Usyk dethrones Joshua by unanimous decision

Photo: Mark Robinson / Matchroom Boxing

Former undisputed cruiserweight king Oleksandr Usyk (19-0, 13 KOs) seized the WBA, IBF, WBO heavyweight crowns of champion Anthony Joshua (24-2, 22 KOs) in a very impressive display of boxing and fighting over twelve see-saw rounds on Saturday night at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London.

The quicker Usyk stayed right in Joshua’s grill from the opening bell. He staggered the champ in round three. Joshua started to connect in round four. AJ rallied in rounds five and six. Usyk had a big round seven. Joshua took back the momentum in round eight. Round nine was close. Usyk was cut over the left eye in round ten and Joshua’s right eye was almost closed. Huge final round for Usyk. Scores were 117-112, 116-112, 115-113 all for Usyk.

There is a rematch clause, so Usyk-Joshua 2 is on the horizon if Joshua wants it.

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  • Great fight by BOTH fighters. Usyk was just too much and more determined. Rematch clause or not, Tyson Fury still the number one heavyweight…

    • Not Long, Usyk the new Muhammad Ali is coming for Tyson Fury. Remember “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”

      • We’ve got what I wanted! Holyfield-Lewis type of series. Usyk is no Holyfield yet, but he was, too, able to apply pressure, and he already has Holyfield-like chin. Go Usyk!

        • Nope Usyk isn’t a cheater like Holyfield was, no need to stéroids when you are that good !

          • @Régis. Speaking of steroids, I bet AJ will come back all “beefed” up like in the past. Eddie Hear can pull the strings for no one to notice. However, if the fight takes place in Ukraine, it will make it hard for AJ to do so, so he might price himself out of the fight.

      • i have to say i picked usyk on the reason aj has only fought boxers who stood right in front of him, ruiz showed us the lack of high quality boxing ability he possesses, usyk is a master boxer foot movement, and has had time to fill into a solid hw.i think including myself to see certain fighters power and think no way this guy can take those shots, if they fight again aj needs to get back to the old aj. i enjoy reading your post, and i think your knowledgeable about the sport

    • How can he be the number one HW when he never fights? Fury has three notable wins on his resume. The nearly 40yo faded Klitschko, Chisora and Wilder. He’s certainly big and has good reflexes, but he’s hardly proven himself a great fighter. He seems more interested in just about everything else besides fighting.

    • I told y’all Usyk was going to win Split Decision never been sold on Joshua Wider Will upset Fury now

      • Sorry Slim. I picked Wilder to win by KO both times, but he’s going to be embarrassed even worse this time around. Only if Fury self destructs can Wilder win.

      • Exactly stop diminishing the achievements of AJ a great fighter himself but enjoy the rare fighting skills of a 2 times gold medalist, amateur world champ, Undisputed unified undefeated cruiserweight champ who now has 3 of the major HW belts ! That’s the moments i wait for in boxing, when david beats goliath against all odds !! Jesus i love this sport so much !
        Great post.. not 51 likes with no dislikes for nothing ! You are the undefeated king of today’s posts !

    • I have been saying that for years. Too much muscle. I called Usyk winning by decision or late knockout

    • Been saying that since he won at the Olympics. Doesn’t have that venomous killer instinct.
      Boxing IQ isnt close to many of the top heavyweights. Don’t get me wrong, achieved far more than I ever have or will

    • AJ is good when his opponent plods after him with little lateral movement. Essentially his power and size are his main strengths. Big short comings are his lack of athletism, his inability to sustain an attack for more than a few seconds and his chin. Overall he’s pretty average as HW champs go, not terrible, but not great either.

      Saw this as a 50 50 fight, mainly due to AJ’s size/power, but Usyk largely neutralised that with his movement, then beat his with his angles and accuracy, determination and durability.

      Great performance by Usyk.

      • I agree. I thought 50 50 till I saw Joshua weigh in. Once I saw how much smaller he was then normal I thought “this isn’t going to be good, he thinks he’s going to out box him!” It was 80 20 qt that point.

