Deontay Wilder: I did my best

Fury Vs Wilder 3 Fight Night 12
Photo: Sean Michael Ham/TGB Promotions

No excuses from former world champion Deontay Wilder after coming up short in a heroic bid to regain the heavyweight title against WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury Saturday night in Las Vegas.

“I did my best, but it wasn’t good enough,” said The Bronze Bomber.

“I’m not sure what happened. I know that in training he did certain things, and I also knew that he didn’t come in at 277 to be a ballet dancer. He came to lean on me, try to rough me up…and he succeeded.”

Tyson Fury: I will always deliver
Fury KOs Wilder in classic

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  • Come on wilder you know he weighs that much when he fights and you know what he does. Of course he’s supposed to rough you up its a fight. Y’all are not making love.

    • Wilder wasted punches and wrestled when he should have been boxing. He was out of wind by the 5th – the beat like a slave from one corner to the next, exhausted…while Fury was dancing and walking Wilder down!!!!! Wilder needs a breathing trainer. If Wilder had had the wind – he would have won…..or in the least, not have been so humiliated

    • No excuses – and then he starts making excuses. I hope we have seen the last of him..

    • All said and done. Fury had a great win.
      The fight was finished in the fourth. The slow count gave a breather to Fury and there was no looking back for this great athlete.

    • Well said, the excuses will never stop. It’s the constant denial to except the fact that another fighter is a better boxer then you, it’s plain and simple.

  • At least Wilder did better in this performance than the last one [part 2]. Wilder went longer into the fight, dropped Fury a few times, and had some moments where he landed some good right hands. The fight was full of so much hugging and holding from both men. I have always said Wilder is dangerous with that right hand and he did use it effectively at times as demonstrated in the 4th round. Props to Fury for the win. At least we can relax from all the egotistical trash-talking for a while now that led up the fight.

  • its still early… with No rematch to sell, will we hear more from him? Helenius? Ruiz, Martin? in his come back fight(s)?

    • I always thought it would be a good fight if Wilder could position himself to fight Usyk. Of course Wilder would have the height advantage, but at their natural weights, they match up pretty evenly. I’m sure everybody reading this would assume Usyk would box circles around Wilder, especially after Usyk’s victory and Wilder’s defeat, and I would too, but Wilder’s ever present right hand would keep things very interesting. I’m not sure Usyk could stand up to Wilder’s power as well as Fury did (or even didn’t). Personally, I think Wilder should retire. Watching him absorb all this vicious blows over the last two fights was even giving me brain damage. Wilder seems like a guy who has a lot to offer outside the ring and should quit while he’s still ahead, brain cell wise.

      • I would like to see AJ and Wilder square it off in the ring. Interesting match up to me. Wilder’s right hand would be dangerous against AJ while AJ’s counter punches would be equally dangerous to Wilder.

      • Kris Pissedofferson: And even in fights before Fury Wilder has been taking bad punishment, like against Ortiz, absorbing shots round after round until his right hand landed. A Wilder fan because of what he brought to hw boxing, but would not like to see him continue taking this punishment.

  • Wilder is a great fighter, who may someday go down as an all time great. Like Ali had problems with Norton, Tyson had problems with Holyfield and so on. Wilder just can’t beat Fury!!!! Wilder is my favorite fighter, but you just have to face the facts, Fury has his number.

      • it’s a fight game, and keep in mind until wilder met fury he had knocked out every previous fighter he faced (even if he had to fight one of them twice to get the knockout)….41 previous to fury……wilder is a great fighter….just not the best one….

    • Coach T-You’re serious when you say he may may be considered an all-time great? Are you a boxing coach? If Wilder fought in the 80’s, at best he would have been one of the revolving door of one and done champions that included Greg Page, Tony Tubbs, Tim Witherpoon, Micheal Dokes, Tony Tucker etc. I don’t even know if he could have beaten any of those guys, because they could box. Maybe he could have taken Bonecrusher Smiths title, but he wouldn’t have held the title very long. No question Wilder has legendary power, but his list of title defenses is amongst the weakest in heavyweight history; Eric Molina, Arthur Spilka, Dominic Brazeale??? C’mon!

      • If Tony Tucker was fighting today he would champ. So no Wilder would have beaten those guys, only 1 maybe.

    • Coach T, sorry man but with all due respect. Not an all time great. I’m a wilder fan but no way an all time great.

    • i agreed with the part where you said wilder was your favorite fighter, everything else just didnt make sense. Period.

  • good fight. Good attitudes after. People forget Chavez was the worst loser. Hopkins was a super racist jerk, but is beloved. The things he said about every white fighter , would cancel his career if he were in any other profession. Wilder will be beloved greatly. Boxing asks for a man to give his all publicly. Deyontay did just that. He is a guy i want on my team. Good job Gypsy King. You are an all time great .

