Usyk KOs Dubois in nine

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Photos: Sumio Yamada

Unified WBA/WBO/IBF heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk (21-0, 14 KOs) knocked out WBA regular champion Daniel Dubois (19-2, 18 KOs) in round nine on Saturday night in a driving rainstorm at Tarczyński Arena in Wroclaw, Poland. Usyk outboxed Dubois over the first four rounds. Usyk was hurt by a shot to the belt line ruled low blow in round five and needed several minutes to recover. Usyk peppered Dubois with jabs and straight lefts. Dubois had his best success to the body. Usyk finally dropped Dubois with a combination at the end of round eight and then floored Dubois again in round nine to end it. Dubois was counted out at :48.

Oleksandr Usyk: “I’m ready tomorrow! Next fight with Tyson Fury!”

Daniel Dubois: “I don’t think that was a low blow! I’ve been cheated out of victory!”

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Usyk-Dubois Undercard Results

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  • Dubois was Dubois. But that was not a low blow. All 4 body shots hurt Usyk.

    • Usyk is a liar & big actor. Your balls are not on the beltline, even if you have a micropenis your balls are not on the beltline. He can’t take body shots. The referee was paid off with Ukrainian corruption..

      • Mike Coppinger shows a picture on his Twitter that the blow was 100% low.

        • Liston..
          100 percent low huh? BS. See Usyks trunks? Above the belly button. If his trunks were below that would have barely touched his belt line. That’s why he cried to the ref after every body shot after that. Danny quit and usyk will get it from fury. Period

          • Who STILL says it is was low blow must quit posting anything about boxing and go to eye medical check!!! Look at USYK ELBOW, damn it! Even more weird than this is how AJ and DDD tried to outbox USYK and kept dancing whole fight .. their IQ must be around 70.

          • You’re telling people who are looking at a low blow in a still picture that they have to get their eyes checked? You need to stop watching boxing because you don’t know the rules. Now you’re going on about an elbow and talking nonsensically like you’re trying to type while you’re enraged. You must have lost some long money on Dubois. Hahaha! Don’t bet on a sport you know nothing about son.

          • Usyk elbow is below the punch!… it’s too hard for you to understand what that means … I was a big Usyk fan since I’m east european … but I’m tired of propaganda …

            you must have the same IQ as DDD who doesn’t have a champ material… feel sorry for you, wonder how you survive.

            I never bet. I don’t rely on luck like you, but on brain and common sense.

      • Ukrainian corruption not the cause. But certainly maybe bias and sympathy by the referee with the political climate.

      • Absolutely disgusting. Dubois won the fight right there but he also quit later on. Usyk will be destroyed by either Wilder or Fury and a few others.

      • What ever the circumstances, the ref frigged up and call it low , and Uysk milked it and well as appearing unable to stand .
        So got away with it big time .
        Maybe he would have

  • Things to lean from the fight:

    I felt that Dubois quit.

    Usyk is a superb and complete fighter.

    Referee Pabon did a poor job, Usyk kept complaining low shots, and some of those shots were legit, Pabon did not see them, but assumed they were low shots.

    Dubois set a blueprint to defeat Usyk attack, attack, and attack his body.

    • Nah the blueprint to defeat Usyk was set by Derek Chisora. Constantly move forward, rough him up against the ropes, clinch, attack his body. Dubois really wasn’t agresssive at all he was trying to box and counterpunch & he was backing up a lot towards the end.

      • In the Chisora match Usyk might not have been all that well, apparentely getting over Covid if I am correct. What that fight though did was make Joshua over confident that he coulid defeat Usyk with ease, with some here in the USA thinking Joshua was going to knock him out. Actually one of the trainers of Dubois, who had trained Usyk had talked about going to the body.

        • Idk man about being sick. I think you’re right about Joshua being overconfident against Usyk, he assumed he was too small and had no power. Still though doesn’t change the fact that Usyk always looks uncomfortable when his opponent goes on the offensive and makes it rough.

          • Then tell me what Joshua’s excuse was in the second match where he lost again? You just hate Eastern European fighters don’t you? Jelly?

          • Chisora did a job on him!
            But when Joshua went on attack, Usyk made him look second-rate.

