Ugas-Barrios Media Workout

Yordenis Ugas And Mario Barrios Media Workout 09.19.23 09 30 2023 Workout (2)
Photo: Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions

Former world champions Yordenis Ugas and Mario “El Azteca” Barrios showed off their skills and previewed their upcoming showdown for the WBC interim welterweight title during a media workout at DLX Boxing in Las Vegas on Tuesday. They meet on the Canelo vs. Charlo PPV undercard on September 30 from T-Mobile Arena.

Mario Barrios: “I’m gonna bring the same intensity that I bring in every fight. I feel a lot more comfortable and settled in at the weight now…I’m preparing myself to the best of my ability. We have a very good game plan that we’re getting ready for Ugas. It’s a really hard fight, but those are the type of fights that I like to take. I want to continue to test myself and my ability and my skill in the ring.”

Yordenis Ugas: “I’m not in the prediction business, but what I do is fight elite fighters, give my best every round and let the chips fall where they may…I’m just focused on my fight. I have no clue what Crawford may do with the WBC belt. I’m doing my thing and that’s what I plan to keep doing.”

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  • And to think, Barrios got banged out by 5’5 Tank at Junior Welter, yet goes the distance against Keith Thurman at Welter and is about to fight Ugas. Charlo may have a chance against Canelo, size doesn’t always matter.

    • Not always depending on circumstances but yea in boxing size matters

      Besides don’t confused size with height

  • Can see this one going the distance, Ugas should get the win if he has something left in the tank. Difficult style for any fighter

    • It highly improbable for a fighter to win by one point.
      1- 6 rounds a piece is a draw.
      2- 7 rounds to 5,
      fighter who won 7 rounds = 7× 10 + 5×9 =115
      Fighter who won 5 rounds = 5×10 + 7×9 = 113.
      Score is 115 to 113 for the fighter who won 7 rounds.
      Now, one can say, there could be a round scored a draw, commissions are encouraged to train referees not to score a draw.

      • Of course the biggest 1pt win in boxing history was Ward – Kovalev 1 where Ward won unanimous 114-113. And I just watched a fight tonight where a guy won 95-94 on one card. Like Ward, he also got knocked down. I agree with you though, it’s rare.

        • Yes, there is a remote possibility where the winer was knock-down to win by a point
          In a 12 rounds,
          A – 7×10 + 4×9 + 1×8 = 114
          B – 5×10 + 7×9 = 113

      • There are many cases where a fighter can win by a point. When rounds are scored as even 10-10, or when a fighter wins a round, but is deducted a point it becomes a 9-9 round, (or 9-8 or 9-7 if there were knockdowns)

        • Hello Kris ,

          Thank you, I concur that a fighter can win by one point. However, I think this happens rarely.

  • Great comments by the two fighters, Barrios and Gas. They talked about the challenges they look forward to facing and were respectful of each other. None of that street-talking, chest-banging, trash-talking MMA-style crap. No confrontational behavior, cheap shots, name-calling, profanity, and general low-class, unprofessional behavior. Should be a competitive fight. Good luck to them both.

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