      • I do recall Hopkins saying at one time ” I will never lose to a white boy”. Hmmm….I think Joe Smith debunked that theory.

      • Wales. Calzagie or however u spell it was a great boxer not much power but super fast n lots of volume best 2 all time greats in us . wow

  • Don’t worry. The excuses will come. He just needs to recover from his concussion first.

  • Wilder did great! Proved the nay sayers wrong even in defeat. Right away wins round one? Everyone who thought he was mentally beat got proved wrong. Then even after being knocked down lands a short right on his back foot delivering his own knockdown. Followed it up with another controlled knockdown. Hats off to Fury for getting up Everytime. Amazing fight. But really 90% on this site did not see that coming. Even though I didn’t get my KO. I called a much better Wilder. Sorry haters, at least you got to watch a nasty fight.

    • Ooooh he won round one. Then one right hand from Fury at the end of round one and Wilder dumped everything he worked on for this fight. Wilder caught him in round 4 but it was another sustained whooping. A sloppy flurry at the end of each round didn’t amount to anything

      • Wilder won more than round 1. But you thought he’d get destroyed with no chance. That absolutely proves you wrong. I’m not even a fan of Wilder’s there bud so figure that out. Just better at predicting fights than you.

    • Besides the couple knock downs, Wilder got beaten pillar to post and then knocked out cold. You didnt call anything dude, dont be delusional. The only hater was you and you got proven wrong, your boy got his ass kicked

      • He did way better than expected. Wish I could’ve seen your face in round 4. Fury got some slow counts again. That was a classic fight. One in which I’m guessing you gave him no chance. Yes I called Wilder being very live and knew he’d catch Fury. I also have stated I felt Fury would win but Wilder had a good chance to beat him. And he did!

      • Nicely said m8, Wilder is the champion to racist, ignorant and under-educated people who think because you have a hard punch you must be a great.
        When all is said and done Wilder will be remembered as an average boxer with more fixed fights/knockouts than anybody else in the game. And all the excuses have tarnished even that. Fury is right, Wilder is mentally ill and needs good honest people around him. I hope he gets better

    • We got proved right he got ko’d hes washed n will NEVER beat Fury whos a real champion who can punch and box

      • If the count was done by the time keeper and not the judge Wilder would’ve won! So yes he almost got his man. He’s knocked him down 4 times and 3 controversial counts.

  • I can respect deontay wilder for those comments. All that matters in life is giving it your best shot.We all win some and lose some. Respect

    • Very true.

      Wilder gave his all and was part of one of the most exciting HW title fights in a longtime.

      Think he surprised a lot of people with that performance.

    • No respect for a disrespectful sore loser sorry he got beat all 3 times truly he got the payoff draw in fight. 1 to save his career for a lil while that’s all….lmao rofl.. He got beat by a brit a white brit. Not so scary anymore.

  • On this Sunday morning10/10/21, the morning after, I will not criticize you because you lost. You will go down in history as one of the greatest champions ever. You, after forty something fights have lost only for the second time. I recently took a look at the heavyweight contenders in the 60’s and 70’s. All of them had 8, 10, and up to 13 losses. Even the great Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Joe Frazier, Roy Jones, and Bernard Hopkins have losses.
    So Deonaty hold your head up recover, recuperate
    and if you want to continue that’s up to you. But, you have over achieved and have nothing in this world to be ashamed of. Also, you are a child of God, you have a beautiful family and millions of fans around the world who still love you. And I am looking forward to meeting you sometime. You are still champion to many and millions of us.

  • Wilder is great, even in defeat. What heart!!! Proved everyone wrong and gained soooo much respect in this one! A warriors soul. Fury is just too big and skilled. Wilder will still beat 99% of everyone eles ass….he’ll be back against others.

  • great fight. Deontay really brought more to the table and showed how tough he can be. He made Fury work very hard for it this time. The work he put in shows he can add a few wrinkles to his game. Won’t ever beat Tyson but I think if he wants to fight again after some healing up he can continue to do damage to the rest of the division. Even when knocked down Tyson came back ready to continue.
    He just has the size, stamina, better legs, better skill but this was the trilogy matchup that we haven’t had in so long.

  • Nice try by Wilder but unfortunately, he was unable to overcome his amateur boxing techniques. Starting boxing at age 20, Wilder never skillfully learned how to properly set up/deliver a variety of punches. In addition, Wilder never skillfully learned how to properly keep up his hands for defense. Wilder had a few chances to win by TKO or by KO, but his punching techniques were horrible.

    Well, at least Wilder received opportunities to reach glory and to make money for his family. Wilder needs plenty of rest before deciding his next move.

