Tyson Fury questions Andy Ruiz’ commitment

Former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury isn’t sold on current WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr. When asked to give a prediction on Ruiz’ rematch with Anthony Joshua on Saturday night’s ESPN telecast, Fury said, “I’d like to give you a prediction, but the thing is we don’t know how Ruiz is training. We don’t know how this newfound fame and newfound fortune have changed the man’s life.

Tysonfury Yamada
Photo: Sumio Yamada

“Is Andy Ruiz Jr the second coming of Buster Douglas…had his big shot and didn’t back it up in the rematch. We’ll never know and until he’s in there. Until he starts showing us that he’s going to take it seriously and be in the gym and train and stop living like a movie star or a superstar because he won one fight…I know he’s not training right now.”

As far as arch-rival Deontay Wilder’s upcoming rematch against Luis Ortiz, Fury stated, “Ortiz is 49 years old. He’s on his last legs. I think Wilder does him inside of six rounds.”

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  • This clown Tyson Fury beat a washed up Wladimir Klitschko by running and landing only 86 punches in 12 rounds. Fought a draw with the unskilled Deontay Wilder, landed 84 punches in 12 rounds while getting knocked down two times. Now he thinks he is a star.

    • how silly are you, you know as much about boxing as my 109 year old grandmother

      • I’m impressed you have a 109 year old Grandma! I’ll say this, I think the heavyweight division is getting a little more credit than it should simply because it is relatively competitive. I’m not sure how good these guys really are. Fury is clearly a good boxer and his movement is exceptional for a big man. Wilder seems a bit limited, but he’s got heart and a great punch. The jury is out on AJ; yeah, he beat Klitschko, and that’s a legit marquee win, but Klitschko wasn’t the same dominant fighter of 10 years ago. Ruiz? I’m not buying a guy that out of shape is a great fighter… he can prove me wrong by going on a run, which he won’t do if he continues to show up morbidly obese.

        • This era in no way can compete with the level of guts, heart, skills, and action of the Holyfield vs Bowe era of Boxing! Watch some of those fighters around that era and you will be amazed at how much higher the skill level and action that that era produced!

          • GTFO, The guy peeled himself of the canvas after as shot that would have ended most men’s careers.

          • Wow that blow, holy Moses!, Fury is half immortal but avoid Delray he can kill, more than an executioner, l like you Fury a very nice guy, Pls avoid fire it burns

          • Yes, he did. But if you watch the replay, Fury would have never gotten up if the referee didn’t awaken him by crouching on the ground and screening in his face. The ref woke him up. Lol. That is easy to see. If it was Wilder on the ground with that same scenario, the ref waves it off 99 out of 100 times.

    • JoMama:

      Fury is without a doubt the most skilled HW today.

      The fight against Klitschko was in 2015, and Klitschko was certainly not “washed up” at that time. Fury was technically superior and controlled him all fight long and with ease.

      Regardless of how one wants to see this issue, who, in your opinion is a star in the HW division? Most boxing experts rank Fury either #1 or #2. Some rank him “only” #3 or #4. If the top 4 fighters in the division are not considered to be stars, the HW division wouldn’t have a single star.

      In other words, your statement makes absolutely no sense.

    • Not to mention Fury is a PED cheat. Can anybody say, Nandrolone…? LOL

    • I like how anyone who comments on Fury gets called stupid. The facts are clear and he has two names on his resume. He did beat Klitschko, but it was in no way a prime Klitschko. He lost to Wilder and anyone who thinks he won should really watch the fight and know what scores. He clowned around the first 6 founds and just because he raised his hands it doesn’t mean he won the rounds. He really started boxing the second half, but the two knock downs along with the first 5 or 6 rounds he lost means Wilder should have won the fight. If Fury took the fight seriously and didnt clown around he may have won the fight. As of now he has a win over a faded klitschko and a draw with the champion. I also dont see how he claims the lineal championship. He failed a drug test and was stripped on at least one title. He also did beat the guy “klitschko”, but Klitschko wasnt a lineal champion and picked up titles vacated by Lewis. Wilder has a better Claim since the WBC title was held by V. Klitschko who almost everybody thought was the man world champion and wasnt worried about collecting titles. Kind of like Wilder and AJ was. Just because you collect titles from lower class guys it doesnt make you the “main” Champion. Wilder on the other hand has defended his title 10 times and doesnt get the credit hes earned. Plus hes faced the better guys (Once he fought for and defended the title).

