Conor Benn returns Saturday in Florida

Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

Conor Benn will return to the ring this Saturday in Orlando, Florida – live worldwide on DAZN. Over a year since his last fight, the British fighter (21-0, 14 KOs) will officially resume his career when he faces Mexican super welterweight Rodolfo ‘Sinaloita’ Orozco (32-3-3, 24 KOs) at the Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida as the Hitchins-Zepeda co-main event.

Benn was provisionally suspended back in April, effective as of March 15, when his fight with Chris Eubank Jr last October was postponed.

’The Destroyer’, however, was subsequently cleared in July by UKAD and the WBC, and his provisional suspension was lifted after an independent National Anti-Doping Panel review.

Matchroom Sport chairman Eddie Hearn said: “Conor Benn is back and I’m looking forward to seeing him pick up where he left off. He’s ready to go straight in for a big fight now but his trainer Tony Sims will be pleased to get him back sooner against a game opponent in Rodolfo Orozco. Conor is looking unbelievable in the gym and I cannot wait to see him back in the ring where he belongs on what is a fantastic fight card in Florida.”

Conor Benn said: “I am undefeated in the ring, and in spirit. A return on Saturday is a step closer to redemption. After that, I’m putting the 147-160 divisions on notice. You are looking at a determined man with a deep desire to beat them all.”

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  • Orozco has 38 fights and he just turned 24 in June. Looking at his record….. I think I recognize two names, both journeymen.

    • That’s a lot of fights to have at such a young age, albeit not against the most renowned competition, as you highlighted.

      You can bet he’ll be bringing lots of experience and machismo to the table nonetheless!

      He’s quite tall and rangy standing at 6’1 and has a pretty decent jab. He’s 32-3 24 KO’s, indicating he may have some pop in his gloves, and in his 3 losses has never been stopped.

      The problem I see with Orozco is that he doesn’t throw punches in combinations, opting to be more of a methodical fighter. His defense is sub par and he’s not that quick with his hands or his feet.

      I believe Conor will be too explosive and aggressive for him. But Orozco is a “bad a$$” from Sinaloa, so he’ll be bringing tons of heart and will come fight night!

      Should be interesting for as long as it lasts!

      • Wel, given that Benn’s been out so long, if Orozco can put something together (especially early), maybe he can have some success, but I do expect, as you said, Benn to beat him and probably stop him. But we’ll see. Great comment!

        • Orozco sucks the man is a nobody. Just look at the records of the men he beat and the records of the 3 men who beat him. He lost to a 9-3 fighter, 19-15-3 fighter and a 5-0 fighter lmfao. This fight should be a easy win for Benn another fight for more in ring experience.

      • BOXING JUNKIE…I remember that same statement made about a fighter name Yori Boy Campas when ..Yori fought Trinidad .. though Yori lost that fight…Yori knocked down the great Trinidad with one of the best short punches I’ve ever seen…(google that fight) and Yori turned out to be a helluva fighter….so you can never underestimate a fighter based on recognizable wins or loses….leave that to those 30 or 36 minutes in the ring….

    • Rodolfo ‘Sinaloita’ Orozco is 32-3 but don’t let his record fool you he sucks. The man is a nobody. Orozco hasn’t faced a good fighter and lost to 3 bad fighters who were 9-3, 19-15-3 and a 5-0. His record is inflated. He stands zero chance against Conor Benn. Benn is going to win by KO watch and see.

    • I agreed it would be a great fight tsyzu got get past Mendoza first that be also a great fight too in Australia I think Benn got get highly rated in the 154 divisor for this fight to happen

  • “…..was subsequently cleared in July by UKAD and the WBC,..”
    – Did we ever find out what the story was with the first failed test?????

  • Still a tough and experienced fighter to make your comeback against!! I applaud Benn for taking the fight. Now we get to see if the explosiveness and power is still there or was it manufactured??!!

  • Conor Benn fits perfectly as a potential opponent for Terence Crawford. As Crawford has been very clear, he wants only big-money fights; this is one of them if it is staged in the UK. Also, his beloved trainer BoMac is in a “crowbar hotel” over there, so he better forget about Canelo, who, besides having three fights with PBC, is not interested in a fight against him. I am sure Ben vs. Crawford could be a terrific fight.

    • You know what…..I can totally get with that fight! I know everyone is gonna say why not Boots and how does Benn get to cut to the front of the line and understandably, but that would definitely sell HUGE in the U.K!!!

  • 2 things I had never heard of before reading this:
    1. This fight
    2. Rodolfo ‘Sinaloita’ Orozco

  • I’m not clear on what Benn has done to clear his name. Were the test results wrong in some way? If they were properly conducted what is Benn’s excuse? If he has a ‘valid’ excuse well that opens the floodgates.

  • It is funny how everybody seems or chooses to forget that Fury, Canelo and BJS was caught doping.

    • Why is Canelo, his gym mate (who just fought for the jr. Light weight title) and Fury still in the sport?

  • They pulled this fight Seemingly from out of thin air. Hopefully they have a decent turnout considering the lackluster promotion.

  • Conor Benn has not been cleared. His lawyers argued that as Benn failed tests by VADA, UKAD had no jurisdiction over the case so they weren’t allowed to suspend him. UKAD and the BBBC have both appealed this ruling and the case has not finished.

  • Conner “the juice-man” Benn is putting the 147-160 on notice? Don’t worry about it. They already know that your dirtier than the sewers.

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