  • I have so much more respect for wilder now than I ever have if anyone thinks he didn’t have a hard task in front of him you try fighting a 6ft9 277 pound skilled fighter leaning on you constantly my hats off to you wilder

  • If you think with your mind you gain with your brain. Stick and move used your jab don’t let him get set the jab is so important that sets up everything.went he become aggressive you dance and use the stick that’s how you win a fight.

  • Deontre Wilder ,tried but Fury is just a better boxer all around .Has a better chin and can endurance and preparations. Deonte needs to stop all the excuses .

  • Wilder was more interested in fighting a pair of boxing gloves not Fury. Not happy with his performance. Can I have my money back Mr Promoter.

  • To all the critics of Tyson as well as Wilder. Unless you are true students of the art of pugilism your opinions: especially the “coulda, woulda and shouldas” are just that, uneducated, ill informed, elementary level comments, like “clouds with no rain” give honor where honor is due…

  • It was a very good match. At no time was it clear that Fury or wilder would win. There was even a mirror effect of the first fight. Fury scored the first knock down and wilder was the one who ended that round strong. Round one was very interesting. Wilder came out with a strong jab, shots to the body and little head shots. Fury looked genuinely confused. He was staring at Wilder trying to figure out what was going on. Nobody expected Wilder to outbox Fury, but he did for a couple rounds. Thats not a lot, but it shows he can change. Not all at once, but some. Wilder went out like he wanted to. Ive always said I wasnt a fan of Furys, but he showed a lot of class after the fight. Im looking forward to his next match. Im also looking forward to seeing Wilder again. Ive never seen anyway built like him to have so much power. A lot of heavy hitters have thick legs and Wilder has the thinnest legs of any fighter Ive seen. Hes built for basket ball, not boxing. Its too late, but if he got a trainer 5-6 years ago he could have built up his legs and been able to generate a lot more power.

  • After what i watched last night Wilder is finished as a fighter . He was hurt very bad. After two losses it might not even pay for him to keep fighting. I have watched many fights and Wilder is shot. If i was his friend and was able to talk to him i would say take the money you were paid after the three fights and enjoy the rest of your life. I thought he was as tough as he could be by going as long as he did. He can hold his head up high.

    • Fogetaboutit: A Wilder fan, really enjoyed what he brought to the heavyweights. But many fights ago already he showed signs of not being who he was anymore. I actually hope he retires from boxing and looks after his health.

  • even fury admits the later day fighters were a whole lot different ……better than todays h/ws but fury is correct in saying hes the best h/w of these times because theres nothing out there thats anything like the mike tysons ali joe frazier lennox lewis rocky marciano etc etc

  • As a person who is somewhat new to the boxing world, although Wilder got beat up pretty good, I believe that he could have done better. He came out strong in a couple rounds, then I believe kind of gave up to easily (then again, was it that perhaps he was paid off to allow Fury’s win?).


  • Second knockdown Fury got up at 12
    Refs count was all over the place
    Would he have been able to make 10 if the ref counted correctly….maybe

  • I’m going to wait to judge because excuses may come in the next couple weeks. They complained about the infighting and “rabbit punching,” and Wilder showed zero sportsmanship for Fury after the fight. The reality is Wilder has an extreme will and right hand… but that’s it. He doesn’t even have a left hook. While he did better, he should take an honest self-inventory and realize he needs to broaden his game or the only chance he’ll ever have with a fighter of Fury’s caliber is catching him. It was so apparent he was in with a much better fighter.

  • At least Wilder did his best. That’s all anyone can ask. He was severely limited as a fighter to begin with, as is Fury. But he simply never had the skills to beat a fighter of Fury’s size. To his credit, he made a great deal of money with these mediocre skills, portraying himself as a world beater with devastating power. He looked menacing and dominate beating up defenseless human being punching bag opponents to build the hype, only to flame out against Fury. I was never impressed.

    What he does going forward is anybody’s guess, but if her retires, but in my book, he falls somewhere between Stan Ward and Mike Weaver.

  • love or hate them, you got to respect them, wilder could barely get off his stool in the later rounds but yet he still threw bombs, and tyson almost stopped in the 4th rd, but the biggest winner was boxing

  • I’m so sick of this outside if the knockdowns Wilder is winning dominating. Fury given 15 to 20 seconds both times he was knocked down while Wilder was given very fast counts. If they fight again Wilder in 2 rounds. Fury knows how to use his size thats it!

  • Wilder was beaten all the way to the stone age and back last night! Between that and the humiliation, let’s hope Wilder never fights again.

  • Need to remove Brown Bomber from name, he showed no class by refusing to acknowledge Fury after getting his a** beat down

  • No excuses – and then he starts making excuses. I hope we have seen the last of him.