  • Fury does have a point in that Ruiz seems to be making the celebrity circuit instead of training for the rematch. However, he obviously doesn’t have to make weight, so a couple of months of training should get him ready for the rematch. He just needs to be in shape to go 12 tough rounds and not have to look like Joshua to get there.

    I’ll be keeping an eye on him during the next month or so. If he continues partying beyond that time, I’d be concerned.

    • I wonder which one is going to win the rematch AJ or Ruiz ? What do you think Augustin ? I’m going with AJ for the rematch.. He took Ruiz lightly in the first fight but won’t do it the next time.. He needs to box behind a very strong jab and move a lot to avoid inside fighting from Ruiz. If he’s not able to hurt Ruiz from the outside he’s in trouble. Box well, move well and land his hard right hand. Your toughts ?

      • I am sure the debates of who will win the next Ruize-AJ fight will heat up soon enough and the opinions will vary as usual.

        Both, Ruiz and AJ got beat once so far. Ruiz reacted well to his loss, and we will have to see whether AJ can correct his mistakes and is mentally strong enough to learn from them and improve.

        I think AJ’s biggest problem is his lack of stamina, which could have several causes. Whatever they are, if he can’t resolve them, he has no future as an elite fighter. If he can figure out how to improve his stamina, he will be top 3 in the division for years to come. He has power and he can box – but without stamina, these qualities are not worth much.

        AJ must be aware of the significance of this fight, and I am sure he will try anything he can to be in the best shape of his life. He can’t afford another loss – it would set his career back by several years.

        Ruiz is dumber than most would have hoped, and if he continues to party, it will show in the fight. As APDuenas rightfully commented: he has max. one month of vacation left before he will have to get serious again.

        That said, I think AJ should and will win the rematch. There’s too much at stake for him to not be 100% prepared for this fight, and he certainly has the ability to beat Ruiz, even by KO. Ruiz lost before (to Parker who is barely a top 10), and he will lose again. Aside of his deserved win against AJ, Ruiz doesn’t have a single impressive win yet.

        My prediction: AJ by KO.

        • I agree with most of what you say. The only thing I don’t is that AJ has a stamina problem.
          Yes it looked that way in the Ruiz fight but the same guy kayoed Wlad late and after being put down heavily himself in a decent paced fight. Obviously he could have developed a stamina prob – maybe by putting on more muscle over the years.
          I see he has lost a load of muscle now and I’m not sure if doing that so quickly can adversely affect things? Maybe the wisdom is that losing it all early gives him/his body longer to acclimatise? So to want to lose that much muscle that quickly – you may be right about him?
          As for Ruiz , his whole attitude seems to have changed since the win. Obviously he could be training like a demon but I feel he is being puppetised by Haymon who I see as being the next Don.
          I can see stories coming out down (after these fighters have retired) of Wilder , Ruiz and others saying how they were ripped off ….

          • I’ve heard AJ is shedding the muscle too and think it could go two ways:

            1) He comes out in the rematch and is much quicker. The weight loss helps him box from distance and he wins the rematch on his bicycle.

            2) The muscle shed is an over reaction to getting caught with a shot he never recovered from. And psychologically is a sign that he still hasn’t over come it. Andy Ruiz tracks him down inside of 5 rounds.

            No matter what, this is about as interesting as it can get. I think Wilder and Fury is a better match, but AJ and Ruiz is one that can go so many more ways.

        • dude ruiz it is known that ruiz is will start training monday the 19th august, both he and his trainer said this his he said ruiz only have 6 weeks to prepare for first aj fight, and his trainer said that andy ruiz was heavier than he wanted him and not fully ready for the first fight, but in that position they didnt have a choice the needed this shot no matter what. for the rematch ruiz will have 16 weeks to prepare so he have more than enough time to become much stronger and faster for december 7th

  • I love Tyson Fury. I agree with him 1 trillion percent.

    Fury & Wilder are the 2 best heavyweights in the world, and 2 of the best ever. Sorry haters, it is the truth.

    Liberals, Obama, AJ & Whyte are all fucking punks.

    • Could you do everybody a favor and keep your political agenda out of a boxing discussion

      • I wish that EVERY boxing commentator/analyst and fighter out there today would follow your advise and keep politics out of the fight game……but the DON’T, on the contrary, they shove it in your face and smear you if you disagree.