  • Good boxing by Usyk! Stick and move! Stick and move! I’d like to see Joshua face the loser of Wilder/Fury 3 and the winner face off against Usyk.

  • THIS is why I love this sport!

    Amazing performance by two incredible athletes, great display of the sweet science by both boxers.

    Usyk is DA man, Joshua had an incredible fight but was outsmarted by a better but smaller boxer.

  • I knew it! Usyk is awesome! Forget those other matchups. Usyk dominated. Joshua boxed a lot better than I thought but to no prevail. Congrats Usyk and welcome to the heavyweight champ club!

  • Amazed by Usyk’s performance. Thought this was too big a step for Usyk, but he boxed and fought above his weight and size. Wow.

  • All credit to Usyk. He fought better than I thought he could. It was a masterclass.

    PS– 115-113, WTF? I had it 10 rounds to 2.

    • Brainchild: 10-2, exactly how I scored it. How the judges scored it shows how fixed this could have ended up had Usyk not dominated like he did.

      • The Hatton junior fight earlier and the crowd booing the Ukrainian national anthem and this judge showed what Usyk was dealing with there. Had he not totally destroyed Joshua they would surely have pulled another Hatton junior.

        • Yep, they were going to fix the fight like they did the Hatton Jr. fight earlier that night. Eddie Hearn says the judges had Joshua ahead after eight rounds.

  • Seemed like the timekeeper rang the bell ten seconds early to save Joshua. Close fight but Usyk sealed the deal. Closed the show like a true champion. Joshua was the bigger man but failed to use those attributes to his advantage

    • I noticed that too. As soon as the screen read :09, 2 seconds later the bell rang.

    • Are you that surprised ! They try to help Anthony the best they could, ref + time keeper + judges.. Ouf the right man won !

  • AJ fought better in his rematch with Andy so he may fight better against Usyk. If anything AJ could be a 3 time world heavyweight champion. Losing to the best is not bad.

    • Usyk is a world class athlete in world class athlete condition, shape, etc… i doubt he shows up weighing 300lbs for the re-match

    • Losing to Usyk isn’t a big knock. The guy is clearly really good. But losing to Ruiz? Not sure that’s excusable.

    • I don’t thing that Usyk is going to balloon up in weight like Ruiz.

      Joshua didn’t use his jab as effective as I expected and I cannot recall any significant moments where he punched in combination.

  • Maybe he can unify the Bridgerweight division next! Lol. Giant heavyweight vs blown up cruiser. Guess who won?! The better fighter! Boxing needs less divisions, not more!

    • No, Fury is better, no doubt. Besides, to be the Man you have to beat the Man. Fury beat Wlad and has not lost since, he’s the Man. Usyck is great but he can’t beat Fury. I don’t know why people rated AJ so high, his loss to Ruiz showed up all his limitations, much like Wilders loss.

  • Wow! Full credit to him, I didn’t think he could do it. If he hadn’t already, Usyk just booked his ticket to the HOF.

  • Would not say that this was a great fight….maybe on British Boxing standards …Giving Usyk credit for the win though….Joshua kind of exposed ..Joshua is just not a dominant Heavyweight fighter…can’t say that he lacks the necessary tools… but not the same fighter that we witness beat Klitschko in 2017..hate to say it but maybe the desire is not the same…don’t see the same killer instincts… certainly not one of a heavyweight champion ….Usyk solid… nice fighter… certainly won the fight…better learn how to throw power shots…not potshots…slaps…on the inside in this weigh class..being the smaller guy must be efficient with each punch…Congrats though

  • Deserved win for Usyk. Joshua will never beat Usyk trying to box him like did against Ruiz, he should have tried to knock him out from the beginning, taking much more risk. Very bad strategy for him. A new deception for AJ.

    • I agree, his team thought they were going to outbox the better boxer…insanity. He tries to fight like a middleweight instead of imposing his size creating clinches, wearing the smaller man down etc…

      • It was strangely reminiscent of when John Ruiz tried to box Roy Jones instead of testing his chin. If you’re bigger and stronger, fight like you’re bigger and stronger.