  • God bless Wilder. Hes out, up comes the next, then the next, and another and another. Theres noone greater then the other. Every era has its greats.


  • In my perspective, Wilder was right about leaning over. This fight was not purely clean and hardly all fights in the world so far have been. It was just a part of a games plan. You wanna survive, you then need to be a bit tricky and that sucks.
    All to your steel heart, Wilder and congrats, Fury.

  • The problem is your stamina Deontay. You have to find a way to neutralize Fury’s power and counter without wasting unnecessary energy. Your defense or lack thereof is the answer. You boxed beautifully the first couple of rounds. You should have continued doing that then begin loading up in the later rounds. Deontay, you could be a force to reckon with if you work on your defense, stamina, and composure. You tend to get over zealous and go crazy when you hurt your opponents. Be more composed and deliberate.

  • great job Fury you earned it. Youve proven us wrong again. You fight well. Id still take James J Braddock over you but at least youre in the conversation guy. Youre in the conversation.

  • Oh my God he got roughed up in a fight. They were supposed to caress each other. You know what? There is no crying in boxing.

  • First off,
    congratulations to Tyson Fury who simply taking advantage of of a rook’ referee in addition to doing your otherwise fantastic job it wasn’t your fault they just gotta charge that one to the game…..

    To all fighters when they fight against someone leaning on them using
    there weight to thier advantage to drain you as you stay dormant in an uncomfortable position with your head in your opponents crotch waiting for an rookie referee unaware of the tactic to break you up;

    Simply and swiftly with brut force!,
    grab thier legs and scoop them up to the canvas because the ref “CANNOT” warn you or deduct a point for that without warning or deducting a point from the one that put your head in thier crotch in the first place!

    your trainer Malik Scott has done excellent job preparing you showing fans you got a nasty jab to the head & body when you use it,and,you were not as nearly as wild with your
    punches as you have been and this
    has only been one fight he has worked with you!,and you just came up short,after your well deserved break do not listen to any haters you still have plenty more to give “yourself” and fans!Keep using Malik Scott learning fighting in close range better & on the inside better which Malik Scott “is” and will get
    you there!

    Tell that other cornerman to shut up!You do not need two cornerman
    shouting over each other!!

    Malik Scott has got you and has and will get you better

  • Hats off to both fighters, If Fury never existed , Wilder would be a “Tyson” like figure in the sport with that same aura of invincibility that Tyson had. I havent seen a better hw fight in my life, these guys really gave it their all. This is one to tell our grandkids about someday.

  • Wilder just doesn’t have the full set of skills he needs to defeat the best, but he obviously knows that. That big right hand is in some ways a problem for him – he relies on is almost 100%.
    In the 1st round he looked like a different fighter and showed he could alter his approach. But then after the first big hit (3rd) he reverted to his old style, which is wobbling around and hoping for a haymaker.
    He should spend a lot more time in camp learning these new skills before he tries a comeback.

  • We love you Deontay Wilder! You are still a champand don’t forget it. We all know that in life we win some and we lose some. You did what many wouldn’t or couldn’t do. Much love to the Bronze Bomber

  • It’s not fair to fight 4 pounds bigger then the weight “
    Boxing is dying because it’s changing to let cheats cheat,!!

  • What could he have done? I’m honestly not sure. He doesn’t read feints. His footwork is not good. His power has bailed him out on more occasions than one.

    It’s a lot like any power puncher versus boxer. If the puncher has no skill he’s 9/10 times going to be embarrassed. Given who he is he did pretty good. Wilder has been boxing since when? 19? Fury has been boxing since he was 6 like Floyd. It’s just another level entirely.

    I said before the fight he should go right after Fury which he did but it didn’t work. So there’s really nothing else about it. No point in a rematch. I’d offer now Wilder take a long rest. He held a title for awhile. Maybe that’s enough. Come back to feed on some of the top ten guys who can’t box.

  • You lost to him every time you fought. Youmade your money and go home and quit being a crybaby.

  • Truly he didi his best. If he boxed him disallowed Fury to hold him, he could have beaten him. Secondly Wilder was aggressive and this trapped him into Furry’s trap.

  • Stop making excuses you show the world you really can’t fight you don’t have no Jab you don’t have no combinations the first round was your best round all you have is a overhand right and to top it all off you was tired by the second round just give it up

  • Tyson Fury literally did the same thing he did in the second fight. He gained extra weight to lean on Wilder and he threw the same combination. Lead right book and overhand right. It’s as if Wilder and his camp didn’t train for the trilogy. He also put on so much muscle. AJ is the perfect example of why that would be a mistake. For a guy who doesn’t know how to box, I give a wilder credit for going as far as he did.

  • I respect wilder wayyyy more when he owns up. Now just get back and work on his cardio and come back even better!!

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