Tyson Fury: I will always deliver

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Photo: Frank Micelotta / FOX Sports

“Like the great John Wayne said, ‘iron and steel,’ baby,” said WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury after knocking out Deontay Wilder Saturday night in Las Vegas. “I give God the glory for the victory. [Wilder] is a tough man. He took some big shots tonight. And I want to say that if it wasn’t for SugarHill, America and Detroit’s own, I wouldn’t have gotten through that fight tonight. He said, ‘get your jab working, big guy, and throw that right hand down the middle. That’s how the big dogs do it.’

“It was a great fight tonight, as good as any trilogy in history. October 9, 2021, will go down in history, I hope. I always said I was the best in the world and he was the second-best. Don’t ever doubt me. When the chips are down, I will always deliver.”

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  • Great fight from both guys, lots of aggression, determination and heart on display.

    Fury’s overall better boxing skills seemed to be the difference

  • My stomach was in knots the whole fight. I appreciate both men. Thanks guys..We needed that.

    • Fury is already one of the top 5 greatest because of his skills and size. The only other 2 that are comparable are Vitali Klitschko and Lennox Lewis.

  • Wilder tries his arse off, but he’s been found out against proper opposition. Should be 3 losses, all 3 fights he was a punching bag with a big heart and big right hand. He can still come back and knock out most of the division, but he’s overmatched with Fury

  • When I was watching Fury early in his career, I NEVER thought he’d reach this kind of stature in the sport. Thought he’d be exposed against Klitschko and would fade away. Congrats to him on all he’s accomplished.

    Pretty funny tweet from Jake Paul after the fight: “I think Tyson Fury might have finally earned the chance to fight me.”

    • I feel Wlad was on the downslope of his career when he Fury. My guess is a younger more prime Wlad would have given Fury a true test of his boxing skills. I admired Wlad’s longevity in how long he was champion and many tried to dethrone him only to fail.

      • Agree with half of what you said . Wlad was just not motivated and never really chased Fury, Also seemed to be in a rut after so many easier fights against people below his level. But the fab brothers K. never chased anyone they boxed carefully before wearing out opponents prior to a ko. The Wlad against AJ was much better.

    • Fact. Usyk is the clear #2 in the division right now. After that you could make at least something of a case for any one of Joshua, Wilder, Whyte, Andy Ruiz, and probably one or two others whose names escape me at the moment.

      • AJ over Wilder? Could happen, but I like Wilder in that one. I can see Deontay nailing him early…within 3 or 4 rounds…and ending it. Wouldn’t bet on it though. Would love to see that fight.

  • Tyson Fury, was fabulous and rough in there a natural fighter like Lennox Lewis, simply learned a better way of attacking and getting rid Kronk Style of a opponent. Tyson as he said is so far the best of his generation. Without fighting AJ which is a shame at this point however time will tell . Lennox was best of his generation but with better opponents minus Bowe, but we know Riddick was never going there. Big up too Wilder he proved in this fight better than the previous loud hyping that personally I never bought into. Wilder /AJ may or may not be the same again only so many fights at level for some fighters.

  • — Fury will be remembered for ducking out on the Wlad rematch and then a fortune vs AJ along with taking 6 years before defending his title.

    The AJ fortune has now flown the coop as it’s doubtful Hearns could even raise half the $150 mil purse he raised for AJ vs Fury. Fury/Wilder was always B grade fighters needing low hanging fruit fighting for peanuts.

  • Much respect to fury, but please don’t bring God into to this, I hate when fighters praise God for beating someone up!!!

    • Interesting interpretation. I thought he was acknowledging a higher power that not beat up another fighter but one who was there in his darkest moments of Fury’s despair to get there last night?

    • A lot godly men beat the crap out of their fows. King David comes to mind

  • Fury showed me a lot. His inside fighting was flawless; he hit Wilder with hundreds of pounding uppercuts and short rights and lefts that he could not see coming. On the outside, he hammered Wilder with stiff Jabs, hard rights, and booming overhand rights. By the 6th round, he was making Wilder miss most of his shots with fluid head and body movement. Wilder was game; but he was dumb game, which is worse than being a quitter.

  • I’ve decided not to say anything negative! Great Fight! Both men put it on the line and may never be the same! All for our joy and entertainment….Thank you!!!

  • Ever building the hype, ever the loudmouth, Fury is nothing to write home about. He looked pathetic in beating a pathetic fighter. Wilder actually looked like he did some work to better prepare for this third fight, but fell short because he never was that good. Fury just looked like he gained weight. Rolls of fat shaking around his waist, saggy muscles, ass on his back, he looked like he was 45-50 years of age, not 33. Just pathetic. Quite laughable to read people saying that he’s the “greatest ever”. He then quotes the racist John Wayne. Not impressed.

    I was never interested in his fights and I’m still not. We may not see him in the ring again until 2023. He needs to fight as seldom as possible to minimize the risk of his being exposed as the mediocre fighter that he is.

    When he decides to retire, I’d place him in ranking somewhere between Brian Nielsen and Andrew Golota.

  • yes he did. but he may need to be a little more fit and a little lighter to beat better skilled boxers

  • fury delivered like he said he would breland seen the end coming in the 2nd fight thats why he threw in the towel wilder was a beaten man then and maybe he should give it up

  • Ali used to hold and pull opponents head towards him constantly, its illegal, but was permitted for Ali fights. Tyson Fury leans on fighters till they are tired and then Referee takes a point away what a brainless judging. Thus both Ali and Tyson Fury belong to same category. Lennox Lewis, Mike Tyson, Evander, Riddick Bowe, George Foreman are all all all time greats.

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