won’t lose his speed and agility.

      • Well I hope your man does win. But I think not. I watched the first fight in a theater, and the first fight between Cannelo Glolovkin with my girl friend. And both ended in draws, and in both cases, Fury was on his way to victory after 11, blew it when he got knocked down in the 12th, and almost out. Because of that, I had it a draw. Of the last four rounds I only could give Fury the 10th, which I also gave to Glolovkin in his match with Alvarez, though none of the judges agreed with me. I felt Glolovkin won that fight. Well, Canellow won the second fight (I did not see it), and I can’t watch this fight tonight as I am working. Fury in his first fight for me just was moving around so much with wasted motion, that I don’t think he has great stamina. even against his match with the Swede, he was dazed in the 12th. two stoppages in his last six matches does not bode well for him. Also my girl friend factor is another reason since her presence and those matches make my prediction. Now I could see Fury winning a decision, provided he is not knocked down, but would have to also go with Fury by stoppage.

  • The weight was huge for me predicting this fight. I’m not sure how happy I am with Wilder being that heavy. I think he should’ve just been at 220+ or- 2-3lbs. Carrying 10 more than your whole career could be a huge mistake. I think Fury might have an advantage if what he says is true on how his trainer has fed him better and they tried to get power the right way by eating a lot while training hard. This weigh-in has cleared up very little on the outcome of this fight.

    • I have always said, Wilder needs to be more in the 230-235 range, since he has a tall figure that can handle the extra weight with ease. The added weight should add a bit of extra “oomph” to his lethal punch. If he gets a big KO in this fight, he might thin of moving up to around 235-240 lbs.

      • Wilder should Simply learn To fight and fight decent opposition like he’s doing tomorrow. AJ, Parker, Ruiz, Dubois are all going to beat him.. What je funny is US fan’s were talking shit about the robotic style of Klitschko but a 35 Wlad would have ko them all… weakest HW era ever with the Valuev ones !!!

          • I think the heavyweights are a bit better now than when Klitschko was in his prime. However Klitscho in his prim would have beaten Joshua, who he was nearly coming to knock out. and Also Fury. the death of Emanuel Stewart, combined with Klitschko’s age at the time was certainly a big factor in the down swing of his career. Just look at Klitschko after Stewarts passing. And I saw real problems with him when he fought Bryant Jennings. I think that age, and that actress he got involved with, even had a child with, was a negative. I think that he actually takes care of the son now, not her. Vitali certainly would have beaten these guys as well, though as I said, they are better than before. Povetkin and Haye were perhaps the best heavyweights below Klitschko, with Haye being to light and small and same thing with Povetkin, a real cheat it would have appeared. I did;’t even think Povetkin defeated Marco Huck.

    • I was shocked how low in weight Wilder was in the first fight. Lower than Ali was in his first fight with Joe Frazier back in 71. I predict that Wilder will stop him.

  • Wilder is the weakest HW champ ever with Valuev !! Those guy’s simply can’t fight !! Just imagine Ali, Foreman, Tyson, Bowe, Lewis against Wilder !! Those guy’s could all dish and take some punishment he wouldn’t have any chance against them… Wlad and Vitaly were way better HW champs and would have beat all the bums with no chin of today..

    • Wlad was boring AF!!! Wouldnt throw a hard right to save his life! Content to jab all night and go the distance with bums. Vitali is another story! Much better.

      • Bud, if that were true he would not have had so many stoppages in his matches. Certainly his loses to Sanders and that other guy, can’t remember his name were factors in his more careful attitude. But it also kept him fighting a lot longer than some other heavyweights. I also think as I have mentioned in other comments, the loss of Emanuel Stewart was a big factor.

    • Lol bowe and Tyson no, Tyson would have quit and bowe would have been
      Koed Lewis and Ali and foreman would beat him

  • Fury has already imploded again because he cannot handle the pressure due to his mental weakness. He will probably outbox Wilder again but get dropped and lose a decision this time.

  • Fury has got an attitude and a mind that´s more than unusual. He may have a desire and a need of proving himself as puncher – but of all the heavyweights in the world, Wilder seems to be the one to avoid in a slugfest. Why become a puncher when his defensive tactics have been working well? I do not get it. I think he is bullshitting and I think he will work behind his jab, being better at it this time and I think he will break down Wilder as the round progresses and Wilder tires.
    They´ve allready talked about a third fight – and an early KO is no good for that plan.

    • I think the early KO is just mind games to make Wilder think he better play it safe early in the fight if that works it buys Fury a couple of Rounds to get things going and potentially gets him off to a good lead in the fight.
      if an Early knock out comes its going to come from Wilder

  • Bottom line is Fury is a bum who hasn’t fought a tough opponent other than Wilder, he will be exposed in this fight and will get a serious American ass whipping and then the brits can try and find another white hope while crying in their beers about bretexit.

  • I just want to note something that seemingly nobody has touched on.. Wilder is at an all time heavy at 231. Why does that dwarf what seems to be a bigger issue with fury’s weight… I’ll explain. Wilder has put on what appears 15-16lbs since his last fight and as i said his all time heavy. YES it is for sure muscle, not fat! His shape is clearly undeniable. He looks jacked! Here is the issue: wilder has added muscle to his arms which will make them heavier to throw and hold up. Not to mention the more muscle the more oxygen your body needs to take in and use up. When you consider that Wilder tends to run out of stamina late in fights, historically as it is.. This will only exacerbate this situation which means he will likely gas out much quicker. Fury(if he did actually put on that weight and not wearing weights under his shirt)has no issues with going 12 rounds and hasn’t in the past, even after a 3 year layoff. Now add the fact that Fury is faster than wilder and the muscle that wilder put on will slow him even more. Just an alternative view.

  • This has become somewhat of a mystery. All of a sudden both men are coming in heavier than the 1st fight WHY??? Both claim they won the 1st fight, and both claim that they had the formula to beat the other man? So why would they come in so much heavier? What actual good does it do for them? Fury was moving perfectly in the 1st fight, no running out of gas and picking his shots with ease. Wilder was looking for the shot that would down a rhino and found it twice in the fight. So WHY??? would either man change up his M.O? I figured that if Fury boxed like the 1st fight he would get an easy decision win, now i’m not so sure he can do that at this weight. But i’m also puzzled by how long Wilder can go without running out of gas? Well at this point may the best man win, but somehow I know that this 3rd fight looms very large in this outcome. I just hope this will not be a WWE fine art production.

  • I almost get the feeling that Fury doesnt care any more and is looking for a way to lose and get out of the sport and go back into his depression/mental destruction of himself. This fight ends up being a win/win for himself no matter the outcome. 270 lbs is not good at all. Fury is going to be slower and we may have to sit through another interview and hear ‘bomb squad”.

  • fn Charles Martin Was a decent fighter before he made big bucks for posing on the canvas against AJ, blimpin out at 254. He is so outta shape he may lose to Gerald Washington. Main event Fury Wilder 2 deserves a better undercard to justify PPV cost

  • In fury’s last fight, even before the bad cut, he looked to me scared in there. the bad cut actually seemed to motivate him, but I think he loses here, and will not only that, but disappoint a lot of people.

  • Whoa. I think both Fury and Wilder are a little heavy. They didn’t look heavy though. What if the numbers have been fudged for betting purposes? Wouldn’t be a bad idea to generate as much as possible before fight time.

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