  • I paid a lot of money to see Wilder and Fury fight, and will GLADLY pay twice that for the rematch, because these are the 2 best today.

  • Tyson Fury was 4 to 5 times better against Deontay than he was against Wlad Klitzscho, and Tyson still failed to pick up the win. He was winning a close fight going into round 12. However, Deontay, exhibiting the heart of a champion, turned things around by almost knocking out Tyson Fury in round 12.

    Deontay will win the rematch, then make AJ & Whyte his bitches. Followed by 3 other fights, before retiring undefeated.

    Deontay Rules.

    • The problem or boxing is that 1 punch can change a lot. All the names you have mentioned may get their lucky strike with 1 Punch but Fury getting up after the kind of punch Deontay hit him with…that did not let the change happen that day.

    • Classy once more. Maybe he just looked 5 times better vs Deontay because it was 5 times easier to look better?

  • I use to like Fury but hes all talk now, his choice of competition in his last two bouts is a joke. Until he beats a top rated heavyweight he should stay quiet.

    • He beat Wladimir before AJ did, although that was still a 40 year old fighter. But that makes Fury’s bigger win at least as big as AJ’s biggest win. Plus, he beat Wilder straight up regardless of what the judges said. In any country outside of the US, he wins a unanimous decision. I’m not 100% sold on Fury, but he’s got at least as good a claim to “best heavyweight” as anyone else, and probably a better one than anyone else.

      • Thats assuming you cant find 2 other rounds to give to Wilder, would you say Fury beat Wilder straight up unanimously. And thats BS

  • Tyson Fury when you became champion you lived up in your Fame and Fortune also so shut up real boxing fans don’t like you anyways. You are joke and many see right through you.

    • By pointing out Ruiz’ current lack of discipline, Fury is doing him the biggest favor possible. He’s trying to help him get his professional life together. What more could anyone do for Ruiz at this moment?

  • Give me a break who has Fury beaten to cement his claim besides a tired and brittle Wladimir? These no hopers he’s fighting after Wilder don’t count. His stomach isn’t that much slimmer than Ruiz’ either because every time he throws or receives punches his gut jiggles and flops around so his stupid comments about Ruiz being fat are absolutely ridiculous. This guy better quit flattering himself because at lest Ruiz has the balls to try and defend that title soon after he won it in convincing fashion, not grab a title in a sloppy cat and mouse affair with Wlad and run away for a cpl years holding it hostage.

  • Jonathan,

    Please get Wilders nut sack out of your mouth already. A grown man (at least I think your over 21) lusting at Wilder is repulsive and just wrong.

    • Perez, I would chastise you, but your IQ is not high enough to digest the suggestions. You, Perez, are an oaf.

  • I’ll probably get lambasted for saying this but didn’t Fury do exactly the same after his biggest win as Ruiz (if he is living it up) is now?
    Maybe he is saying what he’s saying as friendly advice but it doesn’t come across that way to me

  • I find Fury to be one of the most pathetic fighters I have ever seen. He “dances” like a puppet in the ring. He best defense is his height advantage, defensive, and whatever doubt he can generate in the mind of his opponent by talking tough and looking crazy before the fight. He’s built like a lanky, tall Bob Fitzsimmons, and punches as if his feet hurt. His presence as a contender is due to the fact that the heavyweight division is still quite pathetic. bird-legged Wilder is equally pathetic. Father Time is stalking Wilder. He must beat up bloggers, nerds, and old men to look impressive to the suckers, in order to hype himself for big money fights against other mediocre fighters like Fury. I love the Sweet Science, but this division is quite forgettable now, void of truly great fighters.

    • I’d say you should enjoy this Division for what it is…highly competitive at the top with quite a bit of young talent coming soon.

      Quick look:

      Wilder – his flaws are as apparent to a novice fan as they are to us die hards and yet he had amassed an undefeated record with the best KO percentage in the History of the Division. Over 40 fights and only 2 men have heard the final bell…1, he destroyed in one round in the rematch and the other he had down twice in a thriller. Plus, he’s set to rematch him again.

      Fury – he IS the lineal Champion and would be a problem for anyone to ever lace up the gloves. His ability to move at such a large size is baffling and if he is changing his approach now he’ll be even more fun to watch.

