Tyson Fury: This is my last fight

Tyson Fury & Dillian Whyte Media Work Out

Photos: Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury says he’s retiring after Saturday’s fight with mandatory challenger Dillian Whyte at London’s Wembley Stadium. “I’ve said this is my last fight, and it will be,” proclaimed the Gypsy King.

Whyte didn’t show up to Tuesday’s open workout, so Fury had the spotlight all to himself as he went through the fight week paces with his head trainer SugarHill Steward.

On Whyte not showing up to the workout…

“That’s Dillian’s concern. That’s none of my business. Dillian Whyte, I’m sure he’s got his reasons why he’s not here today. Whatever they are, good luck to him, and I’ll see him on the fight night.”

A crowd of more than 94,000 is expected for this all-UK showdown, which would be one of the largest audiences in combat sports history.

“Frank Warren and the boys have done a fantastic job,” said Fury. “It’s been a great promotion. Looking forward to a fantastic event. I think it’s gonna be real for {Whyte}. If not today or tomorrow or this week, then as soon as I hit him in the mouth on Saturday night. Then, he knows it’s real!”


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  • Looks fat. Hope Fury is fit and prepared well enough to win. I have a feeling whyte will be better prepared than usual.

    • He’s always fat. Whyte also carries excess pounds in the ring as well. Once the trunks are pulled up they just doesn’t look as bad on fight night.

      The HW division is pretty sad right now.

      • Usyk is awesome! Shame he is in Ukraine. Would like to have seen his skills against Fury’s size.

  • Fury looks just fine. His body type has changed through the years. I would be more worried if he was ripped. The man will do his thing and stop White early. Temple shot round 2. Dillian will have stinky leg!!!

    • Whyte may well get beat or Ko’d but he will come to fight he is not one dimensional
      Wilder. who was never as good as madden out to be.

  • Nothing really out of the ordinary with his boxing form and technique. Same old stuff he has always been doing in preparation for any fight. The most significant item that shows his general form is his mouth talking smack as usual. Hate to sound so negative, but it’s so true.

    • Yep, the man can sling sh%t. He’s built an amazing career and made a ton of money without really taking many chances. Wlad was nearly 40yo, Wilder, while dangerous is not very skilled. And besides them there’s not much else on his resume. Chisora was a good win and 37yo CW Cunningham beat the piss out of him for 3 rounds before Fury turned it into a sanctioned mugging.

      I hope it is his last fight and we can all move on.

      • Think you are things you said not far off right .he is very skilled but only fought a lackluster Wlad, and a over rated can’t box one murder puncher.

  • Fury will win by TKO or KO (easy part), but the challenge is in which round??

    I guess the 5th round.

    • I don’t know where this idea of Fury being a wrecking ball came from. I expect him to win but he hasn’t fought one fight in his career to suggest he will “end the fight whenever he gets bored”.

  • Rumors were floating around last month Fury was going to hang it up sometime in 2022. Let’s see if he is real on his endeavors and truly stay retired. My guess? Who knows…Money talks in so many cases. Maybe Wilder will jump back in the mix since his biggest nemesis is quitting after this fight. We will see. I would love to see Wilder vs. Joshua just for plain fun.

    • Uk wants to see AJ v Fury, my impression is that Fury never wants AJ fight at anytime and even if AJ beats Uysk in the return. Take nowt away from Fury to me his wins over Wilder who I rate no better that former fighters like Donovan razor Ruddock/ Michael Grant/Shannon Briggs type punchers who were all easily blown away by LL after 50 secs of looking dangerous. No opponents even nearly as Mercer/Tucker//Golota/..let alone going up to likes of Lewis/Hoyfield/Tyson/ who all had lots of defenses. 5 defenses don’t make you the greatest or even near . he is your so at least fight all current champs and the biggest names before he retires. He should beat Dillian white on paper but we will see Whyte comes to fights and is not one dimensional.

    • I’m also guessing Fury looks great and wins easily and decides not to retire.

  • Well this just sucks. I’ve never liked Fury. He was a boring fighter and nothing exciting ever happened. Fury / Wilder two he came out as a whole different fighter. He was aggressive, hard hitting and exciting. I thought it was a one and done fluke, but the third fight showed he may have become a fighter worth watching. Now that I’m looking forward to seeing him fight he’s calling for retirement. Im really hoping for a great fight, but after 40 years watching boxing I have the feeling I could be seeing an upset. If he is really planning to retire can he be devoting himself 100% on this fight?

  • Reminds me of only a few weeks ago. Brock Lensnar looked unbeatable and Roman Reigns took everything the beast there’s at him and pinned him for 3. There are champions and their are champions….

    • – You can’t be comparing Boxing champions to “Wrestling” champions.
      – Say it isn’t so….

  • Imagine being Tyson Fury…funny, rich, chicks dig him, he gets paid millions for people to cheer his name. He could easily set up fights that are defense worthy for years without worry if he had a brain. Who can beat him? And yes he looks unusually fat.