  • AJ been ripe for the picking. Just took a decent boxer to expose AJ shortcomings. He should have taken the unification fight with Wilder and made the big fight. He avoided and still ran into losses. This is what he had coming. See how he makes the adjustment in the rematch.

  • Just like I said, fairly easy fight for Usyk!!! I don’t even think the fight was close. 10 rounds to 2 is how I scored it. Usyk picked AJ apart all night and showed his far superior footwork and ring IQ. AJ didn’t really throw too many big punches, I wasn’t impressed with his performance to be honest, but at the same time its hard to look good against someone like Usyk. I’m glad Usyk won but I still want to see Fury embarrass AJ.

  • I had it 117-111, but could see 116-112. Every round was clear. 115-113????? Get outta here, and take that filthy referee with you. Multiple low blows and holding behind the head while punching Usyk was disgusting. Great fight, Usyk is going to be a tough out for anyone, including Fury.

  • Joshua has not improved upon his defeat by Ruiz. Tonight, the worst came out of him. I was seeing the second coming of Primo Carnera. He was slow, robotic, no snap, no coordination in his punches, no strategy nothing. I don’t care to see him in a boxing ring ever again. Fury or Wilder would have murdered him. He needs a thoroughly
    new trainer or new career.

  • The superior boxer with BOXING skills won this , Tyson Fury predicted this, congratulations to the new champion!

  • Usyk showed he is a level above Joshua, great boxing! Joshua’s evolution as a fighter has stalled. On paper this looked close but after 2 rounds you could tell the movement and feints had Joshua confused. He needs new trainers to play to his advantages in the future, but I doubt he wins a rematch.

  • Absolute boxing masterclass by Usyk and a thoroughly deserved win.
    As a Brit tho, I’m ashamed by Howard Foster’s scorecard..must have been on Eddie’s payroll.
    Ultimately you can’t hit what you can’t see and Usyk def was a ghost in there.
    Joshua looked absolutely in a trance and I think it must surely be his lowest ever punch output in a fight while Usyk couldn’t miss with his back hand.
    The only real success AJ had was in the form of a few uppercuts to the body but Usyk is a master of riding shots.
    20 more seconds and Usyk may well have knocked AJ out.
    There should never have been any doubts that Usyk would win

    • Joshua is robotic. He has no foot work. Joe Frazier or Jerry Quarry who was smaller than Usyz would have knocked him cold. He needs a new trainer.

  • My goodness we just witnessed a re-Carnation Muhamed Ali master class of boxing! Congratulations to the new heavyweight champion of the world the great I Oleksandr Usyk

  • — Usyk had 3 cuts around his eyes.

    AJ one minor abrasion late in the fight, but it seemed to bother him, and post fight revealed he couldn’t see out of the eye for much of the last rounds.

    I had it a very close fight with plenty of nondescript even rounds, but it’s always been the curse of the slugger if he doesn’t KO his opponent. He loses in the public opinion, whereas if a boxer unexpectedly KOs his opponent, he’s exalted.

    Talk was in advance Usyk was going to get robbed in the UK, so all them folks lost when he won.

    Rematch coming soon if AJ eye is OK, a big if we can’t know in advance.

  • Congrats to Usyk, he put on great performance. As a Brit, I give credit where it’s due and he fought in the UK and got a fair decision.
    Had he fought in the US against Wilder, he would of got robbed.
    Love to see Usyk fight Fury next, will be a great fight.

  • LMAO, and a big steaming plate of crow served up to all of you Eastern European fighter hating racists. Usyk stayed right in front of AJ all night and busted him up, winning the fight handily. Usyk is now the number two pound for pound fighter in the World behind number one Inoue.

  • Amazing boxing by Usyk. Don’t forget he won pretty much all his biggest fights beyond the boundaries of his country and he has beaten tough champions. I actually had him winning 10 or 11 of the rounds. Insane achievements. He is Pound for pound the best now.