      Ruiz – I don’t like the comparison to Buster Douglas, because Andy has never had a bad performance. Some believe his lone loss against Parker was a home town decision. He might not look the part, but he has skills, heart and power. Add, the doubt some are casting about him with the new found fame and you just have to tune in.

      AJ – he’s lost some luster, but the jury will remain out until after his rematch. He’s still young and still might become the best of this lot. If nothing else his vulnerability makes the rematch all the more compelling.

      I won’t bother listing the new shooters coming, but within 2 years we should have some compelling matches. I like Dubois as the best long term option, but there are many to watch.

      Is this the most talented group ever? Probably not, but their flaws and willingness to fight one another make this Division one of the best to watch for the next few years.

  • The best thing about boxing is watching a young kid go from prospect to contender and then champion. The moment they become champion you’ll be lucky to see them fight three times a year, and only then against one person that’s a challenge. Boxing has so many problems that will probably never get fixed. Networks agreeing Fury’s opponents should be ashamed of themselves, just as much as Fury for fighting them. Why do fans spend their hard earned money to attend these disgraceful events? I don’t understand people but maybe we get the sport we deserve. I’m out.

    • Otto Wallin is rated 4 in the WBA (or BC), is undefeated and has an amateur pedigree to back it up. Tyson Fury says he wants to stay busy, so who would you have him fight? BTW, Schwarz was unbeaten too. Additionally, he’s set to rematch Wilder too. Seriously, who do you want to see him fight.

      Whyte…suspended or under investigation.
      Pulev…allegedly turned it down.

  • Shut up furry. Who in their right mind would go and fight in saudi araybeeah and expect a legit fight. I guess you could take in a good old fashioned stoning of a rape victim while you’re there……

  • It’s like I said in the beginning. Joshua didn’t train for Ortiz he trained to knock big baby out. That’s how he fought Ortiz.. the big difference was that Ortiz hits a lot harder and his hands are a lot faster and.. he can take a better shot. All Joshua has to do is not make the same mistakes he made on the last fight by not closing distance when he thinks he has him hurt.. allowing Ortiz shorter arms to loop around the side of his head easily. If he lands a good shot fine but keep his distance and do it again. His jab is important but I did notice Ortiz try to counter it a few times. Obviously footwork is important and don’t underestimate Ortiz chin.. he can take a good shot and is not afraid to take some to give some like he did in round 7 on the 2 minute mark. He allows Joshua to jab him like it’s doing something then explodes with his offense. He plays possum because his greatest advantage against Joshua is to close distance. Notice every time they went inside Ortiz just went for the body with both hands attack’s every time. Joshua got lucky backing up and caught him with the left hook that gave him the first knockdown of the fight but usually at that distance Ortiz is better because he’s durable. Also look at the way Ortiz blocks the left jab to the body.. like adrien bronzer. Usually I like the left hook that comes from the bottom against those kind of fighters but then I noticed Ortiz blocking it with the left and kept his right guard up. When Joshua recovered slightly and controlled distance Ortiz wasn’t doing much. Also, watch with the rabbit punches from Ortiz.. I notice his looping punches sometimes go behind the head.. which are very difficult to avoid. I do like Joshua in the rematch if he fights smart.. literally every time Joshua went down was when he felt like he hurt Ortiz and got up close to finish him off. He has to respect his chin and power a little more and soften him up first before getting that close.

  • Fury needs to stop worrying about Ruiz’s training and worry about his own. Bomb Squad is just around the corner.

  • Agreed we have to see if it was a fluke or his ascension to greatness in regards to Ruiz. What’s funny tho is that all the things he (Fury) see’s as a detriment are the things he did, visually rewind if you will, He won the belts from Klitch then melted down into a drug filled heap of LOOK AT ME. Hopefully Ruiz saw this as we all did and took note on WHAT NOT TO DO AFTER WINNING THE BELTS. Anywhooooo like I said a few posts back, Fight someone with more that a pulse and not from some Iceburg having placewe’ve never heard of. Then talk shit on someone else.

  • Wtf I’d he talking about, “ second coming of Buster Douglas…had his big shot and didn’t back it up in the rematch”. There was never a Buster D vs Mike T rematch, SMH.

  • When did Buster Douglas have a rematch with Mike Tyson? Love me some Fury, but he’s not talking sense here.

  • >