  • The big question surrounding this fight is whether or not Whyte can land one of his wild, winging club shots on Fury’s huge noggin, and knock the big giraffe senseless? Possible, but not likely. A blubbery Fury, who has the body of an alcoholic, will likely prove too much of a mass to overcome. Dillian will run out of gas, and get KOed. I frankly would like to see Dillian win, and for Fury to retire, but I don’t see either happening.

    • If Deontay didn’t knock him senseless in 3 fights no way Whyte does

  • Try to enjoy greatness when you CAN enjoy it. Tyson Fury is a top 10 heavyweight. Of all time. Maybe top 5.

    • Top 15 please don’t forget the all timers like Jack Johnson, Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney, Joe Louis.. Then those after the second world war like Marciano, Patterson, Ali, Frazier, Norton, Formann and then the ones from the modern era like Tyson, Lewis and both Klitschko..
      That’s 14 names who are as great or greater than Fury..

        • Sorry but I’m not a fan and he has way too much losses as a heavyweight. If you put Holyfield in there you have to put Riddick Bowe in there and both don’t deserve to be ranked as high in my opinion. And what would’ve been Hlyfield without roids ?! Not much..

      • Regis, You somehow forgot Larry Holmes. A prime Larry smokes almost all of those guys.

        As for Fury: Head to head it’s hard to imagine tiny Heavyweights like Johnson, Tunney, Dempsey, Marciano and Patterson beating him. He’d have 100 pounds on a few of them. He would simply roll through them. It’s apples to oranges. Is he the most dominant Heavyweight of this era? Probably, but his resume is pretty weak, so from that perspective it’s hard to give him ATG status. However, from head to head… it’s hard not to rank him highly. I think Holmes and Ali would find a way and a few of the modern giants probably beat him. Prime Tyson I’d favor, but if Fury could survive the first 6, then it would get interesting. Holyfield was mentioned as an ATG above and then Bowe was brought up. Both would have a chance on their best nights.

        Ultimately, Fury needs to beat Usyk, Joshua, Whyte (obviously) and a couple of the younger prospects (Joyce, Hrgovic, etc) to prove he’s the best of this era and then we can call him GREAT.

    • Yes, because he beat a 40yo Klitschko, a clumsy and limited Wilder, and….?

      In boxing greatness is determined by resume and Fury just doesn’t have it yet.

      • Your doing revisionist history. Wilder was 40-0 with 39 Ko’s. No one said he was clumsy and limited. Wlad was on a 21 fight win streak beating 7 former or current world champs. Both were very good hvy’s when Fury beat them.

    • “Tyson Fury is a top 10 heavyweight. Of all time. Maybe top 5.
      – Thanx for the laugh.

      • Seems like not much people agree with these statement. A 30 years old Wlad would’ve smashed him.. be real..

  • Yes Tyson looks bigger than usual. Interesting to see what he weighs in at. Probably having motivation issues. If Joshua didn’t get so thoroughly undressed by Usyk then maybe Tyson would be more in the game with that big money carrot dangling

  • Tyson Fury vs. Mike Tyson in his prime would’ve been an interesting matchup. Not sure how that would’ve went.

    • Tyson in his prime wins that by KO. Mike that is. Mike was too fast powerful. Fast feet. Great head movement Mike woulda been in n out before fury knew what happened. Mike would chop him down. Fury has never fought anyone near Mike in his prime. Fury would be hit with more than 1 bomb at a time which Wilder couldn’t really do. I like Wilder. I think he did great for himself considering starting boxing so late. But Fury had his number. I think Fury is great at what he does. Using his advantages but I don’t think he’s an all time great. He’s the best of this weak era. But that’s not saying much. N the few decent fight that could be made. Won’t. Long list of heavyweights from other eras who would beat him.

        • Well one of his best performances, the KO of Carl Williams was after the Spinks fight, but let’s accept your statement. Tyson still has a WAY better resume through the Spinks fight than Fury.

      • CJM, let’s not forget that Tyson was small and Bonecrusher Smith was able to frustrate and tie him up all night before nearly knocking him out with a quick combo in the final round. While Smith lost almost every round he provided the blue print followed by Buster Douglas and later Evander. Bully the bully and push him backwards. So, the question is, could a 270 pound Fury wrap and push a prime Tyson backwards? Fascinating fight imo and if Fury could get through the early fire, then it would become very interesting.

        • Let’s not forget that Cunningham was small and was considered a light hitting CW and yet he knocked down and generally beat the piss out of Fury for 3 rounds until Fury started wrestling and punching Cunningham in the back of the head.

          Cunningham was fast, even at 37. Fury is not particularly fast, he just looks fast against most of the slugs in current HW division. He does have pretty good reflexes and instincts, but if Tyson could catch Carl Williams I don’t think he would have had too much trouble catching Fury.

  • Oh shit he’s so fat !! I’m not sure he took this fight seriously enough !

  • I don’t want him to retire, I hope re-considers

    Great to watch, I think people don’t like him because he actually is a humble guy and has never been about the money.