    • A gentleman who was in Dubois’s corner had trained Usyk before, and did say go to the body. Because of the controversy of that 5th round, I gave that round to Dubois, and only that round. Had he not got knocked down at the end of the 8th, I might have given Dubois that round as well. Most certainly Dubois did not complain about the stoppage, I had thought he beat the count.
      Poboan definitely played favorites, but had he counted out Usyk, and the title went to Dubois, who knows what trouble might have ensued.

      • What are you saying, that the Polish crowd might have ambushed the ring and killed Pabon? Or maybe the Ukrainian government would have colluded with the Polish government to detain the referee? Son, if you’re an American you’re the one who lives in the most corrupt psychopath led, and infested, country on Earth. Poland and Ukraine, before it was led by the corrupt NATO installed Zelenskky, are far and away more controlled and peaceful countries than the one you’re from. I can say that because I’m an American citizen who has spent considerable time in both countries. I doubt you’ve ever left your county or state in your life.

    • The blueprint has been there for a long time. It’s not as easy as it looks. Usyk is a great fighter and he’s very strong mentally. He’s an all time great.

      • Steady on all time great. Says who … let him earn that in the ring over time . What he as done so far is great but he is not an all time Hall of famer yet , stop getting away !

      • AND don’t forget that Usyk is only about the same size and weight as; Liston, Ali, Holmes, Holyfield, Lyle, Norton, Shavers, Chuvalo, Cobb…

  • ROBBERY!!!

  • Dubois won that fight….. Pabon robbed him blind…. This is boxing, punchers chance

    • I dont know, Usually Pabon is a solid referee.
      The punch in the 5th was like a uppercut that got Usyk groin and the waistband. The waistband could be low/no low depending on how high/low the short is on.

      • You’re half right. You’re right when you said the punch was an uppercut that got Usyk on the groin, but wrong regarding where the waistband is because it’s irrelevant to where the punch lands. All you have to do is look at the ukrainians actual waistline and see that the punch landed at the top of the groin. That is right where the cup line runs and that part of the body can’t be trained because it’s not part of the abdominal muscle group. That was an excellent call by an excellent ref. These are the same racist jackoffs who thought Andre Ward’s shot against Kovalev was legal. To these neanderthals there is no such thing as a low blow and they’re all body shots.

        • First of all, I didn’t say there was robbery or the punch was legal.
          The uppercut first made contact with what appears to be Usyk groin and then made contact with his waistline of his trunk.
          2nd before the fight starts referee usually says a punch here is legal/low, in regards to where the cup/waistline is to fighter bellybutton. Pabon didn’t do it.
          3rd I didn’t see how high/low was his trunk to his bellybutton to say one way or another .
          You are wrong to say it is irrelevant where the punch lands, if the punch first made contact with his groin then it is a foul

    • A fraud?? How so?? He dominated the majority of the fight. It’s not his fault the ref is a joke. I agree, Dubois should be the champ right now. That was NOT a low blow. However, Usyk is no fraud.

    • He’s not a fraud. He’s done well moving to heavyweight but he’s going to get his @$$ busted by Fury and Wilder will find him and knock him unconscious. He will avoid Wilder as he should.

      • Wilder is too slow and little boxing IQ. He put fear into boxers before they stepped into the ring simply coz he hits very hard. But he got found out by Fury as Fury s boxing nouse was far superior. The same would happen against Usyk

  • I’m so sick of if the fighter is supposed to be the A fighter the commentators ane Refs are biased. That was a knock down and not below the belt, he should be champion.

  • I was thinking its trainer fault …. but maybe DDD has not the IQ to be a great champion. All that dancing and not punching meanwhile staying close like he was hypnotized…
    As much I hate Fury, I think he will beat Usyk. Only with the jab and uppercuts.

    • Fury should beat him not because he is that great of a fighter. But because he is 6’9 and knows how to use his physical advantages.

  • Daniel got robbed tonight. That was a very legal shot and the British Boxing Board must protest this outcome.

    • It was but he got gun shy after ref called it low and it mentally took him down, that’s on him!

  • Dubois is useless. Usyk is lucky the heavyweight division is hot trash. He squeaked by Chisora and 2 close ones with an ordinary Joshua and this board and the ESPN crew talk about him as he is some world beater.

    • Two close ones with Joshua??? He absolutely dominated Joshua wtf are you talking about?

  • Dubois wasn’t robbed. He still had several more rounds to re-impose his will on Usyk and get the job done, but he couldn’t. Real champions get it done. Dubois simply isn’t cut out to be the champ.