  • One of the best cards I have seen in a while. Many great fights including undercards. Usyk did everything right ,way to go champ. Respect to both fighters but big congrats to the new 3 belt champ. Wonder how crazy Fury Wilder 3 will be next week?

    • It’s going to have the same outcome than the last time in my opinion, Wilder has the puncher’s chance but Fury has the same type of chin Tito Trinidad had back in the day’s. Often rocked but never out !

  • Usyk is pound for pound the best now. This was masterclass like all the other Usyk title fights. He just booked a ticket straight to the HALL OF FAME. Clearly one of the best to ever put on a pair of boxing gloves. Already one of the all time greats.

  • Where is everybody that said Usyk is too small? And even AJ is too good a boxer for him? Haha, Usyk is a Beast.

    • Guilty as charged! I knew Usyk was a beast, but thought he was too small for Joshua. I said before, when Wilder held the belt, that Usyks best bet to winning a heavyweight title was through Wilder. Crow eaten.

      • Yeah, I have to own it as well. I thought Joshua would have enough tools to win this fight. I knew Usyk would come to fight and it wasn’t a big shock that he won, but I am surprised. I underestimated Usyk; I didn’t think he had this level of skill.

  • People are already saying that AJ didn’t fight the fight. They couldn’t be more wrong on that. As could be predicted Usyk landed cleanly from the start. If AJ kept pushing and kept throwing power he would have been stopped.

    As we told you all Usyk was a dark horse. The footwork, the feints, the fact they weren’t 50lbs apart but 20lbs apart should now add up in your mind what a danger Usyk presented.

    AJ responded exactly how he had to respond. Reset the distance by staying in the middle and retreating is how you deal with footwork from a smaller man. Also cutting the power off his punches and just landing.

    I think if they prepared like this from the start the fight would have been tougher for Usyk but if AJ just came at him like in round 1 Usyk would have cleaned him out. Lennox said it best that anyone at heavyweight can land the punch that knocks you out. These guys are all big guys.

    As far as the rematch goes I’d like to see AJ cut more weight and prepare with all footwork for the rematch. I don’t mean run like he did against Andy but move with Usyk so he can’t fool you with his feints.

    Right now I’m of the opinion that he might go the wrong way listening to Eddie Hearn and/or his corner telling him he needs to lean on Usyk. That will make sure he gets a harder knockout loss in the rematch. We’ll see which way they go.

  • Usyk proves once again that skill trumps size.

    Props to AJ for staying active against top guys while Wilder and Fury waited around for another huge payday. While he lost, he has always acted like a champion and has more good fights ahead.

  • Joshua needs a new trainer. Not once did he use his size to his advantage. Not a single hook thrown again a brilliant mover. Not a single initiated clinch to smother and tire his man. Not once did he corner Usyk. Instead the power puncher tried to box Usyk? Sack McCracken. He’s smoking crack.

    • I’d invite you to look at what the late Corrie Sanders did to Wladimir when he instinctively tried to clinch after getting hit with a solid left under his jab. Sanders knocked him out cold with a second straight left when Wladimir tried to clinch.

      That’s what happens when a skilled heavyweight with fast hands is given room to throw.

      AJ’s realm is where his reach is. Learn from Lennox here. When the smaller man plays mindgames with his footwork you always reset the distance. That’s how you win. It’s better to miss half your punches if you can reduce what your opponent can do to zero.

      Maybe a more boring fight but we know how it works. It just works.

  • Great now we have a cruiserweight heavyweight champion. I mean we knew he wasn’t going to knock out the bigger man. We also knew the only way he could win is by decision. Looks like the future of the heavyweight division is going to very bright with lots of 12rd decisions! Lol


  • AJ has shown his heart is questionable at best. He keeps getting a pass because he’s such a nice guy. Game over man.

  • I always knew Anthony Joshua was overrated. He can’t beat Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder he got exposed.

  • The rematch clause in contracts is a detriment to boxing. It ties up titles and can encourage corruption. Any boxing historian will know that rematches were used by the mob for their betting coups.