    If anyone should retire it’s Joshua

  • A joke? Your a joke if you don’t think Fury would box the socks off Dempsey, Marciano, or Foreman. Oh, and I’m sure a 185lb Tunney would beat him to, right? Give me a brake!! It’s funny that AFTER he beats Wilder, you guys say he beat a clumsy bum. Watch a 70’s Foreman fight. He wasn’t clumsy? Come on guys.

    • Fury boxes circles around all those guys and almost makes it look easy. It’s just hard for people to admit that the legends of the past would lose to a champ of the future. Most of those guys couldn’t handle Fury’s size let alone his footwork, speed and just overall boxing ability.

      • You’re both stupid as fuck.. you cannot compare 2 eras… not the same knowledge, training methods, eating regime etc..

  • Top 10 hw in last 50 yrs
    In any order

    2. Lewis
    4.Klitschko(once he brought on steward)
    5. Foreman
    6. Norton
    7. Frazier(different era I know he was small)
    8. Klitschko vitally
    9. Fury
    10. Mike Tyson (only because his domination over short 2-3 yrs was off the chain)

    • Not bad.. wouldn’t have the same but it doesn’t Schock me because the all timers aren’t there.. with them Fury loses 3 or 4 ranks and I’m ok with that..

    • Darrel, Ken Norton and Vitali are definitely not worthy of top 10 status even for the last 50 years. I think the biggest name you missed was Evander Holyfield. Here’s my last 50 year list based on accomplishments and eye test:

      1) Lennox Lewis – few Heavyweights have had his combination of boxing ability, power and size.

      2) Larry Holmes – greatest jab in the last 50 years, coupled with undervalued speed, savvy and cjampionship heart. 20 defenses over 7 years is enough said.

      3) Wlad – once he became boring he was virtually unbeatable. He’s one of the few who might beat Lewis on their best nights (in a destined to be unwatchable fight).

      4) Tyson Fury – mainly on eye test, but getting off the canvas against a monstrous puncher proved his heart. His resume lacks, but it’s hard picturing him losing to the guys below.

      5) Riddick Bowe – should have been here or higher, but failed to stay focused. I always wonder what might have been.
      5) Evander Holyfield – what Riddick lacked in focus he multiplied by 10, but his speed and strength are vastly underrated.

      6) Ali – the Greatest’s best years were already passed by 1972. He was still great, but was winning on guile and heart at this point.

      7) George Foreman – it’s hard to evaluate Big George, because he was terrifying in the 70’s, but in his second career he really learned control, pace and could still swat. I think Mike Tyson was tailor made for either version and would have been planted by him.

      8) Mike Tyson – he was so fun to watch in his prime, but the Division was lacking and I think a prime Tyson was still able to be bullied. Like Big George he scared opponents out of their plans. And I still feel that the version of Douglas that beat Mike in the early 90s would have beat him at any point of his career. He was all wrong stylistically and was completely galvanized. Evander would have always broke Mike’s spirit too. I was surprised he was the stronger man physically in both fights. Don’t believe me…watch the replay and you’ll see Mike consistently pushed backwards.

      9) Joe Frazier – tough decade to be in your prime, but he was Mike Tyson before Mike was. Had he fought in the 50’s, we’d be talking about him and not Marciano. Still size matters and Joe was just over 200.

      10) Ike Ibeabuchi, Tim Witherspoon, Pinklon Thomas, Buster Douglas and Riddick Bowe belongs on this list. Could you imagine any of these guys with proper dedication? Maybe Norton deserves his spot, but he couldn’t handle any of these guys on their best nights.

      Note: Anthony Joshua can be included on this list if he wins his rematch with Usyk. If Usyk wins, then he needs to be considered.

      Sorry for the book, but I love the idea of “last 50 years” conversation

  • I disagree with Lewis at 2. Both Klitschkos?Nah… And Kenny Norton at 6? No way Jose..And Ali wasn’t number 1. Even though the brains have been washed. Ali was allowed to hold behind the head way to much. Not to mentioned gift decisions. Just my opinion

    • Ali is #1 because of how he carried himself inside and out. He had a lot more to deal with than most any Heavyweight outside of Jack Johnson. Including a racist country that stripped him of his prime years.
      Fury is linked to PEDs and loaded gloves despite a huge physical advantage over his opponents. Fury shouldnt be on a top 10 heavyweight list. With a steady 40lbs weight advantage over his opponents, James Toney would be the heavyweight goat.

      • I’m not sure it was racist to strip the titles for refusing to be drafted. Many athletes served including boxers. The conscientious objector had yet to go to the Supreme Court yet. You can say that he was being discriminated against due to being Muslim, but in the end the Court ruled in his favor.

        Hindsight is 20/20, so it’s very easy to be flippant about dubbing something racist and wrong. In the end, they managed to get this right. It is a shame that he lost 3 years, but as you said he achieved more by winning this important battle.

      • Ali is #1 because he beat:

        Patterson twice
        Liston twice
        Frazier twice
        Norton twice
        Quarry twice
        Chuvalo twice
        Bugner twice

        Greatness comes from accomplishments, and no one else in the history of the division has a resume even remotely close to his.

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