    • Well you have to consider that after the 5th, every time Dubois landed a legit body shot that Pabon did not see and Usyk complained, the referee admonished Dubois, this was a deterrent for Dubois to go to Usyk body.
      At the end, he quit.

    • Cubanitovich, you wrote: “Dubois wasn’t robbed. He still had several more rounds to re-impose his will on Usyk and get the job done, but he couldn’t.”
      “…re-impose his will on Usyk…”????
      Don’t forget an increasingly desperate Dubois had unanimously lost all the first four rounds before resorting to his low shot in the fifth!

  • Usyk looks ordinary, but then figures out his opponents. The jury is probably still out on how good he really is, but that one will have to see going forward.

  • Emotional Dubois fans will turn on Usyk for milking the low blow, but in fairness the ref called it immediately and Usyk just responded like anyone would in that position. Dubois has a future but he needs to find a hunger to win, willingness to go out on his sword.

  • Called that one. Now, if that gypsy bitch stops being a mental case we can see Usyk do the same thing to him.

  • Big baby dubois had several rounds to do his thang after the so call low blow round but, instead showed his weak chin to be a major factor. Let me guess uzik next fight: uzik vs chisora or uzik vs dillian whyte! They need to stop the bullishhhht and have elite vs elite, uzik vs fury next or strip them both of the title and let wilder knock the crap out of weak chin joshua in a match for the vacant titles since fury and uzik dont agree on anything!

  • Waoooooo usyk still in my top 10 best boxers ever

    1 Andre ward
    2 Pac-Man
    3 Ricardo finito López
    4 jc Chavez
    5 usyk
    6 Inoue
    7 lomachenko
    8 calzaghe
    9 Crawford
    10 tank Davis

  • Pretty weird fight. I was surprised how easily Dubois went down on just a jab from a former cruiserweight, and didn’t even beat the count.

    Not crazy about how Usyk just snatched the mic from the female commentator. She seemed real uncomfortable the whole time. I guess that comes with the territory interviewing fighters with big egos.

    I also expected Usyk to be more respectful to Dubois after the fight. Instead he seemed to be ridiculing him (this not ballet!).

    C’mon Usyk, you’re lucky you had a ref who saved your ass, at least show your opponent some respect after the fight.

    • What are you talking about? Did you have a bad dream about what you thought happened post fight then what really happened. Actually, I think it’s quite funny that Usyk has so many casual posters on here so worked up because he knocked out your long money boy

  • The question is : will ” Gypsy Chicken ” ,finally, attempt to avenge the loss of two British fighters.
    If this was a ” Fix”, then Daniel’s knockdown was a ” Fix” as well ?
    I’ve counted , at least , three times Daniel had hit Usyk around the belt area. Pabon, had considered only one low blow.

  • Weird fight. Usyck looked to me to have been legit KO’d, Dubois KO did not look legit. IDK!

  • Usyk is the real HW champion of the world and fears nobody ! One of the best ever..

  • Didn’t see it, but why does there always seem to be some controversy at almost every big fight. Crazy. It gets old.

  • What is it about British boxers that they have absolutely no heart—Dubois could have thrown caution to the wind-Gone out on his shield-But he was so scared he got knocked down with a jab then quit—Dubois vs AJ would be a battle of the gutless!

    • Brian, if British Boxers have no heart, then what do you say about Fury or better yet Wilder who got smacked around by the Brit???

      • I stand corrected. Tyson Fury does have a ton of heart. But generally speaking I stand by what I said. Especially pertaining to Dubois and Joshua.

  • Through the history of boxing there has always been contraversy and this no different.
    Whether it was a low blow or not Usyk used the opportunity to recover. Called experience. A recent fight Naveratte did the same. Many years ago a young Cassius Clay,got caught by a Henry Cooper “hammer” near the end of a round and some how his glove got damaged and it was a long few seconds to repair.
    It happens , right or wrong.

    • It WAS a low blow!

      It was on the bladder which hurts just as much as being hit in the huevos.

      • Was not low, his belt was pulled high, as it is was, and punch was right on the belt.. he was hurt and tried to game an easy out.. looks bad against a soft opponent like Dubois.. Usyk is very good but far from great.. Dubois is a specimen but with pedestrian skills..

      • Don’t quote Timothy Bradley. Look at an anatomy book first. If it landed on the bladder it would have been way below the navel. Even below a g-String belt line.