  • The difference in the fight is-Usyk is a great boxer, while Joshua is a great athlete who learned to box later.

  • Respect to Usyk, his team and the people on this board predicting his win. Thought Joshua could win a boring fight but in the end, Joshua was just boring. I would love to see Wlad come out of retirement and fight Usyk.

  • I am interested in what Tyson Fury will have to say…….. But in the world of rematch clauses…. Will we see the best fight the best?

  • Bravo Usyk! The new champ! Size is just one part of the equation. Great boxing. Great boxers.

  • How is this possible? How could Joshua lose? According to casuals if you are 6’5 240 you could never lost a guy who weighs less pounds and is shorter. Sure there were tons of 6’5 heavyweights since the 70’s but lets just ignore that….

    Anyway the heavyweight division is still the worst division in boxing. Anthony Joshua was still a manufactured champion. Usyk showed that being bulky doesn’t make you a good fighter.

    • Wlad would ve knock the s.. out of Joshua in his prime ! It’s funny how everyone in the US were hating on the Klitschko’s, but they were better then the actual HW champs and challengers..

    • “According to casuals if you are 6’5 240 you could never lost a guy who weighs less pounds and is shorter.”
      – Maybe these “casuals” have never heard of a Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Joe Frazier, etc ??

  • Once Fury loses to Wilder maybe I can get to see the fight I’ve wanted to see since the beginning . Joshua Vs Wilder. ..or wilder beats fury and Joshua wins the rematch. Either way. I want to see those two go head to head.

    • Fury is gonna smash bumsquad again the guy Simply can’t fight ! Sorry for you but it seems like we have another du white dude HW world champion !

  • Usyk with 2 gold medals, undisputed crusierweight champion, and now heavyweight Champion. We might have a new P4P champion as well.

  • That was beautiful by Usyk. Those are top skills vs Joshua. Joshua had his good moments but his cardio needs to get better and he has a suspect chin.

  • I’ll certainly give credit where it’s due – I didn’t expect Usyk to do it, but he won, and in impressive fashion. Well done, young man. Well done.

  • I didn’t find this fight all that riveting until the 10th round when each guy’s face started falling apart. Credit to Joshua’s corner for keeping the swelling to a minimum, as it looked bad when the round was over. Joshua is just too fragile. Hell, he made Klitschko look exciting. I think I had it 7-5 Usyk, but the rounds he won were definitive as compared to only one or two where Joshua was the obvious winner. So 8-4 or even 9-3 wouldn’t be nuts in my view.

  • Can we now put an end to this stupid Bridgerweight division? This fight proves that the WBC Bridgerweight nonsense needs to be nipped in the bud & not one TV network should host a Bridgerweight bout!

  • It looks like I called it right again! No, just kidding. I predicted AJ to win via a decision victory thru 12 rounds. Congrats to Usyk on his Heavyweight Championship victory!!

    • Like you Heavy I thought Joshua would win comfortably. Then again I picked Big George to beat Ali.

  • AJ is a flawed champion but still a warrior and he does not have a Tommy Morrison chin. AJ has heart and does not dog it or quit. Usyk won by a wide margin but the 2nd half of the fight fight was exciting and Usyk deserves credit for going for the finish in the 12th.

  • I had a strong feeling that Usyk had more than what he showed in his 2 previous fights. He wanted this fight and showed why. Usyk showed no nerves whatsoever in the press conference and we can see why. The guy has supreme self confidence but does not feel the need to shout about it.
    Unlike with Andy Ruiz – where I felt a temple shot coupled with AJ not looking right – it’s difficult to see a different outcome in the rematch.

    • You nailed it ! I love Usyk he is a smart, down to earth and funny guy. What a specimen !


  • I’m stunned but in a good way, how easy boxing looks for a guy like Usyk. I knew it would be close but i was giving the edge for the UD at Joshua because of his size, weight and power..
    I’m so happy i was wrong because Usyk is really a nice humble guy and i love humility !

  • Joshua lost for two reasons I think. First in those first 3 rounds. Joshua was trying to figure out Usyk, and Usyk had already figured out Joshua. Joshua had lost the first three rounds, digging himself a hole. There was some boxer who said that Joshua had to impose his will on Usyk from the beginning, pointing out lesser tallent Derrick Chysora doin g that. Joshua failed, in that and I dont’ know what his corner was telling him to do. Finally the final four rounds, Joshua admited that he had trouble seeing out of that eye, and that I think was really the final clincher. It was very close after 8, and I think one of the judges after 9 rounds had Joshua in front.
    Props to Usyk, certainly can be considered one of the two greatest Cruser weight champs of all time, Hollyfield perhaps ahead of him. I was not one of those who picked Usyk to win. Perhaps he wins his matches by not looking so great, so that boxers will box him. Could he have been making his match with Chisora look tougher, in order to lure Joshua into his web. Wow, third Ukranian to hold a world heavy weight title, and I would say really the major one. A match with Fury would be interesting, and I would not count Usyk out of that fight.
    Though right now, it looks like Usyk-Joshua II. An intriguing rematch. Maybe Fury, if he gets by Wilder, will take on Dyllan White.

  • AJs pawing jab wouldn’t have busted a grape or kept a featherweight at bay. He threw hardly any punches with authority, stands straight up and is flat footed, and stands straight in front of Usyk. Well done to Usyk. He did what he had too, and he admitted it was easier than expected. AJ needs a bigger ticker if he wants the rematch.

  • Also thought that Rob McCracken was way too calm in AJ’s corner.
    There’s a time for calm and there’s a time to get animated,honest and shout at ur man Teddy Atlas style.

  • Very impressive fight and kept me entertained.I as many others thought AJ size and power would end up being the difference towards the last few rounds. I was definitely incorrect. Devin what say you?

  • I watched it.I thought it was a lot closer. AJ was the aggressor and threw more punches.
    Reminded me of Ali Spinks. Bad decision.

  • Its funny what happens when you put two top hw’s in the ring together. Usyk beat AJ in all fields. Power, skill and heart. AJ didnt do anything to hold the smaller fighter back. AJ really showed how little heart he has. I couldnt hear AJ’s corner, but Im assuming they at least said it was a close fight, but AJ never stepped it up.

  • I did not expect this to happen in the way it happened.

    I expected Joshua to come out aggressive to fight Usyk. I expected Joshua to use his outstanding physique, reach, strength and body weight. I expected Joshua to be rough and dirty in his fighting. Instead Joshua started hesitantly, tried to master Usyk’s boxing skills. I mean he boxed and did not fight Usyk.

    If that was the gameplan it was really stupid.

    Usyk cleared the Cruiserweight in just 16 fights. Now in fight 19 he is the Heavyweight Champion of the World, after another masterpiece in the Ring.

    I was more than impressed after his victory against Gassiev, but now, I do not even know what to say. I do not have the vocabulary.

    Usyk is a gift to the sport, I am not only talking about his outstanding boxingskills, but also about his social and humble personality.

  • just watched the replay,,,,,yes congratulations to Usyk on his win ,,,,,,boxing perfection was on display,,,,,But,,,,,,,,, AJ didnt look well before the fight began and looked to be labouring a little bit with breathing. Something didnt look right,,,looked “flat”

  • i picked usyk to win by decision i would like to see a rematch it would be good fight

  • I thought AJ looked too lean , he would be better off coming in 250-260 and overpowering Usyk with power shots in the early rnds. He can’t outfox Usyk so has to go for early ko before he gasses out in rematch

  • I’d love Usyk vs Ruiz jr. The fastest hands in HW boxing. Usyk would win but would be a lot of fun to watch. Fury’s skills would not be enough against OU. Wilder wouldn’t hit OU with one single blow and gets KOed.

  • The British judges were planning to fix their scorecards just like was done in the Hatton Jr. fight earlier that evening. Eddie Hearn says the judges had Joshua ahead after eight rounds.

  • >