Uribe hits Mexico City

Jesús “El Azul” Iribe along with trainer Rodolfo Chávez (brother of legend Julio César Chávez) arrived into Mexico City today from Culiacan for his fight this Friday, March 2nd against David “El Severo” Carmona for the WBC Latino Bantamweight Title at the Blackberry Auditorium. This Friday is the 2nd installment of the successful 2018 Boxeo Telemundo Ford Spring Season

“I don’t like to be a talkative fighter. I always like to say, I’m going to win, because if you start promising to win by KO you make a commitment with the fans that you have to win by KO and if you don’t then you lose credibility. That’s why I always say I’m going to win whichever way,” said Iribe.

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