  • The body shot was marginally low. Usyk does not wear his trunks high. Low blows are any shots below the belly button. Usyk’s trunks usually show his belly button as above the belt line. The blow was slightly below the belt line but coming up. It was clearly a low blow and it was the ref’s call.

    That said, USYK is definitely vulnerable to the body. He took’s Dubois’ head shots well, but was clearly guarding his body after the 5th round. He thoroughly outboxed Dubois and once he stepped up the offense, it was all over.

    The main controversy is that the ref gave an additional minute of rest after Usyk said he was ready to go. That was not appropriate but he did it anyway. The ref is the man in charge in the ring and you can’t really argue with that call because it was his prerogative.

    A fight with Fury would be really interesting. Fury is not a body puncher but he may have to be to win the fight. Otherwise, Usyk would just outslick him with movement, feints and shots he doesn’t see. I sure hope the fight can be made. Fury is getting to be a joke with all his demands, which tells me he really doesn’t want to fight Usyk.

    • Bottom line is he feigned a testicle punch.. got KO’d by a shot to near the Pit of his gut and wanted to pull a John Ruiz, another fighter that faked his way out of an Evander Holyfield body shot KO.. Dubois is leagues behind Usyk but he landed a KO shot, Usyk survived with a sympathetic ref and good acting.. his own crowd booed the replays

  • I’ve spent the week on this site talking pro-Dubois. I had money on him. But guess what? That shot was low, plain and simple. It was well below the body. I have no complaints. This was no robbery, and trying to say so is nonsense. Usyk won clean although Dubois acquitted himself well until he cashed out with initial damage. It was a disappointing end.

  • In fact, low blows are all blows, to the groin or to the bladder area.
    Ref did a good job

  • Usyk didn’t quit, Dubois did.
    Stop whining and wipe your snivels off that gargantuan face. Man up.

  • Frank wasn’t this outraged when Lerena knocked Daniel down 3 times in one round.
    Hypocrisy at it’s highest…

    • …or after that, when his man Danny took to hammering Lerena with low blows when DD had got Lerena bent against the ropes in the third.
      Now that WAS a strange fight!
      Where were frantic Frank’s howls then?

  • Bring on Usyk vs Fury or strip Fury of the WBC title let Usyk fight the WBC number one contender or if not available next rank contenders who are available to fight for the vacant title

  • I thought it was a clean shot. It strayed a tad low.

    But the real question is why didn’t Dubois keep going back there?

    I mean i would have targeted that belly with every shot after that.

    Beyond that I expected dubois to fold. He’s just too slow.

    • He should have that’s on him, he allowed to be taken out mentally after that call

  • For those who have never boxed the shot was low. You don’t realize what happens and why the belt line is off limits. When you hit on the line the force yanks your cup up and depending on how your locked in place it cut, bruise or smash things. Most fighters say its more painful getting your cup yanked up than just being hit. You see Usyk pushing down several times and I think he was pushing his cup down. He cant just grab and adjust. Again unless you have boxed its hard to understand whats a low blow and what happens when things get yanked up. Usyk was winning all the opening rounds and didnt have a reason to fake being hurt. If anything it gave Dubois a break. All I can say for Dubois is maybe the wizard will give him a heart because he is lacking.

    • True, the punch does not have to be direct in the nut sack, but merely hitting the cup with power in an upper thrust, pulls the cup abruptly upward causing a lot of pain to any fighter. After working the corner of over a 1000 amateur bouts I have personally witness this fact on several occasions.

  • Two knock downs, one legal or not. Not his best victory but the right guy Won. Dubois hits hard, as his record suggests, and he has decent abilities. A rematch latter down the road after DW Unification bout. Whom wins? I have no idea.

  • I’d like all professional referees take a look at that shot and see how many would agree it was a legal shot?
    Also Dubois is unfortunately a quitter specially the last knocked down he barely got touched.

  • Everyone appears to assume a knockdown call in the 5th round would have resulted in a stoppage. If the referee would have started a count, Usyk may have gotten up. He laid there knowing it was ruled a low blow.

    • True too many mind readers who seem to think they assume what Usyk would or would not have done.

  • Predictable win for Usyk. Nothing special about Dubois, and it’s shameful that he was designated as some version of “champion”. Looking forward to Usyk’s next fight.

  • When looking at the still picture the shot looks borderline, with the majority of the glove seemingly below the belly button and only the thumb above the belly button
    …But when you watch the straight video replay it clearly is a clean body shot to the stomach, Refs gotta go with instinct as these actions as they occur so fast in matter of fractions of a second it’s a tough call, but unfortunately I doubt the decision will get overturned to a NC.
    One thing is certain for me at least Daniel kind of set the blueprint and somewhat exposed Usyk’s weakness to the body

  • Shame that they have to cheapen Usyk’s victory with the low blow nonsense, fact the blow was below the belt line as any honest person can clearly see. The fist part of the glove first made contact 4″-6″ below the belt line continuing with an upward projection upon initial contact.

  • Borderline at best considering where the waistband of the shorts are. Every big heavyweight knows what to go for now

  • And once again the ESPN team has cause a problem where there really wasn’t one. The belt line is at the belly button and if you bother to look at Usyk’s trunks you will find that his belly button is at or just below the top of his trunks. That makes the belt line at the top of those trunks. The boxing glove in every good photo, stop action or just full speed you can see the top of the trunk about the glove and this make it a low blow period. As far as the time to recover did nobody ever thin that it may have been a communications problem with the Ref (Puerto Rican) to get the point across to Usyk (a Ukrainian) that he had 5 minutes. Also why do we have to hear from the British Version of Don King Frank Warran twice, once before the fight when he informed us that Duois was beating Joe Joyce until he got his eye broken and then after the fight where he informed us that he was robbed. Well I must tell you no matter what goes on in the fight you are never robbed when you lay down and quit…..

  • Dubois has really low intelligence. Why take a knee in a chance of a lifetime and just quit? ..again.. Boxing is the only way to him make money. Frank Warren rips him easily moneywise. I see him after his career working some production line in a factory until that day when he cannot take it anymore and he quits..again.He is a quitter in his heart and a quitter of his soul.

  • Best line was Tim Bradley’s” If his onions are that highm Houston we have a problem”.

    • Marc, the problem that being Hit with such lower close to the groin does reflect down there. Speaking as a soccer player… 🙂

  • Was it a low blow or not?

    Boxing fans have now quickly split into two teams and they have already dug their trenches. One side screams about robbery and the other side says that it was not a low blow. Any other discussion about the fight is unlikely to take place for the foreseeable future.

    But if we forget that particular part?

    Otherwise, the fight went pretty much as most had predicted. Usyk did his thing, he studied his opponent at the beginning, took home most of the rounds and finished the fight at the end.

    What I will take with me the most is that Dubois found and exposed Usyk’s Achilles heel, which was interesting.

    So which side have I chosen in the trenches?

    I have had the privilege of watching it recorded, being able to rewind and watch it in slow motion from different angles. Not least, after the stop, I was able to see exactly where Usyk’s navel is.

    This was something Pabon couldn’t do, he had to make his decision within a second from the angle he was standing.

    Usyk’s navel sits just below the edge of the waistband. When he takes a deeper breath, the navel comes out. Knowing that, I won’t complain about Pabon’s decision. In my eyes, that decision was not controversial. The blow hit below the navel.

    On the other hand, it would not have felt good at all if Dubois had been awarded the victory with an illegal blow, to say the least.

  • Can we all agree on one thing after tonight, though: Tyson Fury likely beats Usyk fairly easily?

  • The WBC needs to strip Tyson Fury of his belt because he’s holding up the heavyweight division. Let Joshua and Wilder fight for the WBC belt. Then the winner fight Usyk for the undisputed title. Enough of the games played by Fury!!

    • Terrible idea, Calvin. We will end up having Usyk vs. Joshua 3 and nobody cares to see that.

    • The only shot “The Grim Weeper” Joshua deserves is the next one to his loaf!

  • Excellent cruiser weight. Not really a division that people ever cared about. Beat body builder AJ who was knocked out by a fat Mexican and people think usyk is a pound for pound contender. He’s a good boxer – total hype job. Dubious is glass jawed was KOED by a jab. Fury is the draw usyk would only deserve a 20% purse split at best. Wilder blows him away within 5 rds – Tyson beats him every day of the week.. HW Div is awful. This guy is pure hype. Michael Moorer comes to mind / left handed heavies have always been crap.

  • big baby vs usyk will never happen i believe he is an espn protection plan there are heavies that are better than big baby tyson fury would break down big baby before round 10 du bois checked out in the fight with usyk dont know about the low blow it was borderline

  • If Mills Lane was the ref, he would have started counting, Usyk would have lost. New champ Dubois and then loses in the rematch. You cant be using these garbage refs in title fights/high profile fights.

  • Good call by the ref to call that an illegal blow as the picture clearly shows it on or below the beltline to the Ukrainian’s trunks, which are perfectly at the right height. The beltline doesn’t refer to the waistline of the trunks but more the waste bone. That is where the top of the groin protector is and to get hit right on that is debilitating and illegal. So for all the racist and low class Americans that are so used to seeing really low blows thrown and gotten away with, ala Ward against Kovalev, they don’t actually know what a real low blow is but good European refs do and they enforce the rules, unlike American refs. Great knockout win from Usyk and it looks like the Croatian Hrgovic is next, if Fury ducks Usyk again.

  • It was a low blow that clipped the cup on its way up. Had it been declared clean he would have beat the count, but it would have remained a low blow as the pics show.

  • If you look in the fight, the belly button was visible at times; yes, he definitely doesn’t like to be hitting the body.Nevertheless this was an uppercut, first contact was definitely under the belly button,.moving upwards. Respectfully, I believe that if the referee would have counted it a knock down, Usik would have got on his feet, now what would have happen next no one will know, but he was not knocked out. He took advantage of the allowed time To call him a cheater is a strong word. Dubois has all the potential to become undisputed champion if he keeps learning and taking care of his career. Best to all decent fans of boxing

  • That is NOT a low blow. Usyk got caught clean on the belt line. All one has to do is use the magic of slow-mo and look objectively. Refs saved Usyk tonight. If Usyk is the man of honor the folks are portraying him to be, he should demand they run it back to erase all doubt. He used a veteran move and his status to lie about a low blow. He got him clean to the body by a heavy weight. I don’t care what anyone says.

  • 100% clean shot, Usyk knows how to run game when he is hurt. Do I think Fury or Wilder beats him? well its a massive payday for both with a couple of titles on the line and neither of them have took the fight so I guess at this point its not about what I think to me its clear they think something else.

  • You think Dubois might have dropped “his bottle” again? NB: “Bottle” is an English word for

    • Sorry guys, I accidently hit the wrong key above.
      Complete posting here: “You think Dubois might have dropped “his bottle” again?
      NB: “Bottle” is an English term for “guts.”
      Remember his surrender against Joe Joyce?
      Dubois knew he was getting handled confidently by Usyk (see judges’ unanimous cards) and so resorted to a poor attempt at the champion’s figs.
      Old habits die hard; knocked down three times in the first round, watch Dubois’ “strange” fight against Kevin Lerena – when in the third, he unleashed a number of solid punches to Lerena’s plums.
      Now that WAS a peculiar example of reffing.
      Dubois deserves another shot less than I do!

  • That was 100% a low blow. The ref, a very good one, made the right call. You fools that think that was a KO make me laugh. You’re deluded if you don’t think Usyk would have been able to continue and get that knock out even if it had not been ruled a low blow. Dude’s mentally and physically tough as nails. Y’all’s bias clouds your thinking.

  • What a terrible fight between what would have been considered “b” class fighters 50 years ago…The HW division is on life-support.

  • I believe it was as close to low as anyone’s figs need! Dubois did the same to Kevin Lerena plums!
    Usyk is as tough as teak, and I believe he could have got up under a count and the end of the fight the result would have been the same!
    Remember Dubois taking a knee against Joyce?
    Crying he was robbed (with much promoter Frank Warren encouragement) after bottling it again to be counted-out against Usyk is just a weee bit too coincidental.

  • Had Usyk been on a count he would have got up angrily to keep battering Dubois, and probably stopped him sooner. All judges had Usyk winning all the first four rounds before dubious Dan’s low shot.
    Was frantic Frank Warren and desperate Dan’s invalid whining wise to try on – following Anthony Joshua’s tearful disintegration at his aprés fight conference following one of AJ’s clear defeats by Usyk? Subjectively involved as Dubois’ promoter, Frank Warren’s predictably tedious banging on lends neither Warren, Dubois, nor boxing, any credit. All should get over it and shut up. When Dubois was counted out on his knees again, all three judges’ cards had the fight unanimously for Usyk 117–110.
    Watch Dubois vs Kevin Lerena’s fight and see Danny demonstrate his liking for aiming shots at his opponent’